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The Summer Knows

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Jo Tannah

ISBN :978-1-4874-1845-8

Page :19

Word Count :4547

Publication Date :2018-06-23

Series : Taboo#0

Heat Level :

Available Formats : The Summer Knows (epub) , The Summer Knows (mobi) , The Summer Knows (prc) , The Summer Knows (pdf)

Category : Contemporary Romance , Erotic Romance , LGBTQIA+ Romance , Summer Shorts 2018

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-1845-8

Once their bodies meet, the temperature sizzles.

The summer sun kindles the love between Tristan and Zachary. After a glorious year of married life, the two of them could not get enough of each other.

Short in length but high in heat, this quickie story may only be 4,000 words long, but it’s enough to get the fever up in this next installment to the Taboo series.

Tristan hissed, but he was determined to get away from the burning heat of the sun-soaked beach sand. He gritted his teeth and braved the short trek up toward the cool shade of the house just ahead. Never mind that he looked like an idiot running, hopping, and skipping, with his arms flapping on either side of him and his legs set wide apart. The way the warm water streaked down the back of his thighs and legs making the sand stick to his skin didn’t help much, either.

Behind him, he heard Zachary jog up, and he looked back over his shoulder in trepidation. Seeing Zachary’s mischievous expression, partly hidden under sunglasses, Tristan raised his hands, his eyes wide. Backtracking, he knew his attempt at stopping his husband from doing whatever it was he was obviously thinking of doing was a long shot, but he could only hope. Zachary was a wild child, and with a skip and a whoop, he lunged forward and grabbed Tristan by his ass, then quickly skittered away.

“Stop that!” Tristan mock-scowled after Zachary.

Obviously, his half-hearted attempt to discipline the younger man didn’t work either. It never did. What it did do was to further encourage Zachary, who, with a broad grin, hooked his arm around Tristan’s waist with one arm and pulled down the edge of his speedos.

“I didn’t grab you too hard, did I? Come on, let me see.” Zachary made a show of examining Tristan’s exposed hip. He palmed Tristan’s butt cheek, dragging his hand down to the curve where hip met thigh. Humming softly to himself, Zachary continued to examine the bared flesh before moving to the front of Tristan’s crotch.

Tristan couldn’t help himself. He’d never been able to resist his husband’s charms. Tristan pulled Zachary closer, relishing the glorious feel of that lean, hard flesh against his. With a last caress over Tristan’s half-hard cock, Zachary looked up and met Tristan’s gaze.

It was a good thing they were alone on the beach, or Tristan would have swatted Zachary away. As there was no one about, Tristan allowed himself to relax and loop his arms over Zachary’s shoulders. He leaned over and pressed their lips together. Zachary’s chuckle died, choked off by the kiss.

As was always the case with Zachary, the expected wave of desire that accompanied the feel of Zachary’s tongue sliding into Tristan’s mouth made him forget much of everything else. That included the hot sand that continued to burn the soles of his feet. They spent a good minute nipping and licking each other’s mouths, making the goosebumps rise across Tristan’s arms and legs. It was a good ninety-five degrees under the sun, so that was a mean feat.

Tristan reached around Zachary’s back and held him tight for a brief moment before he let out a sigh and drew away. He was going to miss their alone time. It was a good thing they had the three days head start.

“The gang’s arriving in two hours’ time. We better get ready.”

Zachary let go and urged him with a gentle push on the small of his back. They walked up the rest of the way toward the house in silence. At the patio, Tristan lay on one of the four chaise lounges to dry off. Zachary grunted beside him when he took the other chaise, setting his sunglasses off to one side of the floor and closing his eyes against the bright sun.

Tristan had bought the beach house the year before, as a surprise belated honeymoon gift to Zachary. After their wedding, they had confirmed their love for the beach, but not for the crowd that usually came with public resorts. This house had come on the market soon after the hurricane that had decimated the area. The family that previously owned it had given up on the cost of repairs and put it up for sale. Tristan had jumped on the chance without telling anyone of his actions. He’d contacted his real estate agent and made an offer. Within weeks, he had the title to the property and plans to rebuild his dream beach house. Zachary’s reaction three days earlier, when Tristan first brought him over, had been worth every penny of the sale and the eventual architectural fees to build the house to his specifications.

Memories of how Zachary had thanked him over and over again made his body warm up even more. Using his lips, his tongue, and his body, Zachary knew just the right spots that would set Tristan’s body to flame.

There were times when isolation could be fun. They’d both come to love their little piece of paradise in the short time they’d been here. A paradise that was soon going to disappear once their families drove in.

“Have I told you how much I love you today?”

Tristan opened his eyes and looked at Zachary. His husband looked relaxed, with his eyes closed and his legs widespread. There was a smile on his lips, and Tristan couldn’t resist leaning over and dropping a kiss on Zachary’s lips.

“Not yet.”

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Tags: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, LGBTQIA, Summer Shorts 2018