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Channeling the Womanizer's Lust

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Charlie Richards

ISBN :978-1-4874-2022-2

Page :109

Word Count :31301

Publication Date :2018-06-15

Series : A Paranormal’s Love#23

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Channeling the Womanizer's Lust (epub) , Channeling the Womanizer's Lust (mobi) , Channeling the Womanizer's Lust (pdf) , Channeling the Womanizer's Lust (prc)

Category : Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-2022-2

Into the Paranormal World: When a woman-loving player finds himself unexpectedly lusting after a male, he discovers the power of the paranormal.

Over the last couple of years, Mitch Lindson has watched his buddies fall in love and bond with gargoyles. He’s happy that they’re happy…but he doesn’t understand it. Settling down with one person isn’t even a blip on his radar, yet. On top of that, all gargoyles are male. Mitch used to double date with his friends. He can’t figure out their sudden switch. When the gargoyle Kardamon breaks up his bid to seduce a daughter of one of the paranormals, Mitch is shocked to feel arousal for the male. Confused, he runs. The dreams start shortly thereafter, leaving him horny and dissatisfied. When he discovers he can’t slake his lust in his usual fashion, Mitch’s frustration grows. It doesn’t help that Kardamon manages to seek him out at unexpected times and in secluded places, driving his unexpected and unwanted desire higher. Facing off against Kardamon, can Mitch find a way to get the blue gargoyle out of his system without his life being turned upside down?

Reader Advisory: Lady bits are spoken of in this story, however, no m/f intercourse takes place.

Mitch was damn fantastic at cutting a rug, and it was a good thing, too. His best buds—Andre, Aziel, and Aaden—who used to go to bars and clubbing with him, were all hitched. Within the last couple years, they’d all settled down with men. Not just that, they were paranormal men!

Holy fucking shit, gargoyles and shifters and vampires are real!

That knowledge still blew his mind.

It’d all started when Andre had been out jogging at night, and when he’d returned to the trailhead, his truck wouldn’t start. A strange, reclusive dude had stumbled upon him and called in another odd guy for help. The guy had hidden in the shadows, not allowing Andre to see him.

How weird was that?

Mitch had talked Andre and Aziel into sneaking onto the estate where they’d thought the mysterious men lived. Boy, had they found out more than they ever thought possible. Mitch had sort of freaked out, but the revelation that gargoyles existed could do that to a guy.

They’d all agreed never to tell a soul, and they hadn’t.

While the paranormals had allowed them all to leave, Andre and Aziel had continued to visit.

Andre had fallen in love with a small purple gargoyle named Sumak. The gargoyle had claimed that he and Andre were something called mates. Evidently, paranormals believed that Fate provided them a soul mate to bond with, so they wouldn’t be lonely while living their long, long life, and Andre was Sumak’s.

Mitch hadn’t minded that his buddy had turned out to be a homo. Andre was still the same in his eyes, plus it meant more ladies for the rest of them. Too bad Andre’s family didn’t feel that way. Over a year and a half later, they were still dealing with Andre’s asshole family—except for Andre’s brother, Mace. He was the exception, and he had a gargoyle mate of his own named Kort.

Turning his car into his dorm’s parking lot pulled Mitch out of his thoughts. He parked, then stared at the dorm, frowning. The place would only be his home for another week, and he still hadn’t managed to find an apartment. That was in big part due to the fact that his parents kept sabotaging his efforts to get a job.

Mitch had never told his buddies that he was a trust fund baby. Since their pal, Aziel, hadn’t told anyone that he was practically a certified genius until just the prior year, he didn’t feel too bad about that. His friends just thought he had a huge allowance from his folks.

Not entirely true.

Pushing out of his old, vintage Mustang, Mitch closed the door and admired his baby. He rubbed his hand over the hood, deciding it was in need of a wash. Grinning, he strode up the walk as he thought about getting some lady attention from washing his baby without a shirt on.

Awesome idea!

Finding a new home that wasn’t moving back in with his parents could totally wait.

Mitch had no desire to give in to his parents’ desires—marry one of their rich friends’ daughter, then go into the family business—investing.


While Mitch understood investing and would never be poor since he could live off the dividends of his trust fund, he didn’t want to do it all day every day. Problem was, he didn’t actually know what he did want to do. School and football had given him the opportunity to fill the hours of his day and feel normal.

Something his childhood had sorely lacked.

Striding into the dorm, Mitch wasn’t surprised to find the place nearly empty. Not only were half the rooms already vacated, but it wasn’t yet five o’clock in the morning. To Mitch’s surprise, he spotted Aziel exiting his room, his bathing kit in hand.

“Yo, Z,” Mitch greeted, grinning at his buddy. He met the gaze of his hulking, six-foot-six, black friend’s gaze. “What ya doin’ in these parts at this hour?”

While Andre had spent so much time at the gargoyles’ estate because he was in a relationship with one, Mitch hadn’t figured Aziel’s interest in the place was the free food. Plus, his friend had seemed fascinated by the idea of paranormals. It wasn’t until he’d discovered that Aziel was majoring in botany with a minor in plant studies that it had truly made sense. He did a lot of homework and projects out there. Eventually, he’d stumbled across a giant otter shifter named Jerome, who’d ended up being his mate.

Aziel had been the third to find his mate with the paranormals, if he didn’t count Tian, who hadn’t been that close of a friend at the time. The ex-cop had been posing as a college student while working undercover. In his pursuit of solving his case, Tian had managed an invite to the estate and had learned about gargoyles. He’d also ended up with a gargoyle mate of his own.

Go figure.

“Hey, Mitch.” Aziel swept his gaze over Mitch’s rumpled clothes, then gave him a cheeky grin. “Just crawling in, huh?”

Mitch lifted his hand for a fist bump. “You know it.”

After Aziel had tapped his thick knuckles against Mitch’s, he told him, “Jerome took over Greg’s night watch rotation because his daughter came down with a cold, and he doesn’t want his mate to have to care for her.” Aziel glanced around furtively, probably making certain that they were alone in the hallway, then leaned toward Mitch and whispered, “Stacey is human and pregnant, so Greg’s worried. Ya know?”

Nodding, Mitch understood. Greg was a gargoyle tracker in the Falias clutch. He’d heard that his mate was pregnant with their third. So far, they’d had two girls. Their oldest was ten, which meant the one sick must be their five-year-old.

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Tags: Adult, Erotic Romance, Gay, GLBT, Paranormal, Shapeshifter