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Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : A. J. Llewellyn

ISBN :978-1-4874-2942-3

Page :111

Word Count :33310

Publication Date :2020-05-01

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Eivissa (prc) , Eivissa (epub) , Eivissa (mobi) , Eivissa (pdf)

Category : Contemporary Romance , Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-850-5

When an amnesiac man capsizes on the shores of Spain's sun-kissed island of Eivissa, bar owner Demetrio Reyes thinks he's found his someone…or has he?

Demetrio has found the good life, putting his devastating past behind him and investing his hard-earned money into a gay bar on the island of Ibiza, or as the locals insist on calling it, Eivissa. With celebrities and other stunning beautiful men roaming the hot-spot island, Demetrio thinks he's found a slice of heaven. When a strange man's small boat capsizes in the Mediterranean, once he's rescued, he seems to be attracted to Demetrio.

The man, however, has amnesia. He has no memory of his name, his life and has no ID. His boat is registered to a Philip Gordon, but the handsome stranger says he doesn't think it's his name. After picking the name Océano, the Spanish word for the sea, he and Demetrio begin an impassioned affair that soon turns disastrous. Océano may not be amnesiac. He may not be the good guy he seems to be and…he may not even be gay.

This book was previously published and has been expanded.

He sighed as he hit the sheets. Maybe he should have another cup of coffee and get on with his day. He’d hardly closed his eyes when he felt a warm hand on his thigh. His eyes flew open and the alarm rang. My God…who was in bed with him? He turned to find Océano grinning at him.

“Time to wake up,” Océano cracked. Demetrio reached over and turned off the alarm. Océano was naked in bed with him, his hand now moving around Demetrio’s belly for his cock.

“Yeah, I knew you were hard all night. You wanted me to fuck you, didn’t you?”

Demetrio swallowed. Man, it was hard to dispute with his cock doing the happy dance in the guy’s hand.

Océano stared at him, sliding closer to him in the bed.

“You’re gay?” Demetrio whispered.

Océano shrugged. “I don’t know. I do know that I got hit on by a bunch of chicks…and some men but all I could think about was getting back into this bed and fucking the hell out of you. All I could think about was how nice it would be to look down and see my cock right inside your fine ass.”

Demetrio swallowed hard again. His cock was leaking against the man’s searching fingers. “I want to fuck you and make you come so hard,” Océano said. “Will you let me?”


Fuck, yes.

He felt it now, Océano’s determined cock pressing against his tailbone.

“We need rubbers.”

“I know.” Océano’s grin widened. “They gave me some at the hospital. They gave me some nice happy pills, bandaged my feet and oh…I want to fuck you. I…know how to fuck but I…I’m not sure of what I’m doing here.”

“You’re not gay.”

“I keep telling you I don’t know. I do know I want you. God, your ass looks nice and tight.” He gripped Demetrio’s hip with on hand, balancing himself on his other elbow so that they lay side by side. He moved his hand from Demetrio’s hip back to his leaking cock, using some of the juice on his fingers to rub against Demetrio’s ass hole.

God…clumsy yet so damned, fucking hot!

Océano’s breath grew shallow. He stopped speaking as his cock slid up and down Demetrio’s crack. Demetrio loved the feel of a hot, hard cock against him. Océano’s free hand moved back to Demetrio’s cock. It sure was a nice way to get fucked. Demetrio loved taking it doggy-style, but this way worked just as well.

He hugged Océano’s cock between his ass cheeks and felt the rigid muscle pulsing against his skin. God.

Océano might think he didn’t know what he was doing, but he had an orange foil square between his teeth now and even had the rubber out of the package and on his lips. Demetrio was surprised that the hospital was giving out such exotic fare. The fruit-flavored rubbers were a special favorite of the gay crowd. Club Sugar gave them out freely to their customers.

Stefan. He must have given him the rubbers.

Océano rolled the rubber onto his cock. It was so sheer, that when Demetrio glanced down over his shoulder at it, he had to look twice to make sure it was there.

“There’s some lube on this,” Océano said. “I’m not going to hurt you am I?”


Océano took his time, his hand moving lightly over Demetrio’s cock and balls. He even squeezed Demetrio’s nipple over his shoulder.

Demetrio moaned. “Oh, I love that.”

Océano kept his fingers there, rubbing the hardening bud as his cock sought entry into Demetrio who raised one leg to give him easier access. It had been a few months since he’d been fucked and it surprised him how much he wanted it considering the guy hadn’t kissed him. There was still some amazing, raw passion here.

“God,” Océano said as he entered Demetrio slowly. “I fucking knew it would feel like this.”

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Tags: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Gay, GLBT