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Taming War

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Charlie Richards

ISBN :978-1-4874-1022-3

Page :93

Word Count :26381

Publication Date :2017-03-03

Series : A Loving Nip#12

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Taming War (epub) , Taming War (pdf) , Taming War (prc) , Taming War (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance , LGBTQIA+ Romance , Paranormal Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-1022-3

Just a little Love Bite: When the unexpected happens, it doesn’t always mean the end.

When the Horseman of War decides to have a little fun and he accompanies a favored demon into the human realm to join in a skirmish, he never expects to meet a vampire that jumpstarts his libido. A romp with Monte Hanover would be fun, passionate, and maybe even worthy of a repeat…after they finish the battle, of course. To his surprise, he helps rescue a prairie dog shifter that brings out protective instincts he didn’t even know he was capable of. Unfortunately, little Xerxes turns out to be Monte’s beloved. Scratching his itch with either man seems unlikely. Then, the unthinkable happens, and he realizes without his intervention, it would mean the death of both men. Can he take that leap? Or will War decide two lives, in the grand scheme of things, isn’t really worth the changes he’d need to make?

War ignored the rest of the conversation. Truth be told, he could have wiped out every priest in the church and underground storage structure hidden beneath it. That sort of thing wasn’t really his place, however. The only reason he was there was because he hadn’t been out of the demon realm in a while—try several hundred years—and it had seemed like fun.

Still does, too.

Plus, with the mutual lust simmering between himself and Monte, War had a good chance at scratching a different sort of itch. A bout of vigorous sex with the big, redheaded vampire would be a fantastic way to purge the adrenaline caused by a good fight. He could just imagine how exquisite sliding into the vampire’s tight, hot ass would be.

Gods, when was the last time I had sex? Too long! I just have to figure out a way to ease Monte past his prejudices.

As one of the Four Horsemen, War and his brothers—Death, Pestilence, and Famine—weren’t necessarily thought well of by those who actually knew they existed. He had hundreds of demons under his command and dozens of generals—demons that had completed over a thousand years of service and had been granted an amina—a soul. War used his people to incite aggression.

Sometimes it culminated in nothing but a skirmish. Other times, if he sent enough demons, war could break out between multiple countries. It all depended on the orders War received from the Moirai—the three Fates.

The door of the study opened, and the trio of vampires exited. After giving Master Dante a slight nod, offering the vampire master the respect his station was due, he focused on Monte. He curved his lips into what he knew was a feral smile.

“Looks like you’re with me, hot stuff,” War teased the vampire. He lowered his right hand to his abdominals, sliding his black-claw-tipped hand inside his open leather vest and rubbed low across his belly. “Why don’t we go somewhere and talk about strategy…or anything else that pops up.”

Monte’s gaze flitted to War’s hand, then to his groin. His cheeks and neck lit up with a rosy flush that War liked oh-so-much. Until he’d met the redheaded vampire, he hadn’t realized he had a thing for gingers.

Gods, I want to explore every inch of his pale flesh. Does he have freckles everywhere? Is the hair surrounding his dick just as red?

“Never going to happen, demon,” Monte responded, curling his lip. He scowled at War, crossing his arms over his chest. “And how did you hear our plans, anyway?”

War’s blood heated upon hearing Monte’s belligerent denial. He wondered if the vampire realized all that did was fire his desire. Seducing Monte into his bed was a different sort of battle, and one that would win him the best kind of spoils.

Easing a step closer to Monte, War rumbled softly, “I am the Horseman of War, Monte Hanover, not a demon.”

War purposefully dropped his glamour, revealing his true form for just a few seconds. He showed off his true seven-and-a-half-foot tall, massively built form, his red eyes and large horns, plus his huge, red bat-like wings. Just as quickly, he hid once more.

“I can hear through the walls,” War told Monte as he took in the vampire’s wide eyes and shocked expression. He stepped closer. When Monte took a step backward, War reached out and wrapped his fingers around the vampire’s upper arm. “Relax, handsome. I would never hurt you.”

Monte shook his head and blinked once. His expression cleared as he seemed to come out of his stupor. He tugged at where War gripped him.

“I know that,” Monte grumbled irritably. He tugged at his arm again. “Let me go.”

War did as the vampire wished. At the same time, he gave the man a feral smile. “You won’t wish me to release you soon enough, Monte.” He swiped his tongue along his teeth, teeth that he knew beneath his glamour were far sharper than a human’s. “Think of it, Monte,” he crooned, lowering his voice. “Think of the vigorous, explosive fun we’d enjoy together.”

“Never going to happen.” With that parting shot, Monte turned and stalked away.

Grinning widely, War called after him, “See you later, Monte Hanover.”

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