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A Demon's Duty

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Catherine Lievens

ISBN :978-1-4874-4099-2

Page :189

Word Count :59978

Publication Date :2024-01-12

Series : Demons Destinies#5

Heat Level :

Available Formats : A Demon's Duty (epub) , A Demon's Duty (mobi) , A Demon's Duty (pdf) , A Demon's Duty (prc)

Category : LGBTQIA+ Romance , Paranormal Romance , Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-4099-2

One is a king, the other a bodyguard. There’s no way it can work—right?

Yakim is a bodyguard to the prince of Hell’s consort, and he likes his life as it is. He could do with fewer attempts by the mysterious society to unravel Berith’s work and take over Hell’s throne, but he’s satisfied with his life. As a half-demon, half-human hybrid, he never expected to rise so high in the ranks of the demons serving Berith.

He certainly didn’t expect to catch the eye of the king of Hell.

Lucifer is visiting Berith to meet his new human consort and to talk about the secret society plotting to take his throne. He’d be amused if it didn’t happen at least once a year, but his family might be involved this time, and he dislikes dealing with them. 

At his welcome ball, he can’t look away from one of the consort’s bodyguards, and while he realizes how complicated this would become if he attempted to seduce him, he can’t get him out of his head.

Yakim has never aspired to be more than a bodyguard and wouldn’t know where to start being the king of Hell’s consort. The two of them are too different to make any kind of relationship work.

But even if they do manage to make it work, it might not be for long, because the society wants Lucifer’s blood, and they won’t stop until they spill it.

“How long until we arrive?” Lucifer asked.

Bretton, one of his best friends and his personal assistant, looked down at his tablet. “We should almost be there.” He wrinkled his nose. “Was it necessary to visit? I’m sure Berith could have done this on his own.”

He had done it on his own. When he’d contacted Lucifer to tell him about the society, Lucifer hadn’t been surprised to find out about it. Many people wanted power, and it made sense that some would organize into a society trying to get rid of the princes of Hell. It wasn’t the first time it happened, and it wouldn’t be the last. Sometimes they were successful and managed to kill the prince they targeted, and other times they failed miserably.

They had in this case. Berith had learned about the society and gotten rid of the members hiding in his palace. Then he’d let Lucifer know that from what he’d discovered, there were more members, some of them in Lucifer’s palace.

Hence, Lucifer was here.

“He’s a very capable prince,” Lucifer agreed.

Bretton glared at him. 

Most people didn’t dare look at Lucifer that way. Most demons kept their distance and skirted around him when they couldn’t. Bretton never had that problem. Even when they’d first met, he’d been respectful but had called Lucifer on his bullshit, which was one of the reasons Lucifer had wanted him to work for him. He needed people who would be honest with him instead of catering to his every need and telling him he was right every time he did something, even when it was obvious he wasn’t. Only a few people could do that, and Bretton was one of them.

Lucifer relaxed in his seat. “Do you have a problem with Berith?” 

Bretton sighed and put down his tablet. Lucifer didn’t fully understand how the technology worked here in Hell. He just knew it did, and he was thankful for that. He needed to relax at the end of a long day, and there was nothing better than a TV series and a cup of tea to do that.

“I don’t,” Bretton said. “As you said, he’s a very capable person. He hasn’t been giving us any trouble, and he’s followed orders. He has a strong hold over his subjects, and as far as I could find, they respect and even love him. Most of the people who live here don’t want things to change.”

“And you think my arrival will change things.”

“I know it will. People aren’t used to seeing you. You spend most of your time in your palace, and people don’t know you. They only know about you, and you’re aware of the kind of gossip flying around.”

Lucifer grinned. “How many wives do I have by now?”

Bretton huffed, clearly not finding the situation as funny as Lucifer did. But Lucifer didn’t exactly find it funny. He just took it that way because otherwise, he’d spend his days screaming.

“We’re at five,” Bretton said stiffly. “And there are rumors about you visiting Berith to take a sixth spouse. Some even say you’re interested in his consort.”

Lucifer snorted. “As if I’d take away anyone’s consort.” He never would, even if they weren’t as in love as Berith and Mel.

“You might not want to steal them, but some of them wouldn’t hesitate to throw themselves into your bed.”

Bretton was right, and it had happened before. That was why Lucifer had several bodyguards and why Bretton spent a lot of time with him. That, and Lucifer didn’t enjoy feeling lonely, which was incredibly easy even when people surrounded him. Lucifer knew all of that since he’d been in charge of Hell for many decades, but sometimes, it still surprised him.

The vehicle they were traveling in jerked sideways, and Lucifer leaned forward to peer outside. He could have traveled by portal, but he enjoyed seeing Hell as he traveled through it. Many people didn’t. It was too hot and dusty, and when in the desert, it could be dangerous. Lucifer didn’t care. He could defend himself easily from most demons and attacks, and traveling like this meant he could spend more time away from his palace than he would have if he traveled by portal. In his view, it was a win-win situation.

He was excited to see that the city he’d noticed in the distance a few hours ago was much closer now. From where they were, he could see a big palace at the center of it, and he knew that was where they were headed. It wouldn’t be much longer at all, and he leaned back in his seat, grinning at Bretton. “Do you already have everything planned?”

“Of course. I talked to Sabin, and he sent me a schedule.”

“I’m surprised the two of you have never been together. You share a passion for schedules.”

“We like schedules because we’re personal assistants to a king and a prince and need everything to be in order,” Bretton said primly. “It doesn’t mean it would work between us. How could it, when we live so far away?”

He wasn’t wrong, and since Lucifer was only teasing, he let it go. He knew from Berith that Sabin had found love, so even if there had been a possibility of anything happening between him and Bretton, it was gone. Besides, Bretton had always been too focused on Lucifer and being the best personal assistant ever. The few times Lucifer had suggested he take some time off or slow down a bit so he could find someone and maybe build a family, he’d looked at him like he was nuts and had ignored his suggestions.

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