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The Gargoyle and the Stripper

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Charlie Richards

ISBN :978-1-4874-3617-9

Page :105

Word Count :30269

Publication Date :2022-06-17

Series : A Paranormal’s Love#37

Heat Level :

Available Formats : The Gargoyle and the Stripper (prc) , The Gargoyle and the Stripper (pdf) , The Gargoyle and the Stripper (mobi) , The Gargoyle and the Stripper (epub)

Category : LGBTQIA+ Romance , Paranormal Romance , Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-3617-9

Into the Paranormal World: When a gargoyle sneaks into a strip club, he scents the other half of his soul in a distrustful stripper.

When Tasker overhears a few bonded gargoyles and their mates planning a night out at a strip club, he convinces them to sneak him in through the back. Once there, to Tasker’s shock, he scents his mate somewhere in the seedy joint. With a little help from friends, Tasker discovers that a sexy black stripper with the stage name Mongo is his mate. The human’s medium-brown skin and bleached-blond hair calls to him, but as much as Tasker would love to whisk the human from the place, he knows that wouldn’t be a good move…so he once again relies on friends.

Camry Palcha never thought he would end up a stripper, but after getting cut off when he came out, desperate times calls for desperate measures. The pay is good, even though he refuses the side offers of backroom hook-ups with clients. While he’ll never admit it to anyone at the seedy place, he’s a virgin. No way does he want his first time to be with someone paying him.

When a guy named Mitch approaches Camry about hiring him for a private gig, he nearly refuses. Except, the money will set him up for months, and that’s after covering his upcoming college tuition. When Camry arrives at the address, he’s shocked to find himself at a mansion. After girding up his courage and entering, Camry learns that paranormals are real. When one comes onto him, Camry has no experience to fall back on. Could Tasker’s interest truly be real? Or was the gargoyle’s desire simply a novelty, just like the rich jerks at the strip club who’ve been pestering Camry for weeks?

“The place ain’t high-class or anything, but if you wanna check out strippers, it’s the closest.”

Tasker overheard Mitch’s words as he walked past the dining hall table containing the human and a bunch of his friends. Carrying his tray of food in one hand, he paused and took a sip of the coffee in his other hand. That allowed him to continue eavesdropping on the four humans seated at the table.

“Why are we talking about going to a strip club again?” Aaden asked dryly, smirking at Mitch.

It was a valid question. All four of the humans—Mitch, Aaden, Andre, and Aziel—were mated to paranormals. The first three to gargoyles, and the final man to a giant otter shifter.

Shrugging, Mitch grinned. “’Cause my man says if I wanna see some titties, I can. I just don’t touch anymore,” he stated, referring to his mate, Kardamon.

From what Tasker had heard, Kardamon had had a tough time of seducing Mitch. The human had been a bit of a womanizer. He’d enjoyed the bed of a different female every few evenings, and he’d always made certain they knew the score—he wouldn’t keep any of them. With the help of Mitch’s friends, Kardamon had convinced Mitch to not only accept a male lover, but that bonding and tying himself to him would make him happy.

Gods, I hope I don’t have to work that hard for my own mate…whenever I find him or her, anyway.

“Plus,” Mitch continued, pointing at Aziel. “I heard your brother is coming to town, and he just separated from his cheating bitch of a wife.” With a snort, he lifted his hands wide as if the answer was obvious. “What a perfect way to cheer him up!”

“Uh.” Aziel rubbed his large black hand over his jaw, his uncertainty clear. “I’m not sure Aaron’s into that sort of thing, but I can ask him.”

“Naw, don’t bother to ask,” Mitch countered. “It’ll be a surprise. A guy’s night out. He’ll love it.”

Aziel didn’t appear completely convinced, but he did nod slowly.

“Awesome.” Mitch patted him on one huge shoulder before turning to the others. “Well? Come on then, guys.” His tone turned wheedling. “You have to. It’ll be a fun night of eye candy. Then we can all go home and fuck like bunnies.”

“We fuck like bunnies anyway,” Andre commented with a chuckle.

Mitch laughed. “So.” The man rose from the table, having clearly finished his food—and convincing his friends of his plan—and began placing all his wrappers on his tray. “Let’s go talk to the guys. Should we invite anyone else?”

Recalling another part of Kardamon’s task of seducing Mitch, Tasker made a snap decision. “Hey, guys.” He grinned at the four young men—two who were still in college to get master’s degrees. “I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation.”

“Hey, Tasker,” Mitch greeted, returning his toothy smile. He waggled his brows and asked, “How’s it hangin’?”

Tasker quipped back, “Straight down, at the moment, but I bet it’ll be straight up if you can talk Kardamon into sneaking me in with you guys. When are you going?”

Kardamon had managed to sneak into the strip joint to confront Mitch while in the process of seducing him. If the big blue gargoyle could get in, surely Tasker could, too. While Tasker was also blue, although a paler shade, he was much smaller than his hulking fellow gargoyle and could blend in with humans much easier.

Well, that was what he guessed, anyway.

“You want to come?” Mitch sounded surprised. When Tasker nodded, the human’s brows furrowed. “When Kardamon went there, he couldn’t like…touch or like…interact much.”

Tasker shrugged before using his coffee mug to point at the four guys, who were all eyeing him with open curiosity. “Then I’ll be just like you all. Just there to watch.” He offered them a wry smile as he added, “I just won’t be planning on fucking like bunnies when I get home.”

“Twilden still upset with you?” Aziel murmured softly in his deep voice. His brows were furrowed in a slight grimace.

Sighing deeply, Tasker nodded. “Yeah.” The small gargoyle was one of his usual fuck-buddies but had been refusing to give him the time of day after he’d made a thoughtless comment to him. “And Beldrew has refused me, too, after talking with Twilden.” Tasker grimaced, hunching his shoulders, as he muttered, “Can’t say as I blame them, though.”

Aziel patted Tasker on the shoulder in commiseration. “It’s never a good idea to compare dick sizes of your fuck buddies.”

Tipping his head back, Tasker groaned. “I know,” he whined. “I’d just come, and we were lying together, and…I just blurted it out.”

Tasker had known it was wrong to compare the two gargoyles’ dicks the second the words were out of his throat. He didn’t blame the pair for being pissed at him. While gargoyles—and most paranormals—weren’t monogamous until finding their mates, they did have a high sex drive. For his two regular fuck-buddies to be refusing him, Tasker was getting real friendly with his right hand, and he was getting tired of it.

“Maybe we can figure out a way for you to make it up to them,” Aaden offered, picking up his own dish-laden tray.

“Thanks,” Tasker replied. The humans really were a good group of guys. Smirking, he added, “But after the strip club. When are you planning to go, anyway?”

“My brother, Aaron, will be here tomorrow,” Aziel revealed, also grabbing his own tray. “He’s staying at a bed and breakfast in town.” After a sigh, he admitted, “I petitioned Chieftain Maelgwn to bring him here and let him in on paranormals, considering our upbringing, but I’m not sure if he’ll allow it.”

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