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Kyle's Valiant Hunt

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Charlie Richards

ISBN :978-1-77111-266-6

Page :88

Word Count :30519

Publication Date :2012-07-25

Series : Wolves of Stone Ridge#11

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Kyle's Valiant Hunt (pdf) , Kyle's Valiant Hunt (prc) , Kyle's Valiant Hunt (epub) , Kyle's Valiant Hunt (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-77111-266-6

Out of the cage: Sometimes a detour on the road of life is actually the right direction.

Valiant Vee Cotter lives in the middle of Nowhere, Idaho. His life consists of three things, hanging with his best friend Brice, working at a truck stop at the edge of town, and getting persecuted by the local homophobes. All that changes when a sexy trucker, Kyle, takes an interest in him, convincing him to start a long distance relationship, and Vee finds himself falling hard and fast.

Kyle Rainier’s life is taking a detour, literally. When his standard run from Denver to Boise and back has him making an unscheduled stop in a little town on the border of the Idaho National Forest, Kyle’s mate runs right into him. Using the truck stop’s shower room, Kyle seduces Vee and begins the bonding process. The next day, on his return trip to Denver, Kyle spends the night getting to know the human.

It’s not until Kyle is back home in Stone Ridge that he finds out he has a big problem. The local Idaho wolf pack kidnaps his mate and they’re holding Vee hostage. Can Kyle rescue his mate and convince him not all shifters are bad?

A towel cracked against Vee’s butt, and he turned to glare at his friend’s cheeky grin. “What the hell was that for?” he snapped.

“You were a million miles away, probably daydreaming about Mr. Eye Candy. Am I right?” Brice teased. When Vee just rolled his eyes, Brice told him, “It’s your break. Better take it while we’re slow.”

Vee nodded. “Kay. I’ll be back in thirty.”

Brice just waved, and Vee headed around the counter toward the back room and the sandwich and apple he had waiting for him. Lost in thought, he almost ran someone down, or rather, if there was any muscle on his five-foot eleven, string-bean frame, Vee might have made the other guy stumble back, at least.

As it was, Vee found himself bouncing off a hard chest. A firm grip on his shoulders kept him from tumbling backward. He lifted his gaze up and realized he was in the presence of the sexy, dark-haired guy he’d been caught ogling earlier.

The man was even better looking up close. Arm muscles bulged under smooth, taut skin. A thin gray t-shirt was stretched over firm pecks. A straight nose, wide mouth, and strong jaw, coupled with the laugh lines around eyes a darker shade of blue than Vee had first thought, gave the man a sensual, masculine appeal. Vee’s cock filled and he fought back a whimper.

Instead of releasing him, the big man held him tight, his gaze moving boldly over Vee’s body. There was no way the guy could miss the bulge of Vee’s ever-thickening erection in his slacks.

To his surprise, the guy didn’t appear offended in the least. In fact, if the way the groin of the guy’s worn jeans was filled out was any indication, he shared Vee’s problem.

The sensual twist of the guy’s lips and the heat in his eyes had pre-cum oozing from Vee’s dick. Oh, he liked that look on this guy. He liked it very much. Finally, the man spoke, and his deep rumble had just the hint of an accent to it. Irish? The man was definitely not from around here!

“I’d planned to ask one of ye how to operate your showers back here,” he said, “but perhaps you would be good enough to show me instead.”

Vee licked his lips, trying to get his brain to function. It didn’t miss his notice when the other man’s gaze dropped to his mouth and watched his tongue. That gave him the confidence to give the man a warm smile of his own and reply, “I’d be happy to show you anything you want.”

He pulled away and stepped around the trucker, putting a little extra swing into his hips. Vee didn’t know where he got the audacity from. This was where he worked, after all, not a nightclub. Yet, the low appreciative-sounding growl that came from behind him sent a shiver shooting down his spine to settle in his balls.

He racked his brain, trying to remember which one of their little shower rooms was the nicest. Not an easy feat, considering all his blood was now pooled in his groin, not his brain. Vee stepped into one of the rooms, realizing just how small it was when the other man crowded in behind him. It occurred to Vee that he could be setting himself up for a beat-down, but then the guy wrapped his arms around him and pressed a very hard erection against his ass.

“If you don’t want this, now would be the time to let me know,” the man said, nuzzling Vee’s neck.

Vee shivered in his embrace and gripped the thick forearms locked around his waist. “I want it,” he managed to whisper.

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Tags: Adult, Erotic Romance, Gay, GLBT, Interracial, Paranormal, Shapeshifter