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A Rose for Paul's Protector

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Charlie Richards

ISBN :978-1-4874-0230-3

Page :94

Word Count :26078

Publication Date :2015-02-13

Series : A Loving Nip#2

Heat Level :

Available Formats : A Rose for Paul's Protector (pdf) , A Rose for Paul's Protector (prc) , A Rose for Paul's Protector (epub) , A Rose for Paul's Protector (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-0230-3

Just a little Love Bite: Sometimes the best family is the one you choose yourself.

A couple of months before, Jaymes Martinez—master of the Amarillo coven—received from Fate the best Christmas present possible. He discovered his beloved in the young human Paul Cosborn. Unfortunately, Paul was only seventeen at the time, so Jaymes returned home and did his best to focus on readying his coven for his beloved's arrival. Nearly two months later, Jaymes is ready to make his move. He convinces fellow vampire, Daystrum, who'd been keeping an eye on Paul for him, to bring him out to the ranch to visit. After one erotic encounter with Paul, and one oh-so-satisfying bite, his beloved is kidnapped. Can Jaymes track down his missing beloved in time for them both to enjoy a romantic Valentine's Day?

Paul looked down to see Jaymes holding a baby carrot. He took it, confusion filling him. Jaymes lowered his head and whispered into his ear, "Horses love carrots. See how excited he looks?"

Feeling the bigger man's warm breath flow across his skin, Paul felt his body heat. He tried to ignore the blood filling his cock as he lifted his hand and held out the small orange stick. The horse reached out and lipped the treat, crunching away happily.

"See how happy he is?" Jaymes murmured roughly.

When Jaymes settled his now free hand on Paul's hip, he couldn't stop the tremble. "Yes," he whispered. He opened and closed his now empty hand as he tried to decide where to place it. "He seems very happy."

"Indeed," Jaymes rumbled. "Now, I have another horse I want you to meet," he said. As he eased away, he rubbed his hand up Paul's stomach to his chest, flicking his thumb over Paul's nipple.

Paul's stomach muscles had clenched involuntarily at the move, a softly breathed oh escaping him. When he'd felt Jaymes' thumb lightly strike his nipple, Paul had gasped at the sparks that went arching through his chest.

Almost in a daze, he allowed Jaymes to tug him further down the aisle.

Following the big man, Paul glanced around the barn. He took in the wooden stalls, the swept cement middle aisle, and the curious looks of the horses watching them. Anything was better than thinking about the confusing signals he was receiving from Jaymes. Was the man attracted to him? Or was he just trying to make him feel comfortable?

Paul found himself facing an empty stall. Confusion filled him and he glanced at the other man. Jaymes pointed at the door in the opposite wall of the stall. Looking through, he spotted metal pipe fence that made up the runs.

Jaymes whistled softly.

A second later, a mostly black head appeared, turning to look at them, revealing a white stripe down the horse's nose and white on its cheek. The animal's tiny black ears pricked forward. Curving, they almost touched at the tip. Spotting them, the horse entered the stall, revealing a lean, compact body and long legs.

Paul gasped upon seeing the horse's black and white fur. Three of the animal's legs were black while the fourth, its front left leg, was mostly white. Most of the belly was white, plus along one side, while the back remained mostly black.

"Wow," Paul whispered, watching the slender animal approach. Interest shown clearly in the horse's dark eyes. "You said you didn't have any Arabians," he commented, instantly recognizing the tapered head, ears, and body shape characteristic of the breed. "Or black and white horses."

The obviously curious animal reached its head over the half door, and accepted a carrot from Jaymes. Then, Jaymes handed one to Paul. Following the other man's earlier instructions, he held out his hand and waited for the horse to come to him. It only took a second for the friendly animal to snag the treat. Immediately, the horse nuzzled his palm as if searching for more.

"I just bought him," Jaymes revealed.

Paul's eyes widened at that news. He turned toward him. "Why?" He gasped upon seeing the heated look in Jaymes' eyes as he swept it over his form. "J-Jaymes?"

Jaymes stepped close. He rested his left hand on Paul's upper arm, then used his right to cup his jaw. "I bought him as a gift for you," Jaymes murmured. "I'd like to take you on a ride tomorrow afternoon. I'll give you a lesson in the arena, then, if you're comfortable, we'll go for a short ride. Have a picnic supper." He rubbed his thumb over Paul's upper lip. "What do you say?"

Paul's breath caught in his throat. Tingles spread from his lips and jaw, down his chest, making his heart pound. While he was inexperienced, there was no mistaking the desire in Jaymes' dark eyes.

"I-I, uh, yeah," Paul stuttered out. "I-I'd like that."

Smiling, Jaymes leaned down, getting closer. "I've waited a long time to taste you, Paul," Jaymes rumbled gruffly. "I know there are things we need to talk about, but I'd like that to wait just a bit longer." He dipped until his lips hovered over Paul's mouth. "Can I kiss you?"

The way Jaymes' breath ghosted over Paul's lips caused his pulse to pound in his veins, warming him from the inside out. Anticipation thrummed through him, and Paul decided maybe this was a dream. Maybe he was still in the truck, on the way to the ranch, and dozing against the window.

"Yes," Paul whispered. "Please."

"You never need to beg me to kiss you, sweet beloved," Jaymes all but purred. Then, he rested his lips over Paul's own, brushing back and forth lightly once, twice.

Paul tipped his head, trying to get more. Jaymes growled at the move. Then, his grip on Paul's jaw tightened. He pressed his thumb into the corner of his mouth, forcing his lips to part. Jaymes' tongue moved inside, sliding against his own. He delved deep, mapping and licking.

As Paul gripped Jaymes' shoulders and gave himself over to the older man's mastery, he decided that if this was a dream, he didn't want to wake up.

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Tags: Romance, Gay, GLBT, Paranormal, Shapeshifter, Vampire