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Customer FAQs

Question: Do I have to have an account to purchase books?

Answer: Yes. Your purchases are automatically added to your bookshelf and you must have an account to download the files.

Question:  I bought epub format, but it won't work on my ebook reader.

Answer: Email us at, give us the title and we'll remake the book and will upload it to your bookshelf again. We have more sophisticated programs now to make the books. Some of the older epub formats won't work.

Question: I paid for my book by eCheck, but I didn't get the download notification.

Answer: If you use an eCheck to pay for your purchases, it takes 5-6 business days to clear. As soon as we receive the clearance, you will receive confirmation that your order is confirmed, and you can download your book. eChecks are the same as paper checks.

Question: What formats do you offer?

Answer: We offer our books in 4 different formats— PDF, Mobi, ePub, PRC.

Question: I don't have an ereader, only a computer, how do I read my books.

Answer: PDF files are great for your computer. To read PDF you need the latest Acrobat Reader available for free at
You can also use Kindle for PC or the Nook App.

Question: My book won't open in Adobe Reader. It tells me the file is corrupted.

Answer: You need to download the latest Adobe Reader.

Question: Can I print the book?

Answer: Yes, our books are printable. However, we strongly recommend the purchase of a PDA (digital reader). There are many versions available that will hold many of the above formats and it makes transport of your books much simpler and saves on ink and paper.

Question: If I don't like the book, can I get a refund?

Answer: I'm sorry. We do not refund if you don't like a book.

I bought the same book twice in error. Can I get a refund?

Answer: No. The author has already been credited the sale and the royalty, but you can choose another book by the same author of the same value and we will add it to your bookshelf.

Question: I can't find any payment options when I check out. What do I do?

Answer: Please clear your internet browser history/cache/cookies.

Bookshelf FAQs:

Question: How do I find my newly purchased book in my bookshelf?

Answer: Click the sort by drop down and select Purchase Date (newest). This will bring your latest purchases to the top of your bookshelf.

Question: How do I receive my e-books?

Answer: Once you have purchased a book, click on 'my bookshelf.'
Your book will be listed along with several download buttons. Hover your mouse over each button, you will see a file name popup. Choose the file in the format you would like and click the download button to save your file.

Question: How long do I have to download my e-books?

Answer: Your file will be available during the lifetime of this website.

Question: I have a Kindle. Which format do I download?

Answer: Mobi, or alternatively, you can use the “Send To Kindle” feature available in the bookshelf.

Question: Should I save my books to my computer after I purchase them?

Answer: Though the files will be available in your bookshelf, we recommend that you download all of your purchases as a back up.

Gifting FAQs:

Question: How do I purchase a book and send it as a gift?

Answer: Add the book to your cart by clicking the "Add As Gift" button on the book information page. Once you complete your purchase, the book will appear in your gift shelf. Click the "Send Gift" button, then enter your recipients email address and a message and click send. Your recipient will receive an email with a redemption code for the book.

Question: I received a book as a gift, how do I redeem my code?

Answer: Log in to your account at Extasy Books, then click "My Bookshelf". At the top of your bookshelf click the "Redeem Gift" button. Enter the gift code from your email, then click Redeem Gift. Your book will then appear in your bookshelf.

If you do not have an Extasy Books account, please register for an account before you try to redeem your code.

Question: I received a Gift Certificate for Extasy Books. How do I redeem it?

Answer: Add the products you would like to purchase to your cart, then click "View Cart". Enter your Gift Certificate number, then click apply gift certificate. Your gift certificate will then be applied to your purchase. Please save your gift certificate number if you have not used the full amount, you will need to follow the same procedure to use any remaining balance.

Please visit the follow pages for further information.

Send to Kindle

Flame Clarification