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Inheriting War

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Viola Grace

ISBN :978-1-4874-2477-0

Page :99

Word Count :26450

Publication Date :2019-03-08

Series : Brace for Humanity#6

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Inheriting War (mobi) , Inheriting War (epub) , Inheriting War (prc) , Inheriting War (pdf)

Category : Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-2477-0

Trained in every martial art her parents could find, she is ready to represent her people in a war raging before she was born.

Remi is the first human-Rrassic hybrid, and she leaves the creche to return to Imrahl with her nearest four siblings. All of them have been trained to fight, spy, and make themselves useful to the war effort.

Hiding her existence from the unmated humans hadn’t occurred to her, and she is soon without a proper place and in a holding pattern. A job as a bodyguard is a great distraction.

Kromir is the Mrek-Rrassic who has been sent to examine the exotic new human-Saya. His bodyguard is one of the new species and therefore out of his grasp until he finds out that she isn’t, and she isn’t.

She leads him to the creche, and he sees the army that is rising around them, her brothers and sisters, and as she calls them, her cousins. He needs to report back to the council, but he needs proof. Remi is an excellent specimen, so he takes her along... for science.

Remi struck out and used the stun sticks she was wielding to disable her opponent. The huge gelatin-like Voboth simulation buckled and dissolved before disappearing.

Remi deactivated and stowed her sticks in the sheaths strapped to her thighs. When that was done, she leaned over with her hands on her knees and breathed heavily.

 “Well done, Remi. You have trained beyond my wildest dreams.”

She straightened and turned to face her father. “Thank you, Dad. It means a lot.”

Remi left the mat with her brothers and sisters fighting hard in the background. Her parents had managed their twenty children, and each and every one of them was surging toward adulthood twice as fast as the other canister-born.

Arix gave her a hug, and he walked with her out of the training centre. “Your mother has a big meal planned.”

Remi smiled. “Of course, she does. Five of her little ones are leaving tomorrow.”

 “We have been waiting for this day and yet hoped it wouldn’t come.”

 “It is the sole reason for my existence, and I am very grateful that it was you two who were my parents.”

 “And we are grateful that you were the first to arrive. If Tomos had been the first, I think we might have stopped at one.”

Remi chuckled and elbowed her father lightly. Her brother Tomos was younger than she was by four months, and then, the triplets had arrived. Tomos was at the edge of his Nool phase into a Luthin, and Ari, Arrow, and Arel were about a year away from their transformations into Zjin, Regiz, and Luthin.

Communication with the Rrassic council had determined that the boys should get back to Imrahl before they finished their transformations. It would be easier to see the details of their changes as no human-Rrassic had ever been a Nool before.

The boys could pass for actual Rrassic, but Remi was in a bit of a conundrum. She was taller than her mother by a head, had been in combat training since she could walk, and was an excellent hunter and tracker. Her status as the first hybrid was the only thing that made her desirable.

 “Would it be horrible to say that I wished I could stay?”

Her father chuckled. “No. I also wish you to remain, but it isn’t ideal. You can help so many people, Remi, simply by being yourself.”

She wrinkled her nose. “I know. I just wonder about the place for the female hybrids. There is no place in Rrassic society for women who can fight like we can.”

 “You will make a place. I know you, Remi. You have the heart of a fighter and the soul of a dancer. You will find a path that your sisters and cousins can tread, and you will burn it into our society.”

She laughed. “Is that all?”

 “And then, you will bake cookies.” He winked at her, and she giggled. They nudged themselves back and forth on the walkway to the building on the beach that the hybrids called home.

 “I do like making cookies.”

 “I am aware of it. If I didn’t have lessons with the littles every day, I would weigh ten pounds more.”

She looked at her father, his gold-green skin and his kind eyes. “You don’t look a day older than you did when I was decanted.”

He smiled. “You remember?”

 “I do. I was named while Aunt Niiva was holding me, and later, Aunt Sarah held me and told me that I would do great things.”

 “Did she say anything else?”

 “She said I was clever.” The imprint from her thoughts had been bright.

 “We wrote to her a few years ago, and she has returned a note that she has a place for you.”

 “Does she know I am grown?”

He nodded. “They know that you are coming back as adults. In Imrahl time, we will join you in a week or ten days.”

 “I know I have been trained to calculate time, but it is still peculiar.”

 “As long as you know you will never arrive before you left, all will be fine.” He chuckled. “It will be years before we see you again, but I want you to be well, be happy, and be strong.”

 “I will try.” She wanted to say more, but her mother came out and gave her a huge hug, urging her into the house that overlooked the beach and the enormous ocean where she had swum for the first time.

All the memories that she had would have to comfort her when she was on her own. One day on Imrahl was four years in the creche. The luck of the Rrassic researchers to find just such a dimensional pocket was her curse.

 “Did you enjoy your combat practice?” Bree smiled and led her into the kitchen.

 “I did, but then, I always do. Are you going to be all right without me here?”

 “I knew from the moment that I met your father that our children would be something special, and I also knew that I wasn’t going to have a human life with you. So, now, we are all more than we were destined to be, and we are going to have new lives when we get back to Imrahl in fifteen years when all of our little ones are grown.”

Remi smiled when her father entered the kitchen and got to work. They moved together, shifting, chopping, and flipping the ingredients around in a dance they had done since she was five while her body developed at twice the normal rate.

Her mother’s gift had been to impart rapid development to all of her children. The other children in the creche were developing normally. The three children from the Lianne-Sorrok line were her nearest cousins, and they would be leaving one Imrahl day after she and her brothers did.

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