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Love on an Owl's Wing

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Charlie Richards

ISBN :978-1-77111-931-3

Page :108

Word Count :22862

Publication Date :2014-04-28

Series : Kontra's Menagerie#18

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Love on an Owl's Wing (pdf) , Love on an Owl's Wing (prc) , Love on an Owl's Wing (epub) , Love on an Owl's Wing (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-77111-931-3

On the Road: Sometimes intervention comes from the most unexpected places.

Having been married at one time, over a century before, Luc Laurent never expects to find another to spend his life with. His confusion is understandable when his son hands him an extra helmet and tells him to hang onto it. Luc understands later that afternoon when he rolls his motorcycle to a stop in front of a fellow shifter’s home and discovers that the shifter’s cousin, Dylan Sudderson, is his mate. While the fact that his mate can walk only with the aid of crutches concerns Luc, it’s certainly not the deal-breaker Dylan seems to think it is. Luc is far more concerned about the fact that Dylan is human, so very young…and in the closet. While Dylan is more than happy to get physical with Luc behind closed doors, he’s afraid of losing his parents if they find out he’s gay.

What will it take to convince Dylan to not only come out of the closet, but accept that Luc shares his spirit with a European Eagle Owl?

Smirking, Luc purposely thickened his accent as he throatily murmured, “Ah, mon amoureux, I will teach you the true meaning of making love.”

Dylan’s lips parted slightly. His eyes dilated. Luc scented his mate’s arousal and his own cock hardened in his jeans. He watched Dylan’s tongue flick out and swipe over his bottom lip.

Luc smiled, feeling smug. “If I kiss you now, here, are you going to freak out on me?”

“Wh-Why would you ask that?” Dylan all but panted.

Leaning closer, Luc replied, “Have you ever made out in front of someone else?”

Dylan’s face darkened even more, the red creeping down his neck. That was answer enough, especially when his breath quickened and he again licked his lips and glanced around furtively.

Rising to his feet, Luc glanced around. While he noted that the deck was mostly empty—Tim stood on the far side of the deck speaking with Tyson in hushed tones—Luc spotted what he wanted…a sturdy, straight-backed chair without arms. It was probably a dining room chair that had been brought outside for the occasion.

Luc crossed the deck, grabbed the chair, and brought it back to where Dylan sat, now looking on with confusion. Offering a smug smile and a wink, Luc placed the chair on the deck several feet in front of where his mate sat and stated smoothly, “This is so we don’t get too comfortable, amoureux.”

Confusion crossed Dylan’s features, but Luc ignored it. Instead, he settled onto the chair, reached forward, and gripped his soon-to-be lover’s hips. “Grab my shoulders,” he encouraged.

Still looking slightly confused, Dylan did as he commanded.

Luc grinned. “Don’t scream,” he whispered, then lifted his mate from his chair and settled him on his lap to straddle Luc’s thighs. To Dylan’s credit, he only gasped loudly. It still caught the attention of Tim, who looked at them questioningly. Peering over his mate’s shoulder, Luc grinned and winked. His son rolled his eyes and grabbed Tyson’s upper arm before tugging him toward the back door.

While he’d probably eventually have to explain why he could move Dylan without straining, Luc didn’t bother waiting for his mate’s questions. Instead, he slid his hand up his young human’s side, just catching the man’s nipple through his shirt with his thumb. Then, he swept his hand under Dylan’s arm and around his back to cup his nape.

Luc reveled in the sound of Dylan’s gasp of surprise and the heady scent of his arousal, not to mention the feel of the hard cock that now pressed against his own, the pressure delicious even through several layers of fabric. He used his hold to urge Dylan forward. Tired of being patient, and needing to taste his mate again, Luc tightened his hold and brought his mate’s mouth close.

Luc captured Dylan’s parted lips. He thrust his tongue deep and swirled it around his sweet human’s mouth, tasting young male excitement, steak, vegetables, and the heady musk that had to be all his mate’s own. Growling his own need, Luc lapped greedily at Dylan’s teeth, tongue, and roof of his mouth, loving the exquisite taste of him. Luc couldn’t remember the last time he’d enjoyed a kiss this much…hell, his wife hadn’t tasted this good.

His heart constricting, Luc drew the kiss to an end and rested his forehead against Dylan’s. As he struggled for breath, he fought the feelings of betrayal upon thinking such a thing. He knew his wife had known they weren’t fated mates. He knew his wife had wanted him to move on. Now, finally, he had that chance in his grip, but not if he ruined it with thoughts of his deceased spouse.

Opening his eyes, Luc stared into Dylan’s eyes as he brought their mouths together again. He held his mate’s gaze as he licked his way back into Dylan’s mouth. Lifting his hand from Dylan’s nape, he threaded his fingers through his mate’s thick, blond hair, relishing the simple action of holding and kissing his mate.

When Dylan fed him a moan and rocked his hips against him, Luc decided he’d teased them both enough. He eased the kiss to an end and stated, “I bet I could get you off with kissing and a bit of rocking.” He used the hand on Dylan’s hip to increase the pressure on both their cocks. “Couldn’t I?”

Dylan shuddered in his arms. “Damn, don’t say that,” he ground out. “Just thinking about coming has me on edge. God, you make me hotter than anyone I’ve ever been with before.”

Luc growled, jealousy surging through him. “You are mine, Dylan,” he claimed gruffly, his voice deepening with his need. He used the hand in Dylan’s hair to turn his mate’s head so he could whisper into his ear. “I’m taking you to my hotel and I will show you such pleasure you will never think of being with another again.”

Panting hard, Dylan peered at him through his lashes. His kiss-swollen lips turned up into a smile. “Promises, promises.”

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Tags: Adult, Erotic Romance, Gay, GLBT, Paranormal, Shapeshifter