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Tricking Tara

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Viola Grace

ISBN :978-1-55487-170-4

Page :66

Word Count :13000

Publication Date :2010-08-06

Series : Sisters of Silverwood#5

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Tricking Tara (pdf) , Tricking Tara (prc) , Tricking Tara (epub) , Tricking Tara (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance , Fantasy Romance , Paranormal Romance , Halloween

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-170-4

Hallowe'en is a time of joy and laughter. And a spooky time for people to be running around in the dark. Tara is tired of things moving without someone touching them, even if she is the one doing it. It is impossible for someone to get behind her defenses until she meets two men that manage the feat strictly by Tricking Tara. Will she uncover the subterfuge before its too late?

The instant that the two officers were out of her house, she heaved a sigh of relief. She locked and bolted all the doors and turned to view the interior of her home. A lot of people would not be comfortable living in a house that was a torture chamber with disorienting floors and paints along the walls. For Tara, it was home.

First on her evening's agenda was a shower to wash off the grit and dust that her body wore beneath the PJ's.

She was just towelling off and wandering into her bedroom when she got another surprise. Michael and Alexi were coming toward her through the walls.

As one, they asked, "Are you all right?"

The towel wrapped around her in record time, they had both seen enough of her for this evening. The appreciation in their eyes was flattering, but the sneak attack was unwelcome. "Yeah, how are you? I mean, I didn't fight a werewolf."

Alexi looked embarrassed. "We gave him enough magic to complete his transformation. He had run out of power and was too proud to admit to his problem."

Michael followed up, "Alexi and I work fairly well together. It will be hard for you to choose. We also share the same talent and I didn't think that that was possible." He seemed to have come to a sort of brotherhood with the Lios, and Tara hadn't heard that that was possible.

"Well, aren't we just the best of friends all of a sudden?"

"When you meet a warrior who is your equal, you have to admit it. We both admit that you are our equal, possibly our superior. It is a knowledge that we must have or our pursuit of you will be in vain." Michael was speaking again.

Alexi was nodding in agreement. "It was a fact that Ranal forgot. He should never have challenged Carolyn's mate, he should have wooed the woman, not fought the man."

"Sound thinking. What did you do with him?"

"After we witnessed his transformation, we helped him to his steed and instructed it to take him to a portal. Hopefully he will be home and safe soon."

"And not showing up on my door again. But did you guys actually work together to recharge him?"

"We did." They spoke in unison, the sun and the moon in appearance, and one in thought.

"Then did you need to reclaim your charge? I mean, you would have been depleted by the expenditure."

"We are fi…" A sharp elbow from Michael stopped Alexi's sentence.

"We are weak. Replacing our energies would be very thoughtful of you, Tara."

She laughed. She couldn't help it. Fiona had told her about this little peculiarity. With a deep sigh, she stepped forward and took Alexi by the shoulder. "Here you go." She laid a kiss on his lips that started slow and soon took on a heat that caught them both by surprise. Magic flared between them and she used her mind to touch his body in several places that had him jumping in surprise. Giggling, and not a little aroused herself, she turned to Michael. His silver eyes glowed in his pale face, the black silk of his hair falling to his shoulders and begging for her fingers.

She took two steps toward him and he met her in the middle. Their kiss blew immediately from hot to scalding. She shuddered against him as his hands settled at her waist and she simply surrendered to his kiss. Magic was flaring all around her, sparking in the dim light of her bedroom, and it was only when the cooler air of the room kissed her breasts that she came, too, and stepped back. She slapped her towel back into place and backed up. "You should go now."

They were both aroused and their eyes were glowing with power. "Why should we go?"

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