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Christmas Child

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Gabriella Bradley

ISBN :978-1-55410-183-2

Page :227

Word Count :56750

Publication Date :2010-09-15

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Christmas Child (pdf) , Christmas Child (prc) , Christmas Child (epub) , Christmas Child (mobi)

Category : Contemporary Romance , Erotic Romance , Christmas

  • Product Code: 978-1-55410-183-2

Warning, contains a rape scene that is crucial to the story.

Susan Davies is about to graduate. Having been raised in a small farmer's community, she's led a sheltered life, especially so because of overprotective parents. Defying her parents one evening, she dresses in sexy clothing. On the way home, she accepts a ride from a stranger, again forgetting her parents' warnings.
Susan deals with the consequences by making wrong decisions and right decisions, but they cause her to grow up in a hurry.

Michael, a prominent figure in the medical world, has gone through a disastrous marriage. It has devastated him and goes on a drinking spree. When he sees a prostitute, he picks her up and takes her. However, to his sobering consternation, the woman is a virgin. After he's driven the woman back to town, he goes home and decides he wants to make right what he did wrong. But how?

Michael's and Susan's lives become intertwined in a story that deals with love, pain, sexuality, forming a union, acknowledging kinship, establishing bonds and intimacy, making decisions, struggling with temptation and the choice between right and wrong.

"Now, I demand an explanation."

"W-w-what d-do you mean?" she stammered.

"What the hell? Look at you. One minute you're a future librarian, the next minute you're ready to step out of Playboy."

She felt herself blushing to the roots of her hair. She had seen Playboy magazines, so she knew very well what they contained.

"Well, my parents are old-fashioned, as you know, and quite old, and they've kept me really protected and sheltered all this time. They would have an instant heart attack if they saw me wearing these clothes." The color rose to her face again, she felt. "These belong to Tracy."

He grinned at her.

"Well, babe, from now on, I don't care what you're wearing, but you're my girl." With that, he pulled her into his arms. He kissed her gently on the cheek and then found her lips. At first she wanted to draw back, because there was a small doubt nagging at her. Now that she looked like the rest of the girls, he suddenly had an interest in her. But she was still the same person… As the kiss deepened, the doubts vanished. This felt so good, so right, and she melted in his arms and returned his kisses. She felt his tongue probing, searching, playing with her, dancing inside her mouth, and her mind swam. He kissed her throat, her ears, and she vaguely felt his hand go down her top. She didn't care. Her whole body felt as if she was on fire, and thrill after thrill surged through her.

"Mmmmm, no bra," he murmured. He fondled her firm breasts, her erect nipples, and she sighed at the thrills he sent through her.

"Scott, I've never…"

"I know, baby, I know. I won't do anything to hurt you. We can love each other by feeling and touching. I'll teach you. Trust me, honey, trust me…" He spoke in a husky voice, all the time stroking and fondling her, then guided her hand to his erection.

She shied away at first, but finally gave in to these new, wild feelings. She knew what to do; she'd secretly read books, seen movies and listened to Tracy's experiences. She wasn't totally ignorant, and she was very curious about what a real cock felt like. Carefully, her fingers shaky, she encased it with her hand. It felt very big and hard. She could feel the blood pulse through it, and it matched the rhythm of her heart. Her fingers traced swollen veins beneath the silky skin that covered it. All she could do for now was feel it, but she longed to see it, to view his lean body in its naked glory.

Scott eased her down on the grass and slowly slipped the panty hose to her knees. His hand found the soft triangle between her legs, and he started to stroke her very softly, occasionally bending down to kiss her erect nipples and suck them gently. Again he guided her hand to his cock, whilst he continued to stroke her softly. When she slowly started to move her hand, his fingers found her already moist vagina. He parted her and entered her with his fingers, and started feeling, searching and moving them within her. She started to move her hips towards his hand and thought she would burst with the passion coursing through her body. Suddenly she felt a surge of release, and she felt content for the moment. At the same time, Scott had put his hand over hers and guided her hand to swiftly move the skin back and forth, and she felt his cum spilling over her hand. Then his cock slowly shrunk in her hand until it was soft and pliable. He took her in his arms and kept kissing her while she continued to fondle him.

Susan's feelings overwhelmed her. Was this love? She opened her eyes, and looked at him, and took his face between her hands. She said softly; "Scott, is this wrong? We didn't actually do it, so was this bad?"

He smiled down at her. "Oh, honey, you're so innocent, so sweet. No wonder your parents have hidden you under those awful clothes. Look at you! You're a princess. You're beautiful! Nothing is wrong when two people fall in love, but, my precious, I want to save the ultimate moment for later. This isn't the time or the place." He kissed her gently and played with her hair. "This glorious hair, don't you ever dare cut it. Honey, I've fallen madly in love with you. From now on, you're going to be Scott's girl, and anyone who laughs at you will get their teeth kicked in." He kissed her again and again, until he told her it was time to get back to the party. "Come on, let's get decent. We have to get back to the party or people will start wondering where we are." He pulled her up and helped her to straighten her clothes.

"What about my face? I don't have any make-up with me."

"You look just beautiful as you are. Come on."

They returned to find Tracy frantically searching for her. She pulled Susan away from Scott. "Where the hell have you been, Susie? I've been looking all over for you! You've been gone for more than an hour." Susan smiled and Tracy noticed the glow on her face and the flushed cheeks. She hugged her. "Oh, Susie, you and Scott?"

She whispered shyly; "Yes, he wants me to be his girl."

Tracy jumped with excitement. "You've got to be kidding. No girl in the school has been able to catch him, and you do it in one evening? Is it for real?"

Susan nodded shyly. "Do you think it's wrong, Tracy? I hardly know him. I mean…I do know him, but…"

"Hell no, Susan, he's the greatest guy. He's not only one of the best students, athletes and he's good-looking, but he's also really nice. You lucky duck, I'm jealous." She laughed and gave Susan a gentle push. "You'd better go back to him; you'll have to guard him with a gun from now on. Just because he's hooked up with you, that isn't going to stop the other girls. Matter of fact, they're sending you dagger glances already."

Susan joined Scott, who was talking to some of her classmates.

"Here, babe, let me introduce you to Larry, Dale and Stuart."

Susan smiled. Of course, she knew them all and they knew her.

"Hey, guys, this is my girl. Susan Davies."

They stared for a minute, and then started to get on Scott's case, giving him a really hard time about snapping her up, though it was all done in a friendly way.

"You dog, you snapped her up. It's not fair."

Scott just laughed and whisked her away to dance.

"They're so jealous," he whispered in her ear, and he kissed her on the lips in full view of everyone. "There, it's sealed. From now on, they'll know that you're mine."

Time went by too fast for her. Susan finally looked at her watch and saw with a start that it was just past midnight. "Scott, I have to find Tracy. It's after midnight, and I'm supposed to be home."

"I'll drive you home, Susan," Scott said.

"No, my parents are probably up and waiting. They would freak out on me if a guy brought me home. Thanks anyway. I'll see you at church tomorrow, or school on Monday."

"I'm sure your parents would approve of me," Scott grumbled. "Okay, I'll help you find Tracy." They searched, but Tracy had disappeared somewhere, probably with her latest boyfriend. Susan looked at her watch again. Shit, almost twelve-thirty. Her parents would never let her go out again. She met up with Scott and kissed him goodbye. He wanted to at least walk her home, but she declined. Some of the neighbors could see them together, and she knew that the walk home would take too long if he was with her. There wasn't time to change her clothes. She would have to risk getting into even more trouble. She flew out the door, pulling off her shoes and stripping off the pantyhose as she ran, hardly feeling the cold. Spring had started, but the nights were still frosty. The shortcut. She hesitated for a moment, but no, she had to. The shortcut meant saving almost ten minutes. She ran quickly through the path that wound through the fields.

As she came to the end of the path and started on the sidewalk, a car pulled up beside her and she stopped. For a moment she thought that Scott had followed her, but it was a car she'd never seen before in town.

"Do you want a ride?" a deep male voice asked her. She started to say no, but then she thought about it. What the hell, her parents didn't know this car. Why not? Nothing ever happened in this town, there was nothing to be scared off.

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Tags: Contemporary, Erotica