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Imperial Guard

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Viola Grace

ISBN :978-1-55487-486-6

Page :81

Word Count :18000

Publication Date :2010-07-28

Series : Sector Guard#6

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Imperial Guard (pdf) , Imperial Guard (prc) , Imperial Guard (epub) , Imperial Guard (mobi)

Category : Paranormal Romance , Romance , Science Fiction Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-486-6

Something is killing the Imperial family and it is up to the Sector Guard to find out what.

Dealing with the family who refused to let her bury her father is difficult, but Isabi keeps her grounded as she fights for the survival of her estranged family.

"Mala, I asked you and Isabi here because we have recently had a request for your presence on an assignment. We haven't gotten a call like this before and I wanted to run it past you." Commander was sitting at the head of the table and he didn't look happy. The normally relaxed Azon was tense, pensive.

"What is it?" Mala took her husband's hand and held it tightly. If something had happened to her mother, she would be inconsolable.

"You, or more precisely, Fixer, have been asked to assist with a project on the Moreski home world."

"What is the project?" Isabi was instantly suspicious. The Moreski were not known for their acceptance of outside assistance.

"They wouldn't say, but I will recommend that you take Isaro with you."

Mala looked at the Commander in surprise, but Isabi was more verbal, "That's not going to happen. She is just recovering from her abduction. I am not going to haul her into an unknown situation."

"Then it has changed from a recommendation to an order. I can't miss this opportunity to have her meet her match. They can court as long as they like, but Isaro's match is on the Moreski home world in the Imperial household. One of the bodyguards, but my matchmaking sense can't reach any further than that."

Isabi's mouth opened and closed in shock. "But she is not a member of the Guard!"

"She can be as soon as she gets her talent under control. This exercise may be the thing that she needs to force that control." Hyder rubbed his forehead and looked back at the readout on the screen. "Piggyback the Sector One with the new ship that you refitted, Mala. That will give you some privacy as well as giving plenty of options to you for a return trip."

"Why will we need two ships?"

Hyder looked tired. His talent of foresight was wearing on him. "If it happens, you will know. Now, go and collect your sister and have her outfitted with a suitable ship suit. Also, prep some suits similar to Mala's. That will give you the option to have her mimic you if necessary."

This was the most information that the Commander had ever spilled to them before. The very idea that the Moreski merely wanted Mala's technical skills was ridiculous. With her distinct dark-rainbow hair visible on every assignment she had had since she joined the Sector Guard, the mark of Moreski royal blood was undeniable. Her mask kept her face from being identified, but anyone who knew her mother, knew exactly who she was.

Evia Deeha was a proud parent who loved both her daughter and her choice of a husband. Not every mother wanted her child to marry an ex-Master Companion, but Evia had taken it as a sign that her daughter was very desirable. A chip off the old block so to speak.

They had managed to stop on Cadith on their way back from an assignment and she was quite taken with her new son-in-law.

When the Commander barked, "Go!" Isabi nodded and took Mala out the door before she could dig into Hyder's mood. She meant well, but sometimes she was too damn nosey for her own good.

They passed Helen in the hall and Isabi stopped her, "Hyder is having a bit of a rough day. Could you two spend some time together, it seems to calm him?"

The Terran pilot flipped her hair over her shoulders, exposing her piloting ports. "I will try, but the moron has to stop sending me off world. Man, I will be happy when the new jump ships are ready. Being a chauffeur is taking its toll."

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