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Love At Stake

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Charlie Richards , Catherine Lievens , Jo Tannah , A. J. Llewellyn , Lynn Michaels

ISBN :978-1-4874-2452-7

Page :362

Word Count :101293

Publication Date :2019-10-04

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Love At Stake (mobi) , Love At Stake (epub) , Love At Stake (prc) , Love At Stake (pdf)

Category : Erotic Romance , LGBTQIA+ Romance , Paranormal Romance , Romance , Anthology

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-2452-7

The Love at Stake anthology brings you six captivating paranormal tales featuring vampires and their sacrifices, made in the name of love. Blood lust and romance are all consuming for these vamps and their lovers. Six stories of seduction in the shadows that lead to a happily ever after for all.

An Altered State of Mind by Charlie Richards

Just a little Love Bite: When a vampire’s beloved attempts to kill another’s soul mate, his loyalty is tested.

Darian Striplan accompanies others in his vampire coven to a secret lab in New York with the intention of shutting it down. They planned to capture the scientists, discover their backers, and free the paranormals trapped there. While inside the facility, Darian scents his beloved—his soul mate—in a human dressed as a guard. Oddly enough, the man also appears to be trying to free the paranormals. Talking to the man, learning his name is Claude Missandel, Darian quickly realizes that there’s something wrong. Claude is confused, believing he is rescuing prisoners-of-war. Darian uses his vampiric mental manipulation abilities to search his human’s mind and recognizes the touch of magick. After the rescue is complete, Darian takes Claude home with him, hoping their coven’s resident demon, Balthazar, can assist Claude. When the attempt goes horribly awry, and Claude nearly kills his coven master’s beloved, Master Adalric banishes Claude. Darian has a hard choice to make—his coven or his beloved?


Contracted by Blood by Lynn Michaels

Vampires, gypsies, and blood-sacrifices.

These are the things you get with a blood-contract. But vampires need to feed. They rule with bloody hands. Conrad was destined for the same, until his new blood-partner helps him change. The prince in blood, Conrad, no longer plays by their rules.


Julian by A. J. Llewellyn

Lieutenant Mick Fielding moves to the quirky California country town of Julian, to take up a position in the San Diego Sheriff’s county substation. With the biggest problems being vandalism and theft crimes, he’s stunned when he lands a homicide investigation. The case takes some nasty twists and turns involving drugs, love, and betrayal. Meanwhile, Mick has met an amazing man, local baker Julian Jarrett. Yes, Julian, who lives in Julian. Why does this man haunt his days and nights? And why do locals whisper that he’s a vampire?

Julian Jarrett has close ties to the law enforcement community in Julian. Not the least because his cousin is the captain of the Julian Sheriff’s Department. His passion is baking. Hot men have been off his menu for er, decades. But something about Mick is appealing. And frightening. Could he be falling in love? More to the point, should he let his freak flag fly for the hunky lieutenant?


The Knockers by Jo Tannah

Can a vampire be mastered?

On Thosolla, a world where humans live in peaceful co-existence with the prevalent race, the Reter family have ruled and exacted justice for over a millennium. When a beloved prince is found dead along with his newly wedded husband, both humans and Thosollans point accusing fingers at The Knockers.

Ezmet Reter is enjoying a quiet time with his human lover, Francis, on a private island on Earth when word reaches him of a rebellion on Thosolla. The reason? Supposedly, The Knockers have exacted punishment on his beloved cousin, Ezra, who he thought was on his honeymoon with his husband of two weeks.

Legend has it The Knockers are a trio of vengeful creatures who neither forgive nor spare anyone who dares break the sacred agreement between Thosollans and humans. They are feared for their uncanny ability to hunt down the guilty, and no one knows of their origins or the true extent of their powers.

The whole situation perplexes Ezmet, for the last recorded incident when The Knockers wrought their vengeance was five hundred years in the past. Worried, he journeys back to Thosolla to hunt down the killers. When Francis’ life is endangered back on Earth, Ezmet’s anger unwittingly unleashes the wrath of The Knockers.


Unchained by Jo Tannah/Lynn Michaels

An unchained vampire rises above the human carnage to find love.

Yas may not be human, but he quickly realizes his love for Hunter goes beyond humanity and its conventions.

With vampires on the brink of extinction, the remaining few are kept as exotic pets, prized for the aphrodisiac qualities contained in their blood. Yas was specifically bred, born in a cage, and knows no other life. As he nears maturity, his physical needs become more difficult to meet.

Hunter8279 is a cyborg, genetically engineered to hunt and control vampires. His entire programming is scrambled when he sets eyes on the vampire he’s been engaged to watch over. Now Hunter’s priority is to free Yas from captivity. When Yas’ master refuses to grant his freedom without a fight, their life is not the happily ever after they’d hoped for.


A Blessing in Disguise by Catherine Lievens

Being turned into a vampire is a malediction—or a blessing in disguise.
Dryden lost everything in the late 1800s when he sacrificed himself for the man he loved—his freedom, his lover, his humanity. He’s been a prisoner and a slave since then, and he knows there’s no way out of it except death. The man who turned him won’t let him die, though, and Dryden can’t see another way out.

Morgan has been looking for Dryden ever since he volunteered to take Morgan’s place for punishment after he robbed a powerful vampire. He knew Dryden was turned into a vampire, so he did the same. He and his maker, Silvester, have been drifting around following leads since then.

And now they’ve finally found Dryden.

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