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Hunting his Human

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Charlie Richards

ISBN :978-1-4874-3452-6

Page :107

Word Count :30490

Publication Date :2021-11-05

Series : Shifter's Regime#9

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Hunting his Human (epub) , Hunting his Human (mobi) , Hunting his Human (pdf) , Hunting his Human (prc)

Category : Erotic Romance , LGBTQIA+ Romance , Paranormal Romance , Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-3452-6

Keeping the Peace: When a komodo dragon shifter revisits a roadside diner to collect his mate, the human is missing, forcing him to go on the hunt.

While out on an assignment for the Shifter Council, Enforcer Dane Drudeson runs across his mate—the human Danny Nunez. He could have called in a replacement and stuck close to the man to woo him, but due to the time-sensitive nature of his mission, he chooses not to. Instead, Dane seduces the sweet, sexy human and secures his phone number. Knowing where Danny works and the town he lives in, Dane feels confident he can track Danny down when he comes back in a few days. Except, after Dane secures time off and returns to the small town, Danny is gone, forcing Dane to go on the hunt. After discovering Danny was injured by his own father, then driven out of town by bigotry, can Dane track down the other half of his soul before something else happens to his sweet, vulnerable human?

Daniel Nunez—but everyone called him Danny—watched the pair of men join an already seated couple in his section of the diner. They greeted each other with smiles and handshakes, then settled at the table. All four of the men were good-looking, but the new guy with the shaggy blond hair caused Danny’s heart to race and his blood to flow south.

He was that good-looking.

Not that Danny would ever hit on a customer, but he would certainly enjoy dreaming about him while jacking off in the shower after his shift. Besides, the big blond was most likely straight, and no way did Danny want a customer to complain about his behavior. He needed his job too much.

With his order pad in hand, Danny headed toward the table. At least one look in Peggy’s direction—the woman working as a hostess that day—caused his plumping dick to wilt. From day one, that woman hadn’t liked him. Danny didn’t know how she knew he was gay, but she’d made her view of him clear swiftly enough—just never within earshot of anyone else.

Danny wished he could find other employment, but jobs were scarce in his podunk little town.

Someday, things will be different. Someday, I’ll get out of here.

Just not today.

Stopping beside the table, Danny heard the sexy blond rumble, “Naw. Don’t worry about it,” as he waved his hand as if shooing away a fly.

The deep timbre caused a fresh spike of lust to shoot through Danny, and he had to swallow swiftly in order to keep from drooling.

Then…the man turned his attention on Danny, and he felt himself get caught by the warm, brown-eyed gaze that threatened to make him swoon.

“Hello, cutie,” the man greeted, confidence filling his tone. “How about a cup of coffee? And how are your pancakes?”

Holy crapballs. Did he just call me cute?

Right. Pancakes. Work.

Finding his tongue, Danny stuttered, “O-Our pancakes are e-excellent, sir.” He would forever deny the slight squeak in his voice. Scrambling to find something normal to say, Danny added, “As are the sausage links.”

Oh, shit. Why did I have to mention sausage?

The guy grinned broadly as he glanced at his friends. “We’re not in a hurry, are we?”

The dark-haired man who’d entered with him replied, “Nope. Take your time, Dane. We got all morning.”

Dane. What a sexy name. Danny and Dane.

Danny’s brain supplied an image of a heart with D plus D etched into a tree.

Good grief. Stop thinking like a teenage girl.

“Excellent.” Dane returned his focus to Danny, and he finally understood the term eye-fucking. His blood rushed through his veins, and his face heated. Danny knew he was blushing, but he couldn’t have stopped it if he’d tried.

When Dane continued speaking, Danny did his best to focus, but boy, was it difficult.

“I’ll take your farmer’s platter and upgrade that to all-you-can-eat pancakes.”

Jotting that down on his order pad, Danny asked, “A-And how would you like your eggs?” Danny couldn’t help the way his voice sounded a little rough. The sexy man was just that amazing.

“Over-easy,” Dane replied, glancing at his nametag before meeting his gaze again. “Danny.”

Hearing Dane say his name in his sexy rumbly voice caused a tremor to work through him. Danny hoped no one saw.

“A-And to d-drink?” Speaking wasn’t getting any easier, but Danny tried to focus on his job. If Peggy was watching, he couldn’t be seen flirting.

As if I know how to flirt.

“Coffee,” Dane replied. “Danny.”

Crap. He said that already.

Turning, Danny took a couple of steps, needing to get away from the sexy man. He groaned in his mind as he recalled that there were others sitting at the table. Focusing on his order pad, he returned to the table and asked after the other men’s needs, although he couldn’t manage to make himself meet their gazes.

Danny hurried to the kitchen to place their orders and get their drinks. The hairs on his nape prickled, and he just knew if he peeked back at the table, Danny would see Dane watching him with his warm, intense gaze. Unfortunately, a glance out of the corner of Danny’s eyes told him that Peggy was watching, too.

After clipping the order to the board, Danny quickly whipped up a fresh hot chocolate. He placed that on a tray along with several mugs and a small plate holding a fresh pot of hot water and a new tea bag. Carrying that in one hand, Danny grabbed the coffee pot as he passed it.

Girding up his courage, Danny returned to the table containing the sexy Dane and his friends. He quickly gave everyone their drinks, earning thanks from everyone except the dreamboat. Unable to help himself, Danny glanced furtively at the man in question.

Dane smiled and winked at him. Then he glanced meaningfully at a napkin as he slid it toward Danny.

After a second of hesitation, Danny tucked the tray under the arm holding the coffee pot and grabbed the folded napkin. He shoved it into his pocket before heading away, returning the tray to his now free hand. His heart beat wildly as he stopped at a table to top off another customer’s cup of coffee. Danny checked on other tables as he passed, but no one needed anything.

After returning the coffee pot to the warmer and putting the tray where it belonged, Danny glanced about. With no one paying him any mind, he pulled the napkin from his pocket. Danny couldn’t do anything about his shaking hands as he unfolded it.

Upon reading the message written in a bold, blocky script, Danny’s breath caught in his throat.

Meet me in the men’s room so I can get your phone number and a kiss.

Oh, shit. Wow!

Danny’s heart pounded in his chest, and butterflies seemed to have taken up residence in his belly.

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Tags: Romance, gay, LGBTQIA+, Paranormal, Shapeshifter