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The Nerd's Vampire

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Charlie Richards

ISBN :978-1-4874-1673-7

Page :90

Word Count :25771

Publication Date :2017-12-01

Series : A Loving Nip#15

Heat Level :

Available Formats : The Nerd's Vampire (epub) , The Nerd's Vampire (mobi) , The Nerd's Vampire (prc) , The Nerd's Vampire (pdf)

Category : Erotic Romance , LGBTQIA+ Romance , Paranormal Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-1673-7

Just a little Love Bite: After getting out from under his mother’s thumb, a young man fears he has traded one taskmaster for another.

Raphael Corsair doesn’t understand his brother’s sudden desire to couple with some huge black guy. Still, staying with Giles at the Montana cattle ranch gives him the opportunity to escape from under his mother’s thumb. Lenora Corsair is dominating and controlling, and Raphael would do anything to get away from her, even learn how to ride a horse and rope cows. To his surprise, the ranch’s owners offer him an office position. The only disconcerting aspect of living at the ranch comes in the form of big, handsome Kase Corrocus. The cowboy makes no bones about the fact that he’s interested in Raphael. Except, Raphael doesn’t consider himself gay. Then why does his prick get hard any time he’s near the disconcerting man? On top of that confusion, why can’t his mother leave him alone?

Kase pulled his truck into the parking lot and found a space. Once everyone was out, he locked his doors and rounded the truck. Hank pulled the list out of his pocket and tore it in half. He gave one section to Kase and kept the other.

“You’re on bathroom supply duty,” Hank told him. “Shampoos, conditioners, razors, hairspray, and stuff.” His grin turned blinding as he looped his arm around Raphael’s elbow and clutched his arm. “We’ll handle condoms, lube, and lady products. Lucille is super specific, so I don’t want you botching that up.” Hank gave Kase a scolding look, then finished with, “After that, we’ll clothes shop for Raph. Your list is longer. You can catch up.”

As Kase watched Raphael’s eyes widen in obvious shock, he felt his body respond to the idea of lube and Raphael. He nodded as he reviewed the list. That gave not only himself a chance to pull himself together, but for Raphael to do the same.

Look at me go, Ruth. I held my tongue instead of saying something suggestive.

Go me!

Feeling proud of himself, Kase smiled as he followed a few steps behind the shorter men. His focus riveted to Raphael’s flexing globes. The jeans his beloved wore were loose, not showing much, but his mouth watered anyway with his longing to sink his fangs into his human’s ass.

Kase reached down and discreetly adjusted himself, not that there was much room in the crotch for his swelling erection. He seriously needed to think about something else. Focusing on Hank’s words, he felt his arousal immediately flee.

Of course Hank would decide to tell the tale of how Kase had chosen the wrong tampons and pads for a couple of vampire females. Come on, what did he know about that shit? There was a reason he chose most of his encounters to be with men. For the most part, lady bits freaked him out.

So did their tempers and mood swings.

 “So, they wanted the medium pad with wings, but he got the extra-large pad with wings,” Hank prattled on. “And Vanessa was so irate. She was sure he did it on purpose, insinuating that her butt was big.” Shaking his head, Hank continued, “Not to mention he ended up getting the wrong brand of tampons for Lucille…at the same time. The list had detailed information! I don’t know how he—”

 “All the packages look the same to me,” Kase cut in, irritation in his tone.

Hank snorted, focusing on Kase for a moment. “Yeah, that’s like saying all brands of condoms look the same. Or all brands of lube look the same.” He rolled his eyes, then returned his attention to Raphael. “Kase just wanted to get out of the aisle as fast as possible, so he grabbed whatever.”

 “I think I’m with Kase on this one,” Raphael mumbled, his expression one of discomfort. “I don’t think I could buy”—he cleared his throat before continuing—“any of those, either.”

 “Thank you, Raph.” Kase smiled warmly at the human he desperately wanted to make his own. He turned a scowl Hank’s way. “Not all gay men are comfortable with picking out women’s hygiene products.”

 “Oh, I’m not—” Raphael immediately began, his face taking on an even darker hue.

Hank cut him off with a scoff as he glared at Kase. “And that’s exactly why I kept those items on my part of the list.” By that time, they’d entered the store, and Hank began steering a still uneasy-looking Hank to the right. “Now, let’s hurry and get this done. I want a shake with chunks of M&M’s and Nestle Crunch in it.” His tone took on a note of anticipation as he spoke, finishing with a hum of obvious desire.

Hoping to put Raphael at ease, Kase added, “Banana split for me, with double caramel and no pineapple.” He rubbed his belly in anticipation.

 “I can change how it’s written on the menu?” Raphael asked, his brows shooting up in obvious interest.

 “Oh, yeah.” Kase looked forward to the sweet treats. “They’re happy to make substitutions.”

 “Double chocolate sauce on a sundae,” Raphael whispered, sounding almost reverent.

 “Yummy,” Hank agreed. Then he waved his free hand at Kase. “Hurry up.”

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