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Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Viola Grace

ISBN :978-1-77111-534-6

Page :86

Word Count :17357

Publication Date :2013-04-29

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Fade (pdf) , Fade (prc) , Fade (epub) , Fade (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-77111-534-6

In Guardian custody, Amy finds out how to live within the strictures of a new society when her host is anything but formal.

A criminal consortium has targeted Amy to become one of them. She has refused, and their answer was to have her imprisoned under false charges. By the time someone figures out the botched paperwork, she could be dead.

An image of her in the arms of an ex-Guardian gets attention, and she is removed from Janial Prison and into secure custody on Rai. The formality of the clothing is second only to the amount of etiquette required to navigate an average day.

Lord Akutan of Rai is curious to see what his Guardian niece, Blade, has left in his home, under his care. The elegant woman with the pansy purple eyes sends shockwaves through him, and only the threat of ruining her reputation keeps him from her at first sight. The moment he gets her alone, however, things take a decidedly sensual turn.

Amy shivered in the thin bodysuit she had been provided when they chucked her down the hole and into the Janial women’s detention area. The men were held separately, and it was a damned good thing. In her current state, it was hard enough keeping the women at bay.

She didn’t want to become a thief. She wanted to remain a boring mechanic and live on the maintenance station in the centre of the trade route Traffa. She was a good mechanic and had a natural resistance to radiation that made her a high-earning employee of the station.

Her ability to phase through objects was an asset in her business, but it was hardly her only skill.

Darfuli, the Earl of Jaorka, had learned of her skill, and he decided that he wanted her working for him. When she refused, he had her sent to Janial to be held there until she changed her mind.

Two weeks had passed, and while she hated her tiny cell and the hostile environment, she wasn’t going to give in. Amy had worked out where to sit, where to stand and she had even begun to stand up for a few of the newer women who were dropped.

Amy shivered as she watched the drop beam power up with a hot-pink glow. Someone was being dumped in with them. Amy moved away from the wall where she kept her post and watched a figure descend with regal bearing.

It was female, tall and wearing a mask, boots, tight trousers and a kimono-like jacket. Her sleek gold hair was up in a high ponytail, and it swung to her buttocks. The woman settled and looked around at the other inmates.

“Amethyst Decker of Terra.”

Amy stepped forward. “That’s me.”

“Come with me. You are being transferred.” The woman held out her hand and beckoned imperiously. Behind her mask, Amy noticed the wide catlike eyes in a dark bronze.

“Where?” She wasn’t sure that this wasn’t a trick of the earl’s.

“Confidential. Do you want out of here or not?” The woman’s hand remained outstretched.

Amy stepped toward her and took her hand. The woman’s height was over six inches greater than her own, and she felt like a child when the woman tucked her against her body and moved back into the beam space.

The colour switched to blue, and they lifted far more rapidly than the descent. Amy felt her ears pop.

Guards ringed the hole and aimed weapons down below as the strange woman simply lifted Amy off the transport plate.

“Guardian, this prisoner—”

The woman raised her left hand and a glowing blade of energy extended from it. “How much were you paid to keep her?”

The guard swallowed. “Please sign for her, Guardian.”

The woman grimaced and pressed her thumb to the plate he extended with shaking hands.

With Amy still held tight to her body, the woman walked through the halls to a shuttle bay. After being checked over for weapons and registering her removal of Amy once again, they stepped into a shuttle, and as the door closed behind them, someone piloted the ship away from the prison.

Amy looked around her and shivered again. The interior of the shuttle was sparse and tidy. Everything was in its place, and nothing indicated that it had been the earl who had sent them.

“Um, not that I am not grateful, but why did you extract me from Janial?”

The woman smiled under her mask and settled in the navigator station. The pilot was a male wearing a similar mask and a huge grin.


The woman chuckled, “Amethyst Decker, you have a destiny, and he is going to be a handful.”

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