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Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Viola Grace

ISBN :978-1-77111-138-6

Page :82

Word Count :16737

Publication Date :2012-03-14

Series : Terran Times#0

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Asteroid (pdf) , Asteroid (prc) , Asteroid (epub) , Asteroid (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance , Romance , Science Fiction Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-77111-138-6

Being a Gunner has been Sebena's life, until a life sign in an asteroid field changes everything.

Sebena has spent her time in the Alliance using her accuracy to blow large rocks into tiny rocks suitable for refinement. When she picks up a heat signature she has to pursue it, even if it means doing it on her own time. Finding a life pod is not really a surprise, but having it functioning and its occupant alive is quite the shock.

Issul is the avatar of the planet Zeering and has been lost in the asteroid field for a century. Opening his eyes in the mining vessel, he sees his rescuer and both he and the world within him have a visceral reaction to her.

"Control, this is Gunner Hadros. I have found a survival pod and am bringing it and its living occupant in for examination and medical treatment."

"Acknowledged, Gunner. We will have medical staff waiting in the launch bay."

"Thank you, Control."

She hit the accelerator and tried to steer clear of the rocks trying to crush her. With the pod attached to her zipper, it was a little harder to manoeuvre, but she managed to get back to the Sheppan just in time for her oxygen supply to redline with warning.

She released the pod and it floated into the launch bay on its own, skidding across the surface and resting neatly on the metal floor.

Sebena's zipper landed with less grace than the pod and she staggered out of her vehicle while the monitor sealed the bay and increased the gravity.

The pod was still sealed and she watched the emergency team put it on a lift and move it toward medical.

Sebena had to strip out of the EVA suit before she could follow her find and by the time she arrived in medical, they had the pod in isolation and there were staffers working on opening the unit.

She asked the observing physician, "What is it?"

He looked at her, "You are the one who found him?"

"It's a him?"

"It is. We have contacted his planet. He was reported missing over one hundred years ago."

She blinked. "A hundred years? What species is he?"

The doctor's lips twitched. "It isn't his birth planet that we are contacting. He is a planetary avatar. The mineral field must have broken the planet-mind connection. His world has had a reward for him that is astronomical."

The technicians opened the pod and worked on the inhabitant.

A peculiar pulse under her feet came to her attention. "Why is the ship moving?"

"With the Alliance demanding his immediate delivery to his planet, the fastest way to get there is to take him ourselves."

Sebena watched the male lifted from the pod and she had to hold her breath. He was lovely. His skin was pale gold and his hair a lovely auburn. His ears were pointed and he had the physique of a body builder. Whatever he had been before he became an avatar, it was a species she really wanted to meet.

As if sensing her, his eyes opened and his gaze fixed on her. She blushed scarlet in a second but wasn't sure if it was embarrassment or arousal, because both were warring in her system. His gaze was pure gold and as she watched, a dark blue began to swirl throughout.

Without a doubt, the planet had just regained contact with its avatar and they were staring right at her.

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Tags: Romance, Science Fiction