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An Amant for the Alligator

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Charlie Richards

ISBN :978-1-4874-4086-2

Page :109

Word Count :31532

Publication Date :2023-12-01

Series : Shifter's Regime#14

Heat Level :

Available Formats : An Amant for the Alligator (prc) , An Amant for the Alligator (pdf) , An Amant for the Alligator (mobi) , An Amant for the Alligator (epub)

Category : LGBTQIA+ Romance , Paranormal Romance , Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-4086-2

Keeping the Peace: After a miscommunication, a shifter must track down his missing mate.

Enforcer Rigel Patterson is known around Shifter Headquarters as a playboy, and he’s okay with that. After all, he doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with enjoying himself while he waits for Fate to deliver his mate to him. While at a club, Rigel is thrilled when She finally delivers the other half of his soul to him—a handsome human named Tucker. Rigel quickly whisks his mate out of the club, enjoying a night of passion. Except, upon waking the next morning, he finds Tucker gone. Rigel realizes that he should have done a little more talking, but it’s too late. 

He enlists the aid of friends to help him find Tucker. When Rigel runs across Tucker by accident, he’s overjoyed. In his enthusiasm, he accidentally outs Tucker to his parents. After an explosive display, Rigel realizes explaining he’s an alligator shifter, mates, and the paranormal world could be the least of his problems. Can Rigel convince Tucker to forgive him and give them a chance?

“Hey, handsome.”

Rigel Patterson snapped his attention from Lydia’s firm-looking butt and met her gaze. The brunette’s smile appeared flirty and welcoming. Unable to help himself, Rigel grinned broadly at her. After all, he’d been caught staring at her ass…ets, and he’d never been shy about the fact that he enjoyed sex.

Before Rigel could bother answering, Lydia turned and headed out the hallway door and into the outdoors. He figured she was heading to work. Lydia had recently been hired on at Shifter Council Headquarters as a member of the grounds team—the council hid their operations with the appearance of the place being a high-end, exclusive golf resort and day spa.

As Lydia slipped out the door, Rigel allowed his gaze to once again fall to her backside. She really did have a nice ass. Watching her disappear, Rigel was certain she swayed her hips just a little extra.

Chuckling, Rigel shook his head. As pretty as the slender, toned Lydia was, she didn’t really do it for him. He just happened to appreciate looking at a nice body. Lydia was a brunette, and so was Rigel. Call him picky, but Rigel preferred blonds—men or women didn’t matter. He liked seeing the contrast in their colorings as their naked bodies moved against each other.

Just thinking of the last blonde Rigel had enjoyed—a petite, slightly plump woman with gorgeous tits—he felt his prick begin plumping in his jeans.

“Uh, word of advice.”

Link’s deep voice cut into Rigel’s thoughts, and he turned his attention to his friend. The large musk ox shifter worked in the cyber division of shifter headquarters, and the large shifter eyed Rigel with a look of concern. Link even rubbed his palm over his bald scalp as he furrowed his brows.

“Sure, man,” Rigel replied, patting him on the arm, hoping to calm him. “What’s the advice?”

“Don’t get seduced by Lydia,” Link muttered after a quick glance around. He dipped his head, closing the inch height difference between them, and whispered into his ear, “Heard some things about her. Uh, she’s looking for a mate.”

Rigel eyed Link thoughtfully, trying to connect the dots as Link gave him a meaningful look. “Aren’t we all looking for our Fated mate?” he asked slowly. “I know I am.”

While Rigel knew a number of those working on and for the shifter council considered him a player, he still wanted his mate. He just figured he would enjoy what others offered before he found that special someone. Once the other half of his soul came along, that would be it, and Rigel would never stray.

I can’t wait, no matter what others think of me.

“No, not Fated mate,” Link countered with a shake of his heavily bearded head. His deep brown eyes held a troubled gleam. “I mean, she wants a mate. A child. A family. A guy to give her that and support her.” After another glance around, Link touched Rigel’s lower back and began guiding him out of the dining hall where they’d just finished their lunch. “I mean.”

Another glance to the left caused Link to snap his mouth shut. Discreetly looking that way, Rigel spotted Councilman Georgio Peregrine. The elk shifter had shared the belief that Fate didn’t pair those of the same sex until it was proven otherwise. Still, Rigel knew that behind closed doors, Georgio continued to spout anti-homosexual remarks.

Few council enforcers enjoyed their time guarding the man, but a job was a job. When it was Rigel’s rotation to accompany Georgio while the man was on headquarters’ grounds, he did it to the best of his ability. Rigel also paid careful attention to who Georgio met with, hoping he could compile some information to get the bigoted councilman booted from his seat.

Rigel knew most of the other enforcers were doing the same. So far, nothing the elk shifter did while he’d been watching him had been questionable. It made Rigel wonder if he saved any unsavory meetings for when he was guarded by one of his three favorites.

Through whispers from friends, Rigel had learned that Investigator Paul Stiggard was transferring to the enforcer ranks. He claimed he wanted to stay closer to home and friends. As Paul was a favorite of Georgio’s, it would make sense that the councilman would ask for the bear shifter’s services often.

What Georgio didn’t know, and Rigel had only found out by accident, was that Paul was as gay as the day was long.

While Rigel didn’t know why Paul continued to hide his sexuality after several councilmen ended up with male Fated mates—enforcers, too—Rigel supposed Paul’s continued subterfuge would help them.

Once the cafeteria doors were closed behind them and they were striding down the hall, Link picked up where he’d left off. “I hear Lydia plans to get an enforcer to knock her up, then insist on being taken care of.”

Rigel gaped for a second before snapping his mouth shut. Snorting, he shook his head. “No way that would work on most of us.” He smirked at his friend. “Enforcers are known to be very careful. Can’t tell you how grateful I was for the invention of the condom.”

Link chuckled low in his throat, the deep sound rumbling from him. “Me, too.” Just as quickly, he sobered as he warned, “But I hear she’s putting holes in the ones she carries so they fail.”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake,” Rigel growled, glaring over his shoulder in the general direction of where Lydia had probably gone. “And she’s still working here?”

“No proof,” Link told him with a shrug. “Would just be a he-said, she-said situation.”

Rigel gritted his teeth as he scowled at the floor. He knew Link was right, but it still sucked. The woman could prove to be a danger to one of his friends who enjoyed brunettes and ended up snared by her wiles.

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