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Ghost Flower

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : A. J. Llewellyn , D. J. Manly

ISBN :978-1-4874-3116-7

Page :80

Word Count :22441

Publication Date :2020-10-30

Series : Banpaia#2

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Ghost Flower (mobi) , Ghost Flower (epub) , Ghost Flower (prc) , Ghost Flower (pdf)

Category : Paranormal Romance , Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-3116-7

In this sequel to Banpaia, Feng Li has returned to his earthly life, going through the motions of each day. But something is missing…something, out there, just beyond his reach.

Feng and Russell have made a life together in LA’s Chinatown, except that Feng has no memory of the centuries-old vampire, the imperious, mysterious Banpaia, who abducted then returned them and dozens of other men to their everyday lives.

Feng had fallen in love with Banpaia, who also fell in love with Feng, only to allow the man he’d chosen to be his life mate to return to Earth and try to live a human existence. As Feng’s happiness and very life force ebbs away each day, Russell is growing stronger. He remembers the great vampire and uses his memories to great manga. Time may be growing short for an increasingly despondent Feng unless he can remember his one true love and go to him willingly, before the next Halloween…

This book was previously published.

Banpaia. Tenshi. Eternal love. Return to me.

Tenshi backed away from the window, surprised when the love of his life noticed his reflection. He’d been following Feng for days, dismayed to see how unhappy the most beautiful man in the world was. He’d shadowed Feng without ever getting too close, but he couldn’t help himself. He’d missed Feng so much and had to find a way to reach him, to help him remember.

I should never have let him leave. None of this would have happened. It’s all my fault.

Tenshi had uttered these words, Banpaia. Tenshi. Eternal love. Return to me, over and over again to Feng. Something had shifted today, and Tenshi felt encouraged. Maybe he could wait a little longer and see if Feng remembered him, remembered their love, and came to him.

He’d stood so close to Feng he could smell his skin. He could have reached his tongue out and licked…bitten him, tasted his pure blood. He missed Feng so much. The price Tenshi had paid had been high. He could no longer access some of his higher rooms and tired easily. If Feng were to return to him, he feared he might be disgraced, that he wouldn’t be able to impress him with dazzling feats of flight and hours and hours of luxurious sex. It had been so hard to watch Feng pleasure Russell, but it had appeased his angry spirit that Feng had resisted allowing the man to fuck him.

Russell. What the hell would they do with him?

Tenshi followed a distracted Feng from a distance. Together, neither would feel lonely, or lost. He had known Feng wouldn’t cope very well back on the earthly side of the veil, but he’d had no choice. The Banpaia’s lover had to come to him of his own accord.

Feng turned and stopped, staring straight through him.

Banpaia. Tenshi. Eternal love. Return to me.

This mantra had given Tenshi so much strength since he’d returned to Chinatown in search of what was his. It distressed him that Feng had isolated himself, but for selfish reasons, it seemed best. He loved Feng so much and could give him the happiness he so needed and deserved. Tenshi shuddered when he thought about how close he had come to killing Ki, an odious young man who wasn’t a fair trade for the noble Feng.

At least he had given Feng the gift of not needing to enable his abusive parents anymore. He’d followed Feng sporadically upon his return to Earth, making him invisible to those who might hurt him, but now, Feng’s fragility threatened to hurt him more.

Russell. Tenshi’s thoughts cycled back to him. What could he do with him? Tenshi had to make a move fast because unless Feng returned to him by All Hallows Eve, unholy terror would be unleashed. Tenshi had enough self-control not to start killing off humans to slake his thirst for blood. He knew however, that others in his kingdom, without Tenshi being in full control and in a committed partnership, would be able to override him and descend to Earth and start attacking, claiming victims left and right.

He would give Russell another lover. It came to him in that moment, he would give him Ki.

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Tags: Adult, Erotic Romance, Gay, GLBT, Paranormal