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Class Zero

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Viola Grace

ISBN :978-1-4874-3198-3

Page :64

Word Count :19057

Publication Date :2021-01-15

Series : Stellar Born#3

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Class Zero (epub) , Class Zero (mobi) , Class Zero (pdf) , Class Zero (prc)

Category : Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-3198-3

Padana has negotiator training and an imperial bloodline. It makes her valuable to one man in particular…if he can find her.

Growing up in the shadow of one of Terra’s champions was a comfortable place to be. Padana was the third child of the Empress Amanda Tyrell of the Haldis Imperium, and she was a very requested bride.

Being a class zero like her mother, Padana has nothing to offer the next generation. Any child she bears will breed true to the father. This attracts a certain type of suitor who has every interest in her position as princess and none as her descendant of a champion. Padana finds this annoying.

Yomin is the heir to an empire, a guardian, and a descendant of a class zero himself. It is a requirement for his line that the aspects of Hredu breed true. Getting a portrait from the artist Rhoda had given him a woman to find, and locating her in the Haldis Imperium had meant some high-level negotiation. Fortunately, he had just met an excellent negotiator.

Padana’s eyes were welling, and she sniffled as she fought to keep from bawling outright. Her throat swelled, and she coughed slightly.

The proprietor looked at her. “So, are they hot enough?”

Padana nodded, and she carefully set the meat-filled pastry down. “Yes, yes, they are.” She nodded. “Just what the consort has been demanding. Box them up, and I will get them down to the household.”

The proprietor bowed and smiled. “I will wrap them up immediately.”

Padana nodded to her guard, and he followed the proprietor into the kitchen to supervise the loading of the shipment.

“Are they really that hot?” Lady Amerthet asked curiously.

Padana broke a piece of the highly peppered meat pie and handed it to Thet. “Try some.”

Thet took it and put it in her mouth, grabbed a napkin, and spit the item out. “How can you even swallow that?”


There was a masculine laugh a few tables down. Padana looked over, and a dark green male was looking toward her, amusement in his golden eyes. His crest of hair was a thick, dark wave.

She blushed and looked toward her companion. “It appears that we have an audience.”

“Do we, lady?” Thet smiled.

The man and his companion got up and walked over. “May we join you, ladies?”

Padana swallowed. “Certainly, but we are leaving in a few minutes.”

“I shall just have to make the most of it then. Are you from Torgny?” He sat down, and his Azon companion joined them.

“We are. We are on our way back with a gift for the consort. It is her birthday, and there are always challenges to come up with something unique. This year, I believe I have come across the perfect thing.”

He looked down at the pastries in front of her. “Are these them?”

She grinned. “Yes. I think she will enjoy them, and the emperor will be appalled.”

His dark emerald lips twisted into a smile. “You don’t fear the emperor?”

“No, the consort keeps him in a fairly good mood, and he doesn’t lash out at the population much.”

“So, you are ladies of the court?”

Thet looked away from the Azon’s handsome features and smiled at him. “Um, yes. We are both members of the court.”

He inclined his head and was about to speak when Thakos came out of the food prep area and froze at what he was seeing. “Mistress, you know that the consort would not approve.”

Padana sighed. “Right. Well, sir, it was charming meeting you, and I hope that your journey continues smoothly. Bright greetings to your day.” She crossed her arms over her chest and bowed deeply. It was the standard formal greeting to an heir to the throne of Hredu.

He blinked, and she got up, realizing what she had done. Thet scrambled to her feet, and they left with Thakos carrying the super spicy pastries.

They were at the port when the dockmaster approached and bowed. “Princess, your vessel was needed to transport another dignitary whose ship had suffered damage. A separate ship can be arranged for you if you need it.”

“Where is the other dignitary going?”

“He is landing on Torgny.”

Padana smiled. “Then where is the ship? I shall simply request the jump seats.”

“Well, he is looking for a pilot, so if you like, I can ask him if he will accept your services.”

“Please. We will wait in the lounge.”

He nodded, and a few minutes later, he came to her with a relieved smile. “He will accept your services as a pilot and transport your companions as well.”

“Excellent. Where did you put the shuttle?”

“In the secure area.”

She nodded. “Of course. Right, well, we are going to head over, and he can join us whenever.”

“I believe he is on the way.”

“Even better.” Padana nodded, and she led her companions to the secure area, where they went through complete bio scans that left her skin tingling.

She returned to her shuttle and settled into the pilot’s seat, running the pre-flight checks. Thakos was guarding the cockpit.

She saw the increase of life signs and cargo. She sent an announcement into the passenger area. “Sir, if you are ready to depart, we can get underway. The station’s rotation is optimal right now.”

“We are in, and our cargo is onboard. You may depart at your leisure.”

She smiled at the familiar voice. She spoke in Hredu. “Please, strap in. We need to do a drop from the station.”

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