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Mating Instinct

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Charlie Richards

ISBN :978-1-55487-812-3

Page :81

Word Count :17232

Publication Date :2011-04-17

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Mating Instinct (epub) , Mating Instinct (mobi) , Mating Instinct (pdf) , Mating Instinct (prc)

Category : Erotic Romance , Horror , Paranormal Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-812-3

When a werewolf finds his mate, he'll do anything to keep her.

Sorry, humans, but you're not the top of the food chain anymore. Gavin's a werewolf. A predator. And humans are prey, their flesh containing an enzyme werewolves need to survive. Each full moon, Gavin uses his supernatural strength, smell and hearing to create a methodical approach to hunting, which keeps him safe from being captured by the police. When he discovers his mate, a sex drive that'd gone dormant decades ago reawakens, distracting him and creating disastrous upheaval to his orderly life. Can Gavin not only seduce Brooke, the daughter of the profiler brought to town to hunt him, but convince her to accept her place as his werewolf mate?

The next evening, emotions carefully held in check, Gavin headed across the street. After knocking on the door, he turned to stare at the newly painted white fence, pretending to inspect it. The door opened behind him. Gavin knew Brooke stood there before turning. He could smell her. His pupils dilated as he breathed in her fresh, feminine scent mixed with lavender.

Schooling his features, Gavin turned to face her. My mate. Over the past couple days, he’d come to terms with the idea. Now he needed to confirm his suspicions. To do that, Gavin needed to get her into his bed. “Hello, Brooke,” he greeted smoothly.

“Hello, Mr. …” she paused, uncertain.

“Call me Gavin, otherwise, you’ll make me feel old.” He chuckled. That and he’d avoided using a last name for nearly a century. Tax purposes only. Her uncertain nod troubled him, so he looked to reassure. “Is your father home?”

“Not yet.”

His brown eyes glided over her form-fitting t-shirt. Giving her a charming smile, Gavin asked, “Any idea when he’ll get in?”

She shook her head. “He’s a policeman, so his hours can be strange.”

The news should have made him wary, instead it excited him. A true challenge. How do I steal a cop’s daughter?

Brooke’s words cut into his musings, “Is this about the painting? I do paint well, and I could use the extra money for college.”

Gavin held her gaze for a moment. His face showed none of his internal struggle as his blood heated from her nearness. “Name your price.” His voice came out huskier than intended.

Her brows shot up and Brooke smirked.

Forcing calm, Gavin crossed well-muscled arms over a broad chest. “You’re welcome to start whenever. Like I said, I work in a shop out back. If I don’t answer the door, come around.” He grinned. “And if anything turns up missing, a cop lives right down the street,” he teased.

Nodding, Brooke rolled her eyes. “I’m sure there’d be some other way to solve the problem without involving the police,” she said, batting her eyelashes playfully and resting a hand on his arm.

He smiled, his skin tingling from the contact, and he wanted more. “I’m sure we could come to some agreement.” He enjoyed the flirting of his mate. Taking a step away, he grinned back at her. “Then I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“It’s a date.”

He chuckled at the comment. Gavin felt Brooke’s gaze on him as he headed down her walk. A glance over his shoulder when he crossed the street showed him the appreciative look on her face. So she likes what she sees. Shutting his door, he made it to the bedroom this time before giving in to the need to relieve the ache in his shaft. He dropped back on the bed, unzipped his jeans and wrapped a fist around his twitching shaft. He grunted at the contact, loving the stimulation after so many years without it. His hips lifted and lowered as he shoved his dick through his hand. “Hell, yeah,” he groaned. Visualizing Brooke underneath him, moaning with pleasure as Gavin stroked them both to completion, Gavin’s balls drew tight, his body stiffened, and his cock pulsed. He shuddered as spurt after spurt of cum sprayed across his chest and abs. Not long now, he vowed. I’ll have Brooke soon.

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