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Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Viola Grace

ISBN :978-1-55487-599-3

Page :80

Word Count :20000

Publication Date :2010-08-16

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Impassioned (pdf) , Impassioned (prc) , Impassioned (epub) , Impassioned (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance , Paranormal Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-599-3

Summoned to the side of her ex-lover, Megan has to deal with fury, lust, and assassination attempts. Einar seems to bring all of her passions to the surface.

Megan has been summoned to Essengar station in orbit above a planet she is not allowed to set foot on. No alien has the right to walk on that world. She meets her ex-partner in the psi-tracker corps and immediately is overrun with emotion. Einar stirs lust, longing, and when he tells her that he took their child out of stasis to be born in a surrogate, she feels fury. Punishing him in the most direct way possible, she drains her immediate anger and they can begin the negotiations for Megan's his his wife.

It was heaven. She never wanted to leave. Putting her pack on the bench at the foot of the bed, she backed up and with a happy cry, launched herself into the huge bed, then rolled back and forth, wallowing in the scent of crisp, clean linens.

A slow, methodical clapping came from a corner of her room and she twisted in place to glare at the intruder.

"Welcome to Essengar station, Megan. I have missed you."

She snorted and faced her demon on her knees. "I just bet you have. You have had a rough time of it. I always made things so easy for you."

He stood slowly, letting her take in his magnificence, for he was truly a sight to behold. On earth, he would have been a model, an actor or a man who had women that let him use them as paving stones.

Her self-control held until he opened his arms and she gave in to the urge to run forward and wrap herself around him. The hug warmed parts of her soul that she thought were long frozen. She missed him, body and soul. The only satisfaction that she got was that he was holding her just as tightly.

She let go before he did and leaned back in his embrace. "I made it easy for you again, didn't I?"

"Nothing has ever been easy with you, Megan." He rested his forehead against hers and simply breathed her in.

His eyes were closed, hiding the glorious blue with the slitted pupils, but his blond hair slid around them both, giving them a small bit of privacy that was only them.

She broke the intimacy deliberately. "So, I hear you are High Commander. That must be fun. How is your wife?"

He slowly opened his eyes.

Her blood ran cold at what she saw there.

"She died in childbirth, but your daughter survived."

"My daughter? I left her in secure stasis in the Alliance Medical Centre. I check on her every week, what do you mean she was born?" Megan was struggling against him, fighting to get free.

After he had left her, the fruits of their union had manifested in the form of a tiny daughter growing inside her. The Alliance had refused her leave to have the baby, so she had her carefully removed, stored and placed into stasis with the assurance that she could reclaim her as soon as she was out of her contract.

"Our daughter. I was alerted to her existence when she was registered in stasis. The Essengar are protective of their genes. Tests had to be run to make sure that she would be a strong representative of our species. As her father, I had to authorize them."

Tears pricked Megan's eyes for a moment. "What is her name?"

"Amelie. Just as you wished." He was acting in a most reasonable manner.

Meg brought her knee up hard and fast, standing over him as he buckled to the floor. "As I wished? I wanted to bear her, to hold her in my arms. How old is she?"

He gasped for air as he slowly sat up. "She's four."

"Son of a bitch. You just couldn't wait. You get married and knock her up with my baby." She was furious, pacing back and forth like an animal in a cage. "Where is she?"

"On Essengar."

She stopped and closed her eyes, clenching her fists as tears started down her face. "So, I can't see her."

He sighed and rose back to his full height. "There is a way, but it will be discussed over dinner. Now, splash some water on your face and get your emotions under control. I will be in my rooms, waiting for you when you are ready."

He was back to being Einar, her ex-partner, the man who knew her better than any other in the Alliance. He was speaking sense and if it was the means by which she would see her daughter, she would do it.

She turned her back to him and walked into the lav, splashing water on her face as suggested. Her baby was four years old and she had never even seen her. Amelie…named after her grandmother. Meg wondered what the little one looked like, her or Einar or some weird combination of both.

She stretched, working the kinks out of her shoulders and neck. She opened her senses and found Einar had indeed left her room, but he was staying close to the connecting door. Dinner. She had to dress for a formal dinner. Time to work some magic with her backpack.

The loose and baggy jumpsuit fell to the floor and she stuck her hand into the pack to withdraw her rolled silk gowns by feel alone. A set of sandals came out for her evening's attire as well.

With a practiced flick of her wrist, she unrolled the layers of the gown, putting them on one at a time, securing the two off-the-shoulder layers with a thick sash that bound her from under her breasts to the curve of her hips.

Megan pinned her hair into a fall of honey brown hair that piled on her head, left her neck bare and tumbled down one shoulder. The mirror told her that she was stunning, but the shock in her eyes kept her mind on Einar and his possession of their daughter.

Before she left, she tidied up the large room, folding her uniform and setting her boots against the edge of the bed. Unable to delay any longer, she knocked on the connecting door.

Einar had changed as well, his deep blue shirt matched his eyes and the black of his pants matched his boots. The appreciation in his eyes almost made her forget the betrayal.

"You look amazing, Megan. That gown is…wonderful." He came close to her and walked around to enjoy the view.

"Thank you, Einar. Or should I address you as War Master?"

"Always Einar for you, Megan. Please, be seated."

There was a small table set for two.

"I thought there was to be a formal dinner?" She let him help her to her seat.

"I am in formal wear, you are in formal wear…ergo formal dinner."

His grin made her smile a little in response. This was the whimsical man that she had come to think of as a friend.

A servant peeled himself from the wall and served them wine and water. A cart covered with dishes and a pristine cloth supplied the food that he served to them. When the plate of bread was placed in front of her, she hesitated.

To break bread with the Essengar meant that you did not mean them any harm and you were willing to engage in peaceful negotiation. She thought about it for a moment that had Einar shifting in his chair. "What the hell, I have already kneed you in the nuts." She broke a chunk of bread off and her dining partner breathed a sigh of relief.

The guards heard her comments and looked at each other with alarmed eyes.

"Calm down, he still has his equipment, it is just a little bruised."

Einar waved them off when they started moving forward. "It was less than I deserved and Megan would not actually damage me beyond recovery."

She sighed and took a sip of water. "Even while furious, no. I can't. It seems you always incite me to passions, lust, affection and anger. Take your pick."

He tore off a piece of bread, "I pick lust."

She snorted, "You always did." They ate in companionable silence for a few minutes.

"I have a proposal for you." Einar was keeping his gaze on his food.

"Is that why you sent for me?"


"What is it? Your proposal, I mean."

"I wish you to join me on Essengar…"

"Only citizens are allowed on the surface."

"As my wife."

Megan coughed as some meat tried to go down the wrong way.

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