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Just Lion Around

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Charlie Richards

ISBN :978-1-77111-629-9

Page :127

Word Count :31300

Publication Date :2013-07-10

Series : Wolves of Stone Ridge#19

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Just Lion Around (pdf) , Just Lion Around (prc) , Just Lion Around (epub) , Just Lion Around (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-77111-629-9

Out of the Cage: Time can heal all wounds, but only if they’re acknowledged and treated.

Valarius Lemusson’s pride leaders send him to a shifter gathering in Stone Ridge where various paranormal representatives are discussing the revelation that the government knows about their kind. While there, he enjoys a night at a club and discovers his mate, Brice Gaithers, being attacked in the restroom. He rescues the human and, after filing a police report, takes him back to his room for a night of tender aftercare and sweet seduction.

A surprise meeting with a wolf’s mate reveals that Brice already knows about shifters, giving Valarius hope, until he also learns that Brice wants nothing to do with them. He’s prepared to give his mate time to accept him, but enemies from his past come stalking, forcing his hand. Can Valarius figure out how to convince Brice—someone already intimate with the aggressiveness of shifters—that he can give him the love and stability Brice desperately craves?


Warning: attempted rape scene.


Brice Gaithers had hoped when the bathroom door was shoved open, it would be the bouncers. Instead, in walked one of the…well, not the biggest men, but this guy was damn close.

Unfortunately, the hope that the sexy stranger would help him died quickly enough. With the way he was moving closer, dark eyes sweeping over him with lust and…something else, now Brice feared he'd join in.

God, my life sucks.

All he'd wanted was a night away—away from his friend, Vee, and Vee's wolf shifter boyfriend, and away from their sickeningly sweet lovey, dovey attitude. When they'd gone to some shifter convention thingy, Brice had left for the club. He'd thought he'd found a little fun with Donnie, the guy who seemed to be the group speaker, but when he'd joined the man in the bathroom for a quickie, he'd discovered they wouldn't be having that quickie alone.

"He doesn't look very willing," the newcomer stated. "Can't he speak for himself?"

Much to Brice's shock, and causing a fair amount of shame, the man's deep growly voice actually caused his prick to start thickening in his boxers.

Donnie smiled coldly at Brice, his gaze full of warning—and that got his untimely arousal to disappear, thank God. "Go ahead, Brice," Donnie cajoled. "Tell our new friend how willing you are."

Billy removed his hand from his mouth and Brice licked his lips. Taking a chance, he whispered, "Please help me."

"Answer right, fucker," Conan snarled from in front of him before balling up his fist and nailing him in the ribs.

Brice whimpered and if Billy hadn't been holding him, he would have doubled over. "Please," he gasped.

"Fair enough," the new guy stated. He crossed his arms over his chest and smirked at Donnie. "You cost me a blowjob, so I get him first." He waved at Billy and Conan. "One of you stand guard." Eyes narrowing, he added, "It wouldn't do to have someone come in and cause…problems."

"No," Donnie snapped. "I brought him in here, so I get him first. You can have him second or get lost."

"I see," the stranger said. "In that case, by all means…" He held out a hand toward an empty stall and smiled.

Brice didn't like the look of that smile.

Donnie's eyes narrowed, then he sneered and stalked over toward him. Brice couldn't help it. He started to shake and once against struggled to get free, but Billy's grip was too tight, too strong. Donnie grabbed his arm and snapped, "Watch the door, Conan."

His friend grumbled, but did as instructed. Donnie yanked Brice into his arms. The stranger leaned against the sink. Donnie tried to kiss him, but Brice wrenched sideways, nearly getting free.

To his shock, instead of being shoved into a stall, he heard a growl and Donnie stumbled, releasing him. Brice took advantage and leaped sideways. Unfortunately, a thick, strong arm wrapped around his waist and reeled him in and up against a hard, broad chest.

Brice wriggled and swung his arms, trying to strike the man holding him. Unfortunately, his pants were around his ankles so he couldn't kick.

"Be still," a deep voice hissed into his ear. "I won't hurt you."

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Tags: Adult, Erotic Romance, Gay, GLBT, Interracial, Paranormal, Shapeshifter