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Scarlet Desires

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Gabriella Bradley

ISBN :978-1-4874-3699-5

Page :104

Word Count :31564

Publication Date :2023-03-24

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Scarlet Desires (epub) , Scarlet Desires (mobi) , Scarlet Desires (pdf) , Scarlet Desires (prc)

Category : Erotica , Science Fiction , Bizzaro

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-3699-5

The hunk waiting for her at the end of the rainbow…if only that dream were real…

The rainbow haunted Sharina’s dreams from when she was a little girl. When an unknown uncle leaves her a sizable estate in England, Sharina travels there to claim it.

But there is more to the inheritance than just claiming it and selling the estate… Sharina discovers her real rainbow only to find it spiraling her into a world of lust she never could have imagined.

A colorful rainbow split the sky in half in a medley of colors of bright red, blue, yellow, green, and mauve, melding together as if painted on canvas. As Sharina embraced it, she felt awed seeing the rainbow so close. As a child, she’d always wanted to see it up close, wondering about its colors, wanting to touch it, and now she had her wish. Puffs of mellow pastel clouds surrounded her, resembling cotton balls, a soft, glowing mist enveloping her body in a warm embrace. It felt so good, so warm, almost as if she were one with the universe. She turned onto her back and lay gazing at the wonderful spectrum surrounding her. It was all so dreamy, so exotic, and exciting. Moisture trickled slowly down her inner thighs as she embraced the ecstasy of heavenly love, of sublime heights, as nothing on Earth had or could ever give her.

She ran her hands over her body, her skin as smooth as the finest silk, now glowing just like the mist that stroked it. Thrill upon thrill coursed from her chest through her stomach and abdomen to settle between her legs, causing her clit to throb with longing. She spotted a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, relished the feeling of running her hands through its shiny contents, its gold rubbing off on her fingers, shiny, exotic, the experience adding to her bizarre dream and libido.

She withdrew her hand from the pot, gazed at it, then rubbed some of the gold on her nipples and her clit. Playing with her hard nub, she opened her legs wide and lifted her hips a little, opening the lips with her fingers. She tensed her abdominal muscles, sucking the warm air around her into her moist opening. Soft puffs of cloud entered her, stroking the inner walls of her vagina, lubricating her, settling near her womb. Juices gushed over her hand, soaking her fingers. She withdrew her hand and held it up. Her normally pearly cream was now bright red and glowing.

All her movements were like quicksilver, slowly, languidly, deliciously rippling across her body, touching, feeling, playing, and bringing her ecstasy almost to a burning peak. She rubbed the bright red liquid over her nipples, then raised her fingers to her lips, licking, tasting, sucking like a babe, savoring its honey sweetness. Nectar from the gods.

A bright scarlet light lit up the heavens, its warmth beckoning, welcoming, long tendrils reaching out to her with a tender touch. She gazed at it with an intense longing and an urge to run into its waiting arms, its reaching fingers that stroked her, pulled her toward...

She didn’t know what, but she knew she wanted it, needed it. The scarlet light became brighter, so brilliant it hurt her eyes to look at it. It formed into a star, and as it came closer, she thought she saw the faint shadow of a man’s face in its center.

Slowly, her body started to slide along the rainbow toward the scarlet star. Her breath stalled, excitement coursing through her as she slid faster and faster, nearly but not quite reaching the end. It felt like the fastest roller-coaster ride she’d ever been on, except the sensations she experienced were tender, devoid of fear. An intense desire spread through her body—a burning in her loins, a throbbing of her clit, her crotch aching with lust.

Her body sped down the rainbow toward its unknown destination. A spectrum of color swirled around her as she crashed through layer upon layer of downy clouds toward that star. Close, yet always out of reach as her hand tried to gain contact. Her long blonde hair blew around her face. A soft perfumed breeze whipped the long curls around her body, stroking her nipples, causing them to rise and become hard pebbles and the areolas to pucker. She heard soft music in the distance, a male voice humming a melody, one she knew but could not quite place. His voice was mellow, warm, husky, inviting, and incredibly sexy.

The scarlet star faded slowly, and there he was, waiting for her at the end of the rainbow like a pot of gold. She gazed at his magnificent nude body. His skin glowed as if painted with the sparkling red stardust, his muscles of steel flexed, and his proud masculine face was surrounded by a mantle of scarlet hair. He had a strong chin and sensitive lips that were slightly parted as if waiting for her kiss. His eyes glowed and raked over her body. She squirmed under his hot gaze, almost feeling his touch, his cock reaching for her. She dared to look at that part of him, and as she’d imagined, it was erect, large, pointing straight at her weeping pussy.

The slide down the rainbow seemed endless. Sharina wished it faster, to crash into that magnificence waiting for her, but her wish didn’t work. Just as she seemed to reach him, he’d move back, fading a little. She tried to call out to him, beg him for release, for him to fill her, but no sound came from her lips.

Suddenly a loud bell disturbed her serenity. She looked around, annoyed at the disturbance, and felt the rainbow disappear from underneath her. The beautiful spectrum turned an inky black, and she fell into a dark void, falling faster and faster until her body spun out of control.

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Tags: Bizzaro, Science Fiction, Erotica