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Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Catherine Lievens

ISBN :978-1-77111-980-1

Page :127

Word Count :38801

Publication Date :2014-08-05

Series : Whitedell Pride#1

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Jamie (pdf) , Jamie (prc) , Jamie (epub) , Jamie (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-77111-980-1

Sometimes even a small decision can change your life.

Jamie is a normal guy with a normal, if not boring, life. Everything changes when he goes camping and stumbles on a well-guarded secret in the woods: shifters exists! It opens a whole new world to him, a world he wouldn’t have thought possible outside a novel, and he has to decide if Ward is worth the changes that are turning his life upside down.

Ward has searched for his mate for a long time, and now that he has found Jamie, he will do everything he can to keep his gorgeous human, even face jealous exes or try to convince Jamie to get over his fear of relationships. He needs a chance, just one, but just as Jamie begins to trust him, things starts to crumble.

When Jamie disappears, Ward looks for him, but without clues, how can he find his mate? Will he find Jamie in time to save him from a horrible future?

 The guy who opened the door wasn’t the one who had seen them shift.

“Emm…is Jamie home?”

“Are you the cat shifters?”

Ward groaned. Of course Jamie would have had to immediately tell someone what he’d seen. What surprised him was the fact that the man in front of him didn’t question their existence or run for the hills screaming bloody murder.

“Yeah, we are. Is the guy home?” Bryce asked.

“Are you going to eat him?”


“Nah, it would take too long to digest.”

Ward slapped Bryce’s chest, hard.

“Ow! What did you do that for?”

“You’re not helping. We’re supposed to make them trust us, not to scare them to death.” Turning back to the man at the door, Ward asked again, “So, is Jamie here?” He was strangely worried that the man hadn’t made it home.

“Yeah, he’s here. Come on in.”

“Keenan, what the fuck?” someone yelled from inside the room while Keenan moved aside, letting Ward, Sebastian and Bryce in.

“I don’t think they want to hurt you, Jamie. And why didn’t you tell me they were hot?” Keenan asked, shrugging.

“So you think they won’t hurt me because they’re hot? Besides, since when do you find guys hot?” Jamie asked from the couch.

“Hey, I’m straight, not blind!”

Ward looked around, ignoring the weird conversation between the two men. The small apartment wasn’t a bad place to live as far as he could see, even if it was messy. Ward counted three dirty mugs on the coffee table, plus an empty bag of chips. There were clothes on the couch and the floor and on their right, he could see dirty dishes pilling high in the kitchen sink beyond the counter.

Turning his attention back to the two men, he found they were still discussing the situation. Interrupting, he kept his distance, not wanting to scare them.

“Hi, I’m Ward and these are Bryce and Sebastian,” Ward said, indicating his friends.

The guy who had opened the door presented his hand, apparently not concerned by the fact that Ward could shift into a leopard.

“I’m Keenan, Jamie’s brother. So, who’s the lion?”

Ward could see the curiosity and awe in Keenan’s eyes, and it was a nice change from the fear or disgust humans usually felt when they found out shifters really exists. Sebastian chuckled beside him before answering, “I’m the lion. Ward is a black leopard and Bryce is a cougar.”

Ward looked at Jamie, wanting to know how the man was taking this. Keenan sure didn’t seem to have a problem with shifters, but Jamie was sitting on the couch, his legs tucked against his chest, his arms hugging them. It was obvious he wasn’t as accepting as his brother.

Ward slowly made his way to the coffee table, sitting on it so that he was in front of Jamie and leaving Bryce and Sebastian to talk with Keenan.

“Don’t be scared, we’re not here to hurt you. I know this whole situation is hard to deal with, but…”

“How do you know that? Did the same thing happen to you? Did you find out shifters existed by stumbling on them in the woods?”

“Well, no, but…”

“So don’t tell me you understand me!” Jamie said angrily. “I have no idea what to think about this… about you!” He unraveled himself from his position on the couch and leaned toward Ward, his eyes blazing. “How do I know you really won’t hurt me for discovering your secret?”

Ward started to answer, but he froze when the sweetest scent he had ever smelled rushed through his nostrils. His cock immediately took notice and Ward leaned forward, grabbing Jamie before the smaller man had the time to move. Gripping Jamie’s arms, Ward moved closer to him, skimming his nose along the other man’s jaw before moving down his neck and inhaling deeply.


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Tags: Adult, Gay, GLBT, Paranormal, Erotic Romance, Shapeshifter