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Rebel Druid

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Gabriella Bradley

ISBN :978-1-4874-3148-8

Page :106

Word Count :30987

Publication Date :2021-03-19

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Rebel Druid (epub) , Rebel Druid (mobi) , Rebel Druid (prc) , Rebel Druid (pdf)

Category : Fantasy Romance , Paranormal Romance , Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-3148-8

What Ashina finds in her grandmother’s wine cellar sends her into a spiraling adventure…

Ashina has inherited her grandparents’ farm, but that is not all she has inherited.

As she spirals into an adventure that turns out to be more of a nightmare, she discovers long-buried secrets. And that is not all she uncovers. She hardly expected to find her soulmate along the way.

Evanthos has waited for his princess for hundreds of years. When she finally arrives, he assists her in a mission given to her by the gods, a quest that has awaited her since birth.

“That was some kind of portal. By the gods, where am I? And how do I get back?” she mumbled.

Steps led down, away from where she stood, which looked to be on top of a mountain. The scenery below was nothing like Durbania. The landscape was grim, austere, somber, with a hideous looking dark forest down in the valley. Its trees were nude, bare of any greenery.

Ashina felt something move in her hair. Dropping the staff, she reached up to swipe at it and felt branches protruding from her head. Pulling at whatever it was, did not work. As a matter of fact, it hurt, as if the limbs had attached themselves to her skull. Neither would they break off.

As she lifted her other hand to try and remove what had attached itself to her head, she noticed the protruding gold lines on her hand. Examining both hands, she carefully traced the lines with a finger and felt the contraption on her head move. Apparently, the golden veins were connected to it. Was it some sort of alien organism that had invaded her body? She had been to enough foreign planets where she had seen all kinds of strange apparitions, and she believed anything was possible.

Her sigh came from the depths of her body. “Gruma, what strangeness have you sent me into?”

Though her grandmother had not told her to enter that door. It was her explorative nature and curiosity that had caused her to investigate it.

She had no choice but to go forward since there seemed to be no way back to the wine cellar. Before heading down the steps, she tried a door opening spell. It did not work. Picking up the staff, she tapped it against the rockface a few times, but nothing happened. She turned and headed down the many steps before her. It seemed to take forever before she got to the bottom.

Every now and then, she shook her head, trying to get rid of the thing clutching her head and hair. She touched it again. It felt like a bunch of twigs. What kind of strange organism had invaded her body? Stopping, she gazed around. Where to go in this lifeless wasteland? As far as she could see, there was not a building, a house, a farm, or anything in sight other than dead trees.

She was about to go back up the steps to see if she could try a different spell to find the door back to the wine cellar when a sound came from above. Something grabbed her, and she swooshed upward. She held on tightly to the staff and fought against the vice around her body. It looked like a claw. She struggled, but it was no use and too late to use her magic because she would tumble to the ground far below.

Ashina looked up. A dragon? The beast was massive. How did I not hear it approaching? Am I its next meal? The dragon’s wings caused a cold wind, making her shiver. It descended and dropped her onto a ledge high above the ground. Quick as a flash, Ashina began to run for the cave she spotted at the back of the ledge. A man leapt toward her, and with a few big strides, he stood in front of her. Where did the dragon go? Gingerly looking behind her at the sheer drop, she edged backward slowly. She had to halt, or she would fall over the edge.

He was tall. Long black hair reached his waist, and he had piercing amber eyes that pinned her with a stare. And he was good-looking. Small scales dotted his forehead and down the sides of his angular face. Sensual sculptured lips slowly formed a smile.
“You have returned, milady,” he said in a deep drawling voice and bowed.

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