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Wyt and Wild

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Viola Grace

ISBN :978-1-55487-507-8

Page :81

Word Count :18000

Publication Date :2010-07-28

Series : Sector Guard#7

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Wyt and Wild (pdf) , Wyt and Wild (prc) , Wyt and Wild (epub) , Wyt and Wild (mobi)

Category : Paranormal Romance , Romance , Science Fiction Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-507-8

Alessandra Wyt has been hooked to computers for the majority of her tenure in the Alliance for her talented intuition, but when an opportunity for reassignment to the Sector Guard came up, she jumped at the chance, so to speak. With her mind unable to handle space travel, she is shipped unconscious across the galaxy. The odds of her ship being damaged and her pod being ejected are astronomical, but she does not have time to do the math on her way down to the uninhabited world beneath her. Waking in the arms of a strange man is also something she hadn't counted on, but Effin is just the person to rescue the damsel and fight off the predators who see her as an easy snack. With his skills as a hunter, he can find her in the dark, and damned if she doesn't want him to. Effin is sure of only one thing, if his woman is headed to the Sector Guard, then he is signing up.

Effin Nywyn looked up as the sonic boom shook the air. He had been hoping for a quiet time on the planetoid for hunting and meditation. It was just his luck to have company.

He looked up to see the ship wobble badly and head deep into the forest. "Hells."

His oath as a physician kicked in and he hopped on his short-range skimmer. The smoke cloud was mercifully short, meaning that either the ship was out of fuel to burn or it had immolated anyone onboard. Either way, his work would be short. The speed of the crash was bound to have killed the inhabitant, but he had to satisfy his own urge to make sure there were no survivors.

The heavy warmth of the forest engulfed him as he followed the trail of the beacon in the ship. That it was working was good if the odds were twisted and there was indeed a survivor. Someone else would come to claim the body. He needn't worry about burial.

The column of metal had shredded on contact with the ground, peeling open like ripe fruit. He landed his skimmer outside of the debris zone and walked in.

He could feel something in the wreckage, something alive. Sighing, he opened his mind and connected to the living being with a jump of surprise. She was alive and whole, but trapped in some way.

Moving faster than he ever had in his life, Effin crossed through the debris and entered the shadowed expanse of the interior. The flare of a bright mind called to him from a dark corner. When he saw why she was trapped, he laughed in relief. "A gel bed. Just wait, lady. I will have you out of there in a few moments."

She didn't respond, but dark blue eyes stared out of a face framed by rich brown hair. The breathing mask on her face framed full lips and a tilted little nose. She was cute and he recognized her species.

It would have been hard not to recognize a Terran when he saw one. His cousin, Altius, had married one a few years earlier and Thea was a lovely addition to the family.

Her eyes seemed a little dazed, but with the shock of the crash, he would be surprised if she had survived unscathed.

His fingers moved over the switches and toggles, rerouting and overriding the commands until the gel dissolved and its contents were free if moving somewhat sluggishly.

"Come on, Beauty. Time to get away from the wreckage." Lifting her was easy. Her body indicated she would be quite tall, but there was nothing to her. No real muscle mass and barely any curves.


* * * *


A touch on her mind stiffened her spine until she saw the owner of the thoughts that she linked to. A Wyoran. No wonder her mind attached to his so easily. His was trained for this type of thing.

He was dressed like a wild man--leather leggings, black boots, no shirt to cover his auburn skin and his red-black hair fell heavily to his waist in a silky cloud. His eyes were dark amber, slitted and smiling into the tube where she lay. His mouth wide with a grin and his nose flat and vaguely feline with a jaw that made her want to stroke it.

That one instinct froze her in her tracks. She was on an assignment to a new world, not flying around to get her rocks off.

He seemed to know his way around a gel bed though and soon had the goo dissolving back to whence it came. He lifted her in arms that supported her easily and carried her out of the wreck. One thing stuck in her mind as he murmured to her in the skimmer as he piloted them away from the crash. He called her Beauty.

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