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The Pro

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : D. J. Manly

ISBN :978-1-55487-131-5

Page :187

Word Count :46750

Publication Date :2010-08-12

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : The Pro (pdf) , The Pro (prc) , The Pro (epub) , The Pro (mobi)

Category : Contemporary Romance , Erotic Romance , LGBTQIA+ Romance , Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-131-5

Note to Readers: This book was previously published with another publisher. Zach Freeman is a cop with a single obsession. Lee Hastings is a free wheeling, high class prostitute who thinks his life is just fine until Zachary comes along and threatens to turn it upside down. Zach doesn’t care about Lee’s life or anything else for that matter. He wants to nail the guy who was involved in the death of a little girl, a guy who is one of Lee Hastings’ clients. Lee Hastings is about to be given a choice…help Zach put his client away, or face the consequences. Lee realises that the hard drinking, uncompromising Zach Freeman has the power to ruin his life…he also knows that this gorgeous, rough and tough detective is a little too sexy for words, and that he might lose more than just his lucrative career in the bargain.

“Are you sure we won’t be interrupted? As for me, I’m not worried but…”

“Delaney’s on guard, and we won’t be in here long. Five minutes tops.”

Lee walked to the last stall. There was a little black bag sitting on the closed toilet seat.

“Open the bag,” Lebeau instructed.

Lee unzipped the bag. The first thing he pulled out was a harness with a large butt plug. At the other end was a steel cock ring. “I guess I know where that goes.”

Lebeau came over and stood in front of the open toilet. “I bet you do, baby. I want you to wear it under your pants, all night. It locks. You can’t get out of it until I take you out of it, and I don’t want you to come.”

“All right. It might take me a little while to get this in. It’s not small.”

“I intend to supervise your preparation. I’ll put it in for you, and later you’ll be good and ready for me.”

Given Lebeau’s rather small size, he really didn’t need much preparation, but Lee wouldn’t have told him that.

“There is something else in there.”

Two nipple clamps came next with adjustable clamps. A slender gold chain linked them.

“I bought those especially for you. They’ll look fantastic hanging off your chest. Expensive.”

Lee gave him a seductive smile. “You’re so generous.”

“Now, you give me generous, my fine slut, and take off those clothes.” He backed up to the sink and leaned against it, waiting.

Lee removed his beige suit jacket, then, undid the tan, pin-stripped silk shirt he wore. He draped his clothes carefully over the top of the bathroom door. “Stop.” Lebeau put out his hand. “Give me the clamps. I want to put them on myself.”

Lee handed the clamps to Lebeau and watched him as he ran his fingers over the fine gold chain. “Nothing is too good to lie against that skin of yours,” he whispered. He let the chain trail down over Lee’s chest. One thumb now flicked over his left nipple. “You have perfect nipples for a man.” His gaze caressed his stiffening peak as he continued to stimulate it with his thumb. “You know I want to tie you up and rape you at this moment.” Lebeau lowered his mouth to Lee’s nipple and moved his tongue over it.

“Do what you want,” Lee said, letting his head go back. He was rather enjoying the erotic movement of Lebeau’s tongue over his nipple, until unexpectedly one of the clamps chomped down brutally on it.

“Sexy,” Lebeau breathed, glancing at the other one, letting his gaze follow the length of the chain. “Now, pinch your other nipple, make it stiff, and at the same time, undo those pants. I want to see your cock. Are you hard?”

He wasn’t, but he would be, if that’s what Lebeau wanted. “You want me hard?”

“Yes. Stiff, hard, horny, needy. And you’re going to stay that way all evening with that harness on, so by the time I get to you later, by the time I spread you out, tie you up, do everything…and I mean everything I want to with your body, you’ll be loving every minute of it, even if it hurts. Now. Let’s see that nipple stiffen, Lee, along with that stiff cock. Christ, your cock is…um…go on.”

He backed off again as Lee began to undo his pants and play with his nipple.

“Make it harder,” he insisted, adjusting his cock in his pants. “You know I’m going to be horny all night thinking about this.”

Lee’s nipple was now standing on end. His other one was throbbing in the teeth of that clamp. Lebeau loved to mix pain and pleasure, and he could switch back and forth without missing a beat.

When the pants floated down over his slim hips, his semi-erect cock came into view. Lebeau insisted he not wear underwear, so he was always careful to leave those behind when he met with him. His cock was leaking cum. Lebeau smiled at him. “Dip your finger in your cum and lick it off.”

Lee ran his finger over the head of his cock and put it into his mouth.

“Now, clamp the other nipple—show no mercy, and grab that harness.”

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