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Dedushka's Legacy

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Gabriella Bradley

ISBN :978-1-4874-2875-4

Page :118

Word Count :35456

Publication Date :2020-06-19

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Dedushka's Legacy (mobi) , Dedushka's Legacy (prc) , Dedushka's Legacy (epub) , Dedushka's Legacy (pdf)

Category : Fantasy Romance , Romance , Noted

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-2875-4

Raised in a cave, Yuliana has little knowledge of the outside world. She lives on her dreams, her fantasies…and her visions.

Yuliana has been raised in a cave by her Russian grandfather. She is devastated when her deda doesn’t return from a shopping excursion.

After three weeks, Yuliana decides to break open her grandfather’s desk to look for clues. In it, she finds his memoirs. When she reads them, she is shocked at the first recorded date. Impossible. It meant that her deda was more than three-hundred years old.

Completely confused by the journal, Yuliana has no idea what to do, or what the pearl in the oyster shell means. Should she embrace it? When she places her hands on it, she is shocked to hear a voice behind her, and she faces a young man—the man she’d seen in her visions…

Yuliana left the computer on so she could play on it later and went to the desk. She opened the shell and gazed at the pearl. It emitted a soft glow and seemed to pulse as if it were alive. She hesitated. What would happen if she cradled it in her hands, just like in the vision?

Hesitantly, she reached out and carefully rested her fingertips on it. It felt warm, alive. A tremor shook her body as what felt like an electrical shock traveled from her fingers up her arm. Drawn to the pearl now, like a moth to a flame, she rested her full hand on the smooth exterior. She felt the soft pulsing from within it, then raised her other arm and felt the force of the pearl draw that hand toward it as well.

Cradling it now with both hands, they began to glow until she could see the veins beneath her skin, her blood flowing through them, and the skeletal bones of her hands clearly visible. She stood frozen in time, gazing at them. Brilliant flashes of light emitted from the pearl, dancing around her, some touching her. It almost felt as if her skin was on fire, yet she felt no fear. Quite the opposite. The purest stream of tranquility flowed through her. Then…knowledge infused her mind, and everything she needed to know became clear.

“Accept your legacy, Yuliana,” a deep male voice spoke behind her. “Lift the pearl and hold it to your heart.”

The voice startled her, but her attention stayed on the pearl. Magically, the gem began to lift from the shell. Her hands brought it to her chest, and she rested it between her breasts and held it there. The lights became more intense, bouncing on and off her body, surrounding her like a huge shimmering aura. A jolt of energy surged throughout her, so fierce, it caused her to gasp.

“What is happening to me?” she whispered.

To her surprise, the male voice spoke again.

“By holding the pearl to your heart, you have accepted your legacy, Yuliana. You are now one of us.”

Were the gods speaking to her? Deda’s gods? Two thin rays of radiant light emitted from the pearl and began to travel up and down her arms as if stroking them. It felt like hundreds of tiny needles pricking her skin.

Slowly, it stopped, and the pearl cooled, the lights slowly fading. Yuliana stood for moments before setting the pearl inside the shell. She turned around and stepped back in shock. Facing her was the young man from her visions. He had the palest green eyes, the irises ringed with black. His black hair was drawn back, tiny tendrils escaping to frame his angular face. Sculptured lips formed a slight smile above a strong dimpled chin.

“Who are y-you? H-how did you g-get here?” she asked, stammering a bit.

“I am Jalbin Ryndanth, The Redeemer, from the planet Nogara in the Xurocian Galaxy. My family and friends call me Jal.”

She pulled herself together and smirked. “Right, and I am Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan.”

He frowned. “You are Yuliana Zinosky, granddaughter of Lexandero and Anasta Zinosky.”

“Princess Leia is a character in a science fiction series my grandfather has recorded. I often watch it on TV. It’s called Star Wars. I was being sarcastic. In other words, tell me another story. How did you get here?”

He remained standing there, blocking her, towering over her. He looked normal enough, wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and a black leather jacket. If what he said was true, wouldn’t he be dressed in the warrior gear he was wearing in her vision?

“I have much to tell you. Can we sit?” His smile set little lights dancing in his eyes.

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