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Hidden Instinct

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Viola Grace

ISBN :978-1-4874-3194-5

Page :58

Word Count :16903

Publication Date :2021-01-08

Series : Stellar Born#2

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Hidden Instinct (epub) , Hidden Instinct (mobi) , Hidden Instinct (prc) , Hidden Instinct (pdf)

Category : Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-3194-5

Yadeel finds herself fired, kidnapped and threatened with dissection on the same day. Being rescued is needed but it doesn’t turn out the way she expects.

Yadeel has been teaching for the last six years as far away from home as she can get without coming back. She gets fired and abducted two weeks from the end of her contract and wakes in a cell. Someone somewhere on W’lyn is looking to take her apart and use her for medical purposes. She did not volunteer for any of it.

She uses her talent for instinct to escape and is on a cliff edge when a Guardian plucks her from the stone and brings her to safety. It was Toryl, and if there was anything she knew it was that she was not his type. It would have been so much better if she didn’t know that he was her mate. He had no clue.

Toryl was the strongest Guardian of his age and Yadeel had been a friend of his younger sister. When he sees her climbing down the cliff face leaving a trail of blood from her lacerated hands he brought her to safety immediately. Once he met her gaze, his intentions took a sudden shift. Things complicate quickly

Yadeel woke up in a small cell, but it wasn’t what she was expecting. She was underground.

She wasn’t tied, she was still dressed, and the lock on her door was very secure.

She paced back and forth; there was no light, no sense of time.

Yadeel heard the scuff of a boot, and she backed up against the wall on the same side as the door. The dark of her dress helped her blend into the shadows.

“Hide all you like. I can smell you.”

She grimaced but remained where she was. Stubbornness took over.

“So, you have some hand-to-hand training. Interesting. Where would a lawyer’s child get that kind of education?”

She kept her mouth shut.

“It doesn’t matter. The transaction will be complete soon, and you will be out of here.”

“What part of me are you selling? The secretion glands?”

He paused. He didn’t think she would have made that connection, apparently.

“They are buying the whole of you, but they are looking into extracting what they can, so you have that to look forward to.”

She grimaced. “Fucking fantastic.”

He murmured, “What did you say?”

“Never mind. Terran phrase.” She waited until she heard his footfalls fade off, and then, she looked for a way out. She didn’t use her latent talent often, but her instinct was her greatest secret. Her instinct had her put the cameras in her classroom and get it written into her contract, so it was all nice and legal.

Yadeel closed her eyes and opened them, looking for a hint as to how to escape. The glow along the edge of the bars was her focus. She walked to them and found a sliver of metal. It pricked her finger while she was working on it, but she got it out and walked to the lock. It was a standard lock used for security doors across W’lyn. It was also one that Yadeel had taken apart as a child.

She slid the metal rod carefully along the connection. She jolted and dropped the metal once and reached through to get her lockpick back.

The second attempt ended with the same electric jolt, and from there, she focused again and got the spike eased into the active point. The door swung open, and she slipped out of the cell after tossing the sliver back inside it. If she needed it again, it was best that she knew where she needed to grab it.

She put her finger in her mouth to stop the bleeding. One thing guaranteed to rile up the W’lyn was the scent of blood. All that Vimpyr ancestry made them sensitive to the scent.

Yadeel kept her finger in her mouth while she crept along the corridor. She closed her eyes and opened them, watching the path she needed to be taking glow in front of her. Typically, it was back the way she had come.

She turned and moved quietly down the hall, knowing that if any of them entered the hallway, she was done.

The instinctual vision that she followed was leading her deeper into the building. She had thought she was as low as she could be, but nope, she went deeper.

The walls of the level the cell was on had been painted, but the lower levels were raw stone. She followed the parts of the path that glowed in her sight, and when she saw the crack in the wall, she headed for it. She had never steered herself wrong yet.

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