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Fire and Earth

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Catherine Lievens

ISBN :978-1-4874-2765-8

Page :121

Word Count :36891

Publication Date :2020-01-10

Series : Elemental Unions#1

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Fire and Earth (epub) , Fire and Earth (prc) , Fire and Earth (mobi) , Fire and Earth (pdf)

Category : Erotic Romance , LGBTQIA+ Romance , Paranormal Romance , Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-2765-8

What happens when fire meets earth?

Benedict and everything he’s been working towards are in danger. He hates the thought of having a bodyguard, but his son Rhea doesn’t give him a choice in the matter. Benedict supposes he should be grateful that the man chosen to keep him safe is a friend of both Rhea and Rhea’s soulmate, but things are awkward, especially when Benedict and Dakota have to fake being in a relationship.

Dakota will do everything he has to in order to protect Benedict from Purity, the group that wants element wielders to stay separate. Rhea is the soulmate of one of Dakota’s best friends, which makes all of them family of a kind. Dakota doesn’t mind faking being in love with Benedict, mostly because he suspects it would be too easy for that to become reality.

When they’re attacked and the elements they control twine together rather than fight, they realize they’re mates. That won’t stop Purity, though. If anything, it will make the cult even more dangerous, because that’s exactly what they’re against—different elements mixing together like they did before the war.

While this book can be read as book one in the Elemental Unions series, the short Elemental Union is a prelude to it. It’s the story of how Rhea and Quillan met.

“Mr. Hunt? I have your mail,” Benedict’s secretary said.

Benedict hadn’t realized his office door was open. He rubbed his eyes, wishing they would stop burning, and smiled at Amanda. “Thank you.”

“Do you want me to go over these? I can put the important things to the side for you to look over later.”

Benedict wished he could say yes, but he knew better. He couldn’t risk it. “I’ll do it, don’t worry.” He held out his hand, and Amanda stepped into the office.

She walked closer to the desk and gave Benedict a thick wad of envelopes. Benedict wrinkled his nose at the sight. “Isn’t everything done via email these days?” He was old, but not so old that he didn’t know about email, and the same should go for his business partners.

Amanda chuckled. “Usually. There are some diehards, though, and of course, there are the documents that can’t be emailed.”

Like threatening letters. Benedict supposed it wouldn’t be as scary if he got an email and could delete it before even reading it. Of course, he could throw away the letters before opening them, but he still didn’t know who was doing this, and he didn’t want to risk it. He didn’t want to risk being in real danger and not considering that option. That wouldn’t end well.

He forced himself to smile. “Thank you.”

Amanda nodded and left the office, and Benedict looked at the mail.

He sighed and put it down on his desk. He wouldn’t have time to open all of them, but he was looking for one in particular. He wasn’t sure he’d find it, but he would be surprised if he didn’t.

Sure enough, he recognized his printed name on one of the envelopes. It was always the same font, always the same type of envelope, as if whoever was sending the threats had bought the envelopes in bulk. And they might have, as far as Benedict knew.

He didn’t want to open the letter, but he forced himself anyway.

Stop this before someone gets hurt. It won’t end well for you or your family if you don’t listen to us.

That was it. There was no signature, nothing more than those words. It had been the same every time he’d received this kind of letter, and he’d had enough. The problem was that he had no idea who was sending them. Normally, he would have dismissed this as either a joke or someone who was trying to scare him off whatever deals he was working on. But with what had happened to Rhea, he didn’t want to risk it.

Rhea had almost paid for what Benedict was doing. He’d nearly been kidnapped, and even though he’d met his soulmate in the process, Benedict couldn’t dismiss this. He didn’t want Rhea or Quillan to get hurt. They were starting their life together, and they deserved peace. They deserved to be able to be together without fearing someone would attack or hurt them. Benedict would never forgive himself if something happened to them and he’d had the chance to stop it but hadn’t done anything.

Benedict knew he should stay in the office until late and continue to work, but he wasn’t able to focus after getting the letter. He couldn’t help but think about what might happen to Rhea and his mate. His mind reeled with images he wished he’d never thought of. But instead, here he was, and he needed to check in on his son.

Rhea was the only thing Benedict had left, along with his business, but Benedict didn’t care about that, not if it meant endangering his son’s life. If he needed to, he’d stop trying to reunite the four elements. He hated that thought, just as much as he hated giving in, but he wouldn’t put his son in jeopardy.

Since there was no way Benedict would be able to continue working, he packed his things and got ready to leave. He hesitated to take the threatening letter with him, though. He couldn’t leave it in the office, not when Amanda or anyone else might stumble onto it. He didn’t want to take it home, either, but he didn’t have a choice.

But he wasn’t sure what he’d do about it. He needed to start thinking, because he couldn’t allow himself to waste time, not with the consequences it might have. He should probably contact a private security company and hire someone to look into it. He could use the guards who worked for him, but he wanted someone from the outside, just in case. He trusted no one but Rhea and Quillan, and they obviously couldn’t investigate it. It wasn’t their job, and he needed them to be safe.

Benedict wasn’t sure how to make that happen. He didn’t want to ask Amanda to look into it, because he didn’t want anyone to know about the letters, but something needed to change. He’d already gotten four of them, with this one being the fifth. They were coming more often now, and Benedict was afraid it was a sign that the people sending them were escalating. They were warning him off doing business with other elements, but so far, Benedict had ignored them.

He couldn’t, not anymore.

He was surprised to see Quillan’s car parking in front of the house when he got home. Surprised, but pleased. Even though Rhea had moved out, Benedict wanted both his son and his son’s mate to consider the house their home. They’d always be welcome here, no matter what happened.

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