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Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : D. J. Manly

ISBN :978-1-55487-297-8

Page :276

Word Count :69000

Publication Date :2010-08-12

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Survival (pdf) , Survival (prc) , Survival (epub) , Survival (mobi)

Category : Contemporary Romance , Erotic Romance , LGBTQIA+ Romance , Paranormal Romance , Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-297-8

Gray was the love of Russ's life until Gray's stepfather, Johnny, decided he wanted Russ for himself. When Russ is punished for rejecting Johnny by being locked out of Survival, the rock group he created, he hits the bottom, losing Gray, and his career. A few years later, on the night of Survival's homecoming, Russ is hoping to kill his pain on a barstool across town when he meets Eddie. Eddie has lusted over the gorgeous Russ since high school, but Russ didn't know he was alive. He was too enraptured with Gray. Desperate, Eddie was willing to do anything to have Russ, even sell his very soul. So, he did. Now, he is in the perfect position to give Russ back his life, to reconnect him with his band, to shoot Survival to the very top. But it won't come cheap. In return, Eddie will finally have Russ -- on his back, on his knees, tied up, any way he chooses. Russ will become his very own sexual toy. Gray never got over Russ's betrayal. On the best night of their lives, he'd found him with some stranger between his legs. Gray didn't expect to see Russ ever again. But then Russ does the impossible; he mysteriously re-enters the band. And when they are once again face to face, Gray realizes that not only did he never get past the pain, he never got over Russ either. Russ is still gorgeous, and his talent gives Survival exactly what it needs to go right to the top. But Gray can't figure out what in hell Russ is doing with Eddie, the geek who used to go to their high school, or how Eddie manages to have so much power in the industry. And when strange things begin happening, and Gray's sexual desire for Russ rises to the surface, hell itself breaks loose.

"Slow," Eddie breathed, sinking back onto the sofa, his eyes filled with a desire that seemed almost feral.

Russ pulled off his shirt. It was tough, so damned tough. He felt nothing for Eddie, except maybe trepidation and fear and here he was getting naked in front of him.

"Um," Eddie murmured. "You have a great chest, Russ. Move your arms forward a little. God, what a hunk you are. Turn around for me."

Russ sighed faintly and turned.

"Now, unzip your jeans. Are you wearing underwear?"

"No," he muttered.

"Perfect. Now, undo the snap at the top of your pants and slowly move the zipper down. I want to hear each little metal piece open."

Russ did as he asked.

"Oh God, I'm so hard. Okay, now my beautiful big boy, push the jeans over your hips and let them fall to your feet."

Russ swallowed as he pushed down the jeans. He felt ridiculous.

"Don't turn around. Perfect ass. Absolutely sensational. And I've seen a lot of great asses, fucked a lot of great asses. I think I went a little crazy at first with the power. You know…when you can have anyone you want--"

"This power…how did you get it?"

"I simply asked the right questions and offered the right price. Everything is for sale, my darling."

Russ heard him get up, heard the sound of his zipper going down. He trembled as Eddie moved up next to him.

"I'm not beautiful, but this power gives me a certain…let's say, I can take you places you've never been--places even your precious Gray never took you. Even if you never develop an addiction for me." His hand moved over the curve of his ass cheek. "You will develop an addiction to the sex. It's…let's say." he moved his hands over his shoulders and down his back, then took his ass cheeks in his hands. "Out of this world."

Russ felt lips on his shoulder. A hard cock pressed against his hip. One hand moved over his hair. Suddenly his head was yanked back hard. His eyes widened as he looked into Eddie's eyes. He saw that fire, that unnatural light again. He could feel the hot breath on his throat.

"You're going to do exactly as I tell you." Eddie's other hand snaked around and grabbed Russ's cock and squeezed hard. "I can be mean if things don't go my way."

Russ winced.

Eddie let go of his hair, eased the pressure on his shaft and began to stroke it fast. He pulled Russ back into his arms and held him closer. Fingers reached for Russ's left nipple. Eddie pinched it between his fingers for a few minutes. Eddie's fingers deserted Russ's nipple and settled on his throat.

Russ gasped as he felt the airflow being cut off. The sensations that moved through him set his entire body on fire. Perspiration ran down his face and dripped onto his chest. He couldn't breathe. A hard cock stabbed up inside of him. Eddie moved his hand off his throat and down to his nipple again. Russ took a grateful gulp of air. Eddie toyed with his nipple for a moment and then placed both hands on Russ's hips. Russ hit the wall, arms folded over his head, his face lying against the cool painted surface. Eddie held his hips still while he fucked his ass hard and fast. Russ cried out as his cock pumped. He closed his eyes, his entire body vibrating with the aftermath of orgasm. He was trying to catch his breath as Eddie withdrew. Eddie's hand reached out and turned him around, held him there against the wall. Eddie raked over Russ's body with his gaze. It felt like hot coals. He saw Eddie lick his lips. He grabbed Russ's arms, pushed them up over his head and lowered his lips to his chest. He kissed his chest for a few minutes, then raised his head. Russ turned his face. "Please don't kiss me on the mouth," he said softly.

Eddie shrugged. "Fine. There are many more places I intend on kissing you. Is that a personal hang-up of yours? You don't kiss on the mouth?"

"Yes, it's my hang-up," he told him. He used to love to kiss Gray's mouth. He could kiss him for hours at a time. Sometimes he would do just that.

Eddie leaned against the wall. "Get down on your knees."

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