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Sharing a Demon's Bond

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Charlie Richards

ISBN :978-1-4874-0437-6

Page :93

Word Count :26089

Publication Date :2015-06-29

Series : A Loving Nip#5

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Sharing a Demon's Bond (pdf) , Sharing a Demon's Bond (prc) , Sharing a Demon's Bond (epub) , Sharing a Demon's Bond (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance , LGBTQIA+ Romance , Paranormal Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-0437-6

Just a little love bite: When the monster comes out of the dark…sometimes he eats you up in every way you love.

Peter has lived with vampires for almost two decades, ever since his own parents were killed in a house fire, and he considers himself pretty knowledgeable about paranormals. Stopping for a cup of coffee in a diner, Peter finds himself turned on by the steady stare of a big Italian. When he makes a pit-stop at the diner’s bathroom, he doesn’t expect a hook-up. That’s exactly what Peter gets…and he also learns he doesn’t know as much about paranormals as he thinks he does. His new lover, Balthazar, is a demon who is coming up on his one thousandth birthday. He kidnaps Peter, claiming him as his amina, his soul, a reward from the Gods for doing his job well for a thousand years. Except, Balthazar’s job is sucking out the souls of the living and delivering them to Death. If Peter can get past the stigma of being bonded with a soulless demon, can Balthazar keep him safe from whoever is sending minions hell-bent on keeping them apart—not to mention Peter’s meddling vampire friends—long enough for their bond to seal?

What if he's a paranormal?

Peter practically kicked himself for not realizing it earlier. Of course the man had to be something other than human. Maybe he was a bear shifter…he'd met one once before.

Kontra Belikov was a grizzly shifter who'd attended Master Adalric's Christmas party. He'd been big and hot, too. Except, where Kontra had been mated and clearly taken, the guy sitting out in the dining room certainly didn't appear to be…not with the intense, focused looks he was giving him.

Peter sure hoped he was right. That would make things so much easier. Shifters liked to shag just as much as vampires. Maybe he could make arrangements to hook up with him later that evening after dropping the cake at home.

The cake!

Damn it.

Straightening, Peter grabbed a paper towel. He wiped his hands, then his face. Turning, he looked around for the trash can.

Peter gaped. Standing just inside the door, silently watching him, was the sexy stranger. He froze, his hands clutching the paper towels.

Meeting the man's dark gaze, Peter couldn't help notice the way his eyes seemed to glitter, or swirl even. The man's wide mouth slowly curved into a smile. He stalked forward.

"Wh—" Peter backed up a couple of steps, his back hitting the wall. "What are you?"

The man's nostrils flared. He stopped directly in front of Peter. "I am a demon, pretty human," he rumbled. Ducking his head, he tucked his nose against Peter's neck and inhaled deeply. A growl vibrated through him. "And you smell like vampire."

Peter knew his eyes widened in shock, but he still couldn't seem to focus. All he could think about was how much he wanted the man looming over him to press his body against him. Was his body as hard as he looked?

"D-Demon?" Peter finally managed to respond. He blinked, forcing his gaze to focus. Looking up, he found his gaze snagged by the stranger's obsidian eyes. "L-Lust demon?" That could be the only answer for the powerful desire surging through him. Right?

The man shook his head slowly, just once. "I am a demon. One either is or is not," he stated, his voice deep and rough, as if he didn't use it enough. "I am Balthazar."

"P-Peter," he responded. "If you're not a lust demon, why do you make me hard as nails?"

Balthazar grinned widely, showing off teeth with plenty of points. Peter didn't know why, but he shivered at the sight of them…and not from fear. Instead, he wondered if the demon's bite would be as pleasurable as a vampire's. Did they drink blood?

Wait, how come I've never heard of demons?

"Your body responds to my pheromones because you are my amina," Balthazar rumbled, his words rolling huskily off his tongue. He reached out and touched Peter's cheek with one hand. Sliding his other arm around his body, Balthazar rested his palm on Peter's ass. "My amina," he said again as he pulled Peter against him.

Peter gasped as he felt the size of Balthazar's hands on him. He grabbed for the lapels of the man's—demon's—trench coat, hanging on as Balthazar lifted him up the wall. He realized he'd dropped the paper towels, but couldn't find it in him to care where or when. On instinct, he wrapped his legs around the other man's wide hips. When his cock pressed against the swollen thickness of the other man's trapped shaft, he shivered and groaned. His cock oozed another drop of pre-cum.

"Oh," Peter hissed. "Oh, shit." He felt his balls roll in his sacks. "I-Is an amina anything like a vampire's beloved?" he ground out, his tongue struggling around the unfamiliar word. Panting hard, Peter tried to keep himself from coming.

"Similar, but different," Balthazar rumbled. "Let me have you, Peter. Offer yourself to me."

Peter realized he was moving. His hard shaft bumped and rubbed against his soon-to-be lover's with each step. Seconds later, he found himself in the tiny bathroom stall, pressed up against the back of the now-closed door, and Balthazar's massive body filling up most of the space.

"Yes," Peter murmured. Now that they were alone, the stall offering a measure of seclusion, all his inhibitions fled. He wanted this man and from the look of primal need in Balthazar's eyes and the rock hard erection he felt trapped behind the man's fly, Peter knew it wouldn't take either of them long. "Take me, Bal," he urged. "Fill me with your seed. I want to feel you."

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Tags: Adult, Erotic Romance, Gay, GLBT, Paranormal, Shapeshifter, Vampire