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The Enemy Beneath

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Gabriella Bradley

ISBN :978-1-4874-4141-8

Page :202

Word Count :56679

Publication Date :2024-05-03

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : The Enemy Beneath (epub) , The Enemy Beneath (mobi) , The Enemy Beneath (pdf) , The Enemy Beneath (prc)

Category : Science Fiction Romance , Fantasy , What's New , Route 66

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-4141-8

Geologist Annelies Turner, her assistant Tristan, and her team venture into the famous Meteor Crater in Arizona to investigate mysterious phenomena.

In the heart of the Arizona desert, geologist Annelies Turner, her assistant Tristan, and her team venture into the landmark Meteor Crater, chasing the truth behind reports of a series of bizarre sightings.

As they delve deeper into the crater’s desolate landscape, the desertscape explodes into a forest of exotic alien flora. However, the excitement of their discovery is tempered by a growing sense of danger that hints at a cosmic mystery and danger beyond their wildest imaginations.

With the Earth trembling beneath their feet, Anne and her team are drawn deeper into the unknown, where answers could redefine the very fabric of reality itself.

Will they unlock the truth, or will the enigmatic forces of the crater consume them?

Before she could contemplate further, the ground suddenly shuddered violently. She stumbled for a moment, grateful for Tristan’s steadying hand. A powerful geyser unexpectedly erupted from the center of one of the widening cracks, shooting water high into the sky and drenching them in a fine mist. The air filled with the sounds of rushing water and the scent of minerals, creating a surreal atmosphere that seemed to defy reality.

“That’s impossible,” Anne murmured, staring at the geyser in disbelief. “There shouldn’t be water here.”

“Yet there it is,” Tristan muttered. Though he maintained his composure, his unease could easily be seen lurking beneath his outwardly calm demeanor.

Slowly, the geyser dwindled to just a bit of water bubbling up through the crack. The surrounding area was soaked, the thirsty soil instantly absorbing the water.

“Is it safe for us to continue?” Tommy’s voice wavered.

“Only one way to find out.” Anne would not let fear dictate her actions when they were so close to discovering the strange phenomena occurring in the crater. “We need samples of the water and surrounding rock.”

“Right,” Tristan nodded. “Let’s get to work, people.”

Anne dug in her backpack for equipment but couldn’t shake the sense of foreboding hanging over them like a dark cloud. But she was determined to uncover the secrets hidden within the crater, no matter what dangers might lie ahead. “Stay vigilant, everyone.” She steeled her resolve, but deep within, she couldn’t help wondering why this enigma decided to surface on the day of their arrival. “Whatever is going on here, we’re going to find out what’s causing it.”

Now that the water from the geyser had receded, the world around them had transformed, instantly becoming something altogether alien and unfamiliar. Everywhere the water soaked the soil a strange and vibrant array of instant alien flora seemed to grow at an ultrarapid rate. Anne stared in shock and awe as she took in the surreal sight around her. What had been cracked barren soil minutes ago now teemed with life—bizarre flowers unfurling their petals, otherworldly trees stretching towards the sky, and plants whose colors and shapes defied description. Whatever had caused this weirdness had waited until this very day to manifest.

“Am I dreaming?” Tommy whispered, his expression filled with awe and disbelief.

“Let’s hope not.” Tristan instinctively reached for the pistol at his side. “Because then we’re all sharing the same dream. I can’t believe my eyes.”

Anne couldn’t tear her gaze away from the strange phenomena. “Incredible.” Her scientific curiosity overcoming any sense of fear, she reached out tentatively, brushing her fingertips against the petals of a silvery flower. Her touch caused it to shimmer like liquid metal.

“Be careful,” Tristan warned. “We don’t know what these strange apparitions are capable of.”

“Exactly.” Anne’s mind roiled with possibilities. “But it’s our job to find out.” She turned to face him. “I’m glad it waited until we got here, or I wouldn’t have believed what just occurred. This could change everything we know about life on Earth.”

“Or it could get us killed,” Tommy chimed in, his exuberance now tempered by caution. “Maybe we should just grab some samples and get out of here.”

“Not yet. Look at that.” Anne drew everyone’s attention, pointing to shifting shadows at the edge of the newly formed garden. A hush fell over the team as an alien creature emerged from the foliage, its crystalline body casting prisms of light across the crater floor.

“Stay back,” Tristan hissed, positioning himself between the creature and his companions.

Anne couldn’t help but inch closer, her curiosity outweighing her sense of self-preservation. “Look at it,” she whispered, filled with wonder at the sight. “It’s absolutely beautiful.”

It looked as if it had been made of thousands of crystals, was around the size of a small bear, and it moved, proving it was alive…or perhaps battery operated? Was someone playing games with them?

“Beautiful and possibly deadly.” Tristan kept his finger hovering over the trigger of his phaser.

“Maybe not,” Anne mused, watching as the creature seemed to study them in return. “We don’t know anything about it yet. It’s not doing anything. It could be harmless.”

“Or it could be the first wave of an alien invasion,” Tristan countered, unable to hide the tremor in his voice. “We should go. Now.”

Anne hesitated, torn between her desire to learn more and the need to ensure their safety. But as she stared into the glowing eyes of the alien creature, she knew there was only one option. “Very well,” she conceded. “We should go for now. It’s getting late. By the time we climb back up to base camp, it’ll be dark. Maybe it’ll go back to wherever it came from. If it’s even real. It’s so translucent it could be some kind of holographic image. Maybe someone is playing games with us. We’ll come back tomorrow.”

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