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Man in the Mirror

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : D. J. Manly , A. J. Llewellyn

ISBN :978-1-4874-2912-6

Page :129

Word Count :39411

Publication Date :2020-05-15

Series : Mirror Image#2

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Man in the Mirror (epub) , Man in the Mirror (pdf) , Man in the Mirror (prc) , Man in the Mirror (mobi)

Category : Contemporary Romance , Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-2912-6

David was his first, and nothing will stand in his way to get back what belongs to him. Nothing!

Four years ago, things had been very different. In trouble with the mob and suicidal, Aaron’s twin brother, Troy, needed to get rid of his life. So he’d handed it over to Aaron. And when Aaron’s impersonation of his twin brother was revealed, Aaron feared losing the man he loved, his brother Troy’s husband, gorgeous personal trainer, David Alvarez. But by some miracle, David had fallen in love with Aaron, realizing that Aaron was good and true, the contrast to his twin, and there was forgiveness. When Troy’s insane plot to let his twin take the fall of his screwed-up life unraveled and it appeared Troy’s life was over, Aaron had hope that his life with David could truly begin.

Aaron and David now run a B & B on a beautiful Hawaiian island and life is great until the handsome and charming Randy Carlton buys the house down the beach from them. From the onset, Randy Carlton gives Aaron the feeling that he wants David. And he does.

Randy Carlton has gone to great lengths to get back what he considers to be his. He intends to let nothing stand in his way. He will have David at all costs…even if he has to kill to do it.

This book was previously published.

Gregory was seriously getting on his nerves today, but he could handle it. Soon enough, he’d be rid of him permanently, but there was one last thing to be done first. The only reason he’d lasted this long was because the guy had connections and the hefty inheritance he’d gotten from his oil rich granddaddy in Texas didn’t hurt either. It had paid all his medical bills and given him a new lease on life. He hadn’t touched a cent of the cash he’d stashed away. Now, he was just waiting for the money to clear from the house sale and he could move on to the last stage.

He watched Gregory through the mirror for a second. The dork was lying on the bed, playing with his cock just the way he’d ordered him to. He had on his thick, studded collar with a chain attached to the bed post. “Come on, Greg. Stroke it,” he encouraged. “Stroke it good.” If the guy wore himself out then he wouldn’t have to fuck him later. Please, pass out, you hairy son-of-a-bitch.

Gregory was really slapping it hard now as he turned his attention to checking out his new black leather pants. He posed, puffing out his muscles as Gregory’s chain knocked against the bed post. Working out had really paid off and you had to love the square jaw, high cheek bones, and full lips. The hair…all nicely streaked with blond highlights was so LA.

“You’re beautiful,” Gregory cried out. “I’m coming…ah, damn it…babe. Just looking at you…come over there and give it to me.”

“Oh, sorry.” He turned and shook his head. “You don’t need me. You’ve done it on your own.”

“I’ll always need you. If it wasn’t for you, I’d never have discovered the pleasures that I…”

“Yeah, yeah.” He gave Gregory a tight smile. “It’s true. You owe me. Now, finish up and…ah…change the sheets, will you? This room needs dusting as well.” He walked over and undid the collar from the bedpost then left Gregory’s room. He unlocked his own room, the room he kept all for himself, the place he shared with his own true love. He locked the door behind him, undid his leather pants, and pulled them off. He jumped onto the bed and took his cock in his hand. He stroked it slowly, his tongue moving around his lips then looked up at the full-blown photograph of the naked man he’d taped to the ceiling.

“Hi, baby,” he said softly, stroking a little rougher. “Yeah…”

He breathed heavy. “I’ve missed you. So hot… gawd…um…yeah…fuck me. Fuck me, baby. A real man to take control, I miss you so much.” He reached over for the dildo he kept on his night stand. He opened his legs and began to slowly penetrate himself with it. “It won’t be long, my love. We’ll be together again.”

He pushed the instrument deeper then pulled out, gasping, his gaze fixed to the image. “Baby!” He cried out, his chest heaving. He fucked himself faster, harder. “He-has-my-life, my husband. He-ah… yeah… time-to-get-it…back!” He was coming, his body going into a spasm as he licked his lips and remembered…Dave…Dave…Dave!

He lay there in the aftermath of orgasm, his chest heaving. He turned his head and smiled, imaging Dave was there smiling back at him, hearing the words Dave was saying to him in his head. “How was it, baby?”

“Fantastic. But, Dave, my love,” he said softly, “I’ve been so bad. Such a bad boy. Are you going to punish me?”

“Oh yeah. I’ll punish you. I’ll spank you then fuck you until you pass out. I’ll tie you up. Would you like that?”

“Oh yeah.” He began to stroke himself again. “I’m sad. Only that naked picture I keep of you makes me happy. It was on our honeymoon, remember? What a stud you were… and I had that picture blown up. Shit, Dave. I can almost taste you.”

“Don’t be sad, my love. You know it’s you I love. Only you.”

“Then we have to get rid of him. Technically, you’re committing adultery.”

“Of course we’ll get rid of him. Then we can be together. I was devastated when I thought you were dead. You realize a man like me has needs.”

“But, baby, I know you have needs, raging…lusty needs, and I mean to fulfil all of them soon. Every last one.”

“You’re brilliant, baby. The way you seduced that pussy of a cop…and how another man…Hill’s partner…was buried in your place. I’m a little jealous about how you made Gregory your slave. I don’t like him touching you or you touching him.”

“No, don’t.” He sat up in bed. He picked up the pillow and brought it to his lips. He kissed it, feeling as if his lips were on Dave’s. He slid his hand down the pillow and clutched the material. “Um, your cock is hard for me again, Dave.”

“Always hard for you.”

“You used to wake up that way. God, I loved sucking your cock. I’m so sorry. I never meant to cheat on you. Please forgive me. I’m yours forever. Gregory means nothing to me, baby. You know that. He’s a means to an end, that’s all. And as soon as I’m done with him…he’ll join his partner in the ground. You and I…Dave”—he hugged the pillow close—”we’ll share the money, go anywhere you want, as long as you fuck me long and hard, as long as you make me your slave in bed…master me…master me like only you can, my beautiful lover…then…we get rid of my piece of trash brother in your bed.” His lips curled into a sneer.

“That talk turns me on. I’m so hard. Tell me how you’ll do it…how you’ll get rid of him for good while I fuck you all night. Get on your knees. Get on your knees, you whore. Your ass is mine!”

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