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Snorkeling with a Saw-shark

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Charlie Richards

ISBN :978-1-4874-3163-1

Page :75

Word Count :20777

Publication Date :2020-11-20

Series : Beneath Aquatica's Waves#9

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Snorkeling with a Saw-shark (epub) , Snorkeling with a Saw-shark (mobi) , Snorkeling with a Saw-shark (prc) , Snorkeling with a Saw-shark (pdf)

Category : LGBTQIA+ Romance , Paranormal Romance , Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-3163-1

World of Aquatica: When one thoughtless comment drives away a shifter’s mate, he finds his patience tested as he attempts to correct the misunderstanding.

When Westram McKinley met Noah Redruvian, an uncouth offer for a roll in the hay has Noah painting him with the same brush as his ex-boyfriend—an unfaithful playboy. As a nearly two-century-old longnose saw-shark shifter, he did have plenty of experience, but nothing could have been further from the truth. Noah was his mate. Westram would never stray from the man. As weeks without his mate turn into months, Westram’s shark begins to pine, becoming increasingly volatile, only calmed with the help of his alpha, Kaiser. The continued updates about Noah from Kaiser’s mate, Arthur—who is good buddies with the man—also help keep Westram from losing his mind. When Arthur comes to Westram and shares that Noah hasn’t answered his calls in two days, Westram doesn’t waste a second. He heads to Noah’s, ready for any type of vitriol the distrustful human throws at him. To his dismay, when he arrives, Noah is injured and nearly catatonic, fear oozing from every pore. Can Westram figure out how to soothe Noah and get his mate to talk to him before whatever danger had terrorized him returns?

Westram McKinley strolled slowly through his assigned section of the World of Aquatica marine park. While his gaze strayed over everything around him, his mind wasn’t on his job. It was a good thing just the presence of a man in a security uniform dissuaded most from trying anything because Westram would surely have missed anyone actually doing something wrong.

Instead, just as it had been for the last couple of months, Westram’s mind was firmly fixed on his mate—Noah Redruvian. He longed to pull the sweet-smelling and cute-as-hell human into his arms. He wanted to taste his full lips and squeeze his plump ass.

Too bad Westram didn’t see that happening anytime soon.

All because of one thoughtless comment.

When Westram had first met Noah, he’d been there in a guard capacity. A stalker had been after Arthur, his alpha’s mate. They’d chosen a plan to lure the man out. That created danger for Arthur’s friends, too.

Westram had been assigned to Noah, while Dare—a fellow shifter enforcer—had been ordered to watch Arthur’s other best friend, Jacob. Walking into the house where the pair waited—Arthur had wanted to explain the situation first—had been the most surreal and magical moment of Westram’s nearly two-century life.

Then Jacob had opened his big mouth, starting a chain reaction that caused Westram to mentally cringe any time he thought about it.

“Mmm,” Jacob had purred, eyeing Dare like a tasty steak. “If you’re gonna be my bodyguard, big guy, I guess I don’t have a problem with it.” Jacob had extended his hand to him.

Dare had grinned broadly as he’d reached out and wrapped his large dark hand around Jacob’s much smaller one. Using the hold, he’d tugged the human close while saying, “Does that mean you’d be amenable to recreating a scene or two from The Bodyguard?”

Resting his free hand on Dare’s chest, Jacob grinned up at him, obvious heat in his green eyes. “Oh, definitely.”

Growling softly, Dare lowered his head, placing his lips close to Jacob’s ear. “I look forward to that.”

Westram would forever blame his behavior on the pheromones the pair were pumping out.

Fixing his gaze on Noah, Westram had skimmed the backs of his forefingers down his arm. “What about you, handsome?” he asked, his voice husky with need. Reaching Noah’s hand, he slid his fingers around the human’s much smaller ones. “Are you into role play, too?”

In truth, Westram wouldn’t have cared either way. Noah was his mate. He would happily take him any way he could get him.

Noah had yanked his hand away from Westram. “No,” he stated flatly. With a scowl, he crossed his arms and curled his hands into fists. “I’m not. Nor do I care for one-night stands, flings, or getting my rocks off with any piece of ass who hits on me.”

Westram opened his mouth, intending to apologize, but Noah turned away from him and addressed Arthur. “I hope this plan works fast,” he stated. “I don’t need some bruiser who only thinks with his dick dogging my steps.”

“Westram does know how to be a gentleman,” Alpha Kaiser claimed reassuringly.

When Noah scoffed and moved toward the table, perhaps to retrieve one of the beers sitting on it, Kaiser turned his attention back to Westram and arched one brow in silent question.

Wincing for just an instant, Westram cut his gaze toward Noah, then refocused on his alpha.

Alpha Kaiser narrowed his eyes, but since neither Noah or Jacob knew about shifters—and they didn’t plan to tell them unless absolutely necessary—not much could be said…yet.

“How are you doing?”

Westram didn’t quite manage to hide his jerk of surprise upon hearing Beta William’s softly spoken question, which yanked him out of his thoughts.

Meeting William’s understanding gaze, Westram opened his mouth, then closed it again. He rubbed at his chest, his heart sending phantom pains through him at being separated from his mate. Instead of answering, Westram just shook his head.

William nodded. “Yeah, I sorta thought that when I saw the vacant glint in your eyes.” Resting his hand on Westram’s nape, he squeezed supportively. “Do you need a break to compose yourself?”

Bowing his head a little, Westram admitted, “I don’t know if that will help.” Grimacing, he told the beta, “My shark is pushing me to jump into the ocean so he can swim down to San Diego, and we can track Noah down.” Upon seeing the concern enter William’s green eyes, Westram quickly added, “I know that’s not a possibility. My mate doesn’t want to see me, and the only way I can swim these days is with you or Kaiser near me.”

Having met Noah Redruvian months before, Westram’s longnosed saw-shark was becoming damn pushy. His animal didn’t understand the problem. He wanted Westram to grab the man, toss him into the ocean, and let the shark drag him home—literally.

So not an option.

Alpha Kaiser and his brother, William, were both huge squid—although not the same kind—and could keep his shark from taking off.

William nodded, squeezed his neck once more, then released him. “Well, take off anyway. Arthur wants to talk to you.”

Confused, even as Westram nodded, he commented, “I thought he was in video conferences all day.”

“He was supposed to be,” William confirmed, shoving his hands into his pockets. “So it must be something important for him to step out for a few minutes and text me to get you.”

Westram nodded. “I’ll hurry over there.” Then he started speed walking in the direction that would take him out of the north gate of the park. The narrow paved road led to a sprawling complex of condominiums. Most of the people working at the park lived there. Many were shifters with a smattering of human mates thrown in.

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