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Fire Wolf

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Viola Grace

ISBN :0000631

Page :26

Word Count :6248

Publication Date :2013-04-29

Series : Cafe Nowhere#9

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Fire Wolf (prc) , Fire Wolf (mobi) , Fire Wolf (epub) , Fire Wolf (pdf)

Category : Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 0000631

An elemental sold to the highest bidder finds love and death chasing her and she is tired of running.

Hailey has been ignored by her grandfather and his pack until it suits him to sell her to the highest bidder. On the run from her new owner, Hailey hides at Café Nowhere where dark and light collide.

Choosing the heat of an alpha over the cold embrace of eternity, Hailey has to fight with everything in her, even if her fire wolf looks funny.

As she slowed to turn a corner, she could swear that she saw a wolf out of the corner of her eye. Larger than a wolf had any right to be he was running beside her car. That was distracting enough, but when what looked like a black eagle darted toward her windshield, she lost control of her vehicle and the next thing she knew, she was wiping a bleeding nose and fighting free of the deflated air bag.

She unbuckled her belt, thankful that she had instinctively buckled up. Good habits saved lives. The front of her car was buried in snow, she would be able to melt it out, but if there was loose dirt under the front wheels, she would create mud. It would be better to call Triple A.

Hailey dug her cell out and looked at it in despair. She had used the last of her battery to call her mother and forgotten to put it on the charger, again. "Shit."

Out of the snow, the wolf loomed in front of her. The eyes gave him away.

"Hello, Mr. Brown."

He looked confused, but whined and knelt beside her. Even crouched, his back was almost as tall as her head. He rubbed her with this muzzle and his ears flicked. He wanted her on his back.

"That's quite the turn of positions, but since I am in the category of eventually freezing, why not?"

The quizzical noise he made was cute.

"Normally guys are trying to get me on my back." She must have been giddy with fire, fury and shock. Normally she would not have been so chipper to see someone who had just been in a bidding war for her body. But then again, this was definitely not normal.

She had to climb onto her car to get on his back, but once he stood up, she nestled in as snugly as she could. Her hands gripped the ruff around his neck, her belly was flat against his spine and her legs were bent to touch his haunches. Her position was instinctive, but it was a good instinct. As he began to run through the blizzard, she rocked with him, her body warm against his fur and her face protected by his ruff. If she hadn't been a moron and left her jacket at her grandfather's home, she might not have taken him up on his non-verbal offer.

His fur was silky soft, not wiry as she had thought it would be and so warm she almost fell asleep. The rocking rhythm of his stride was soporific. Her clenched hands held her in place, but she was not going to be able to hold on forever.

Hailey's head was pounding furiously, her mind was getting a bit fuzzy as she looked up and saw a building perched on the side of the road. It was a little odd because she could have sworn that when she drove on that road coming in, there had been a sheer cliff face in that spot.

Her ride slowed to a jagged trot and brought her right to the door. The signage proclaimed it Café Nowhere but it looked warm and welcoming. The glass door pushed open and a woman with a nametag proclaiming her to be Cathy, looked up at Hailey where she clung to the wolf.

"Come in, poor thing. You must be frozen."

Her words spurred Hailey to unclench her hands and slide off her fuzzy mount. As soon as she was off his back, a very naked Mr. Brown was at her side.

"Excuse me, Cathy, but is there a chance that there is a change of clothing nearby? I seem to have misplaced my pants." He shooed Hailey into the empty café.

"I'll find something." Cathy scampered off, leaving Hailey with her mystery rescuer.

Hailey took a position in the center booth with a view to the snowstorm out the window. Mr. Brown slid in across from her.

"You know, I don't envy you standing up after sitting naked on vinyl." It was as good a conversation starter as any.

"Hailey McMaster."

It was said on a growl, but growls weren't that warm. The erection he had been sporting was now hidden by the Formica tabletop and she was grateful for the coverage. It was damned distracting to have that thick rod waving at her in the snow.

"That's my name, what's yours?"

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Tags: Adult, Erotic Romance, Paranormal, Shapeshifter, Werewolves