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My Father's Lover

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : D. J. Manly

ISBN :978-1-55487-129-2

Page :240

Word Count :60000

Publication Date :2010-08-12

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : My Father's Lover (pdf) , My Father's Lover (prc) , My Father's Lover (epub) , My Father's Lover (mobi)

Category : Contemporary Romance , Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-129-2

Michael had no use for his drag queen father, and he had even less use for his lover.

When a female impersonator and owner of a drag club is murdered, his will specifies that his estranged son, Michael, will have to co-manage the club for a specific period of time, or forfeit his inheritance. Anthony, the son of his heart, who he took in off the street, has always loathed Michael for rejecting his father's advances. When Anthony learns Michael is coming for the will reading, his opinion of the man as a gold-digger, is confirmed. Michael, on the other hand, has no idea who Anthony is. One look at the gorgeous young man, and he assumes the worst. It's no better when he learns that Anthony had been taken in by his father and his father's late lover. Anthony can be nothing more than a manipulative whore, his father's much younger lover. The only thing hotter than their hatred is their lust. And Michael's father has assured that they will have to work together.

Note to Readers: This book was previously published with another publisher.

Michael followed him across the floor, and through the beads. “You must be good at it.”

“Good at what?” Anthony stopped suddenly, and glared at him in the dim light.

“Cock sucking.”

“Since you’re so fucking interested in my cock sucking skills, why don’t you hang around and find out?”

“If my father and his lover were still around, I could ask them, or was it only my father you fucked?” Michael felt a hand reach out and grab him, and slam him against the wall. He actually laughed a little. “Going to show me, baby?”

Anthony’s face was close to his now, he could feel his breath on his cheek, feel his chest pressing against his. A hand snaked down to his jeans, brushing across his groin. Michael’s heart hammered in his chest. His cock stiffened. He couldn’t remember ever being this turned on.

“What do you want from me, Michael?”

“Right now, what do you think I want? If you’re not a chicken shit, that is. I don’t mind a little rough trade.”

Anthony undid the snap at the top of Michael’s jeans, then, there was the distinct sound of his zipper coming down. It seemed to echo throughout the room, which now appeared to be half empty. Michael’s mouth went dry as cool fingers reached in and pulled his erection out of his jeans. He heard Anthony’s breathing grow shallow, felt his fist tighten around his cock. He could hardly breathe. “Well, are you going to hold it all night, or are you going to do something with it?”

Anthony released his cock, and for a minute, Michael stood still, thinking he was just going to walk away. Don’t walk away. Don’t leave me like this, you bastard. Michael closed his eyes, then, took a quick intake of breath as two hands grabbed the waistband of his jeans. Anthony pushed Michael’s jeans down to the floor, his underwear came with it. The fist wrapped around his cock again. Michael made a sound in his throat. Two strong hands on his hips whirled him around so that he was facing the wall. He struggled when he felt hands press against his shoulders. “I think this is rape,” he muttered.

Warm lips moved against his cheek, as every inch of Anthony’s body pressed against his. “I’m not going to rape you, Mike, and from the size of your cock,” he said, reaching around and squeezing it in his hand, “you’re lovin’ every minute of it. What’s that old expression? You can’t rape the willing?”

“I hate you,” Michael seethed.

“So I gathered, which means I guess I’m not going to get down on my knees and suck your cock.” He pressed his groin now against Michael’s naked ass a few times in a motion that was difficult to misinterpret. He began to stroke Michael’s cock with his hand, making sure that Michael felt his erection pressing against his buttocks.

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Tags: Adult, Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Gay, GLBT