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Waves of Infinity

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Mark Alders

ISBN :978-1-55487-779-9

Page :181

Word Count :48050

Publication Date :2011-03-01

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Waves of Infinity (prc) , Waves of Infinity (epub) , Waves of Infinity (mobi) , Waves of Infinity (pdf)

Category : Erotic Romance , LGBTQIA+ Romance , Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-779-9

WARNING: this book contains male homoerotica and a male homoerotica ménage. Julian Cavanaugh is the captain and co-inventor of the energy wave-surfing ship, known as the Infinity. This is its maiden voyage, and along with his husband, an alien named C’tosh, he is in for the ride of his life. Not only are there government suits on board, wanting to cause trouble, but instead of good old fashioned army lads, the ship is populated with scientists. Oh, Julian’s day is going to get worse as the engines fire and the ship careens out of the solar system toward Vega Prime. Then the unthinkable happens. The ship goes beyond all expectations and cruises at speeds the computer can’t even register. With C’tosh in a panic, how will Julian get back home to Earth without resorting to shooting the government suits who insist his parentage is less than desirable? To make matters worse, stopping at such a speed will cause a lot of worry. If they aren’t blown to bits, that is.

Supper consisted of ships rations. C’tosh and Julian saw to it that everyone was fed and warm before they finally tucked in for the night themselves. All except the government group, that was. Julian assumed that they must be staying on board the Infinity, but really he couldn’t be certain. He simply didn’t have the time to go check up on them anyway.

“They’re all big and ugly enough to take care of themselves,” Julian said to no one in particular as he looked up at the ship. “If they want something they’ll surely come and get it.”

The strange sounds of the night began to overtake the campsite as the darkness became more and more solid. Instead of the familiar sounds of people talking and going about their business, more unnatural noises started to creep into his attention as the night wore on. Sounds that mimicked dogs barking or frogs or cicadas could only be imagined as such, this world was alien, after all.

Julian knew that the noises were not made by dogs or anything else Earth-like. Here, in this strange place, there were alien creatures. Creatures that could be sizing them up right now. Or they could be harmless grazers, eating from the lush fern field, minding their own business. Julian could only make educated guesses as to what anything was. And really that made matters worse for him, for he imagined all sorts of beasts. None of them pleasant.

One thing was certain though, the simple fact that all of these strange and eerie noises could be heard frighteningly close to the camp concerned him. Then again, the stillness of the night was deceptive when it came to judging distance. Julian stayed up as long as he could, keeping an eye on the campsite.

When tiredness made its presence felt all too well, Julian scrambled into the tent C’tosh had set up for them.

“I’ve been waiting for you, baby,” the Procyon said with a soft smile on his plump lips.

Julian didn’t waste any time. He scrambled into the sleeping bag with his husband, disrobing as fast as he could at the same time. “I’m ready if you are.”

“I’ve been yearning for you all day. I need your flesh inside me. Make me happy, baby. Take me to the heavens so I can feel the breath of Arumsa’ar upon my cheeks.”

“I love it when you talk dirty.”

They kissed, one deep and long and oh, so needed. Julian groaned as his husband’s tongue danced around his. He loved the taste, so sweet and strong, of his dear C’tosh.

When parted, Julian pulled back on the material of the sleeping bag that covered his husband. He was naked, his body perfect, well-toned and without an ounce of fat. Tufts of pure white hair sprang from his armpits, matching those that graced his groin. He was so handsome. His cock was flaccid, his foreskin still covering his head perfectly. Julian would soon change that and he came to kiss C’tosh on his chest, concentrating his efforts around the areole of his nipples, leaving wet trails all over his deep crimson skin.

Seconds later, the tent was bathed in a warm red light. Julian smiled. He then knew without doubt that his husband was happy. When reaching a point of sexual arousal, the testicles of the Procyon males glowed. C’tosh’s were so bright Julian could have read by the light if he so wished. But not now. Now he had other plans.

He wanted C’tosh, and with his tongue, made his way down to take his hard cock into his mouth. His husband tasted fantastic, again sweet and exotic, like a tropical fruit dripping over with maple syrup, especially now that his foreskin had retracted and he could get at his bulging head with ease. C’tosh moaned.

Julian sucked and slurped, taking in his husband as far as he would go. The Procyon was huge, just how Julian liked it.

“By the breath of Arumsa’ar, you’re so good, baby.” C’tosh’s stomach quivered and he writhed underneath Julian’s attention.

Then Julian came away. C’tosh’s hardness slapped onto his skin. The light from his balls was all he required as he wriggled up so he could get himself into a better position, his cock at his husband’s sweet hole.

“You got the lube?” Julian barked, but not as an order, more out of desperation for he wouldn’t last long himself at this rate. C’tosh always had that effect on him, especially when his sexual light made everything around seem so inviting, so alluring.

C’tosh, in the throes of ecstasy rummaged under the pillow to produce a small tube. Julian took it from his lover’s shaking hands and applied the fluid within to his hard cock in an ample dose. He was so hard, his foreskin had retracted of its own accord, too. His head as red as C’tosh’s skin.

“Be quick, my big, beautiful man,” C’tosh said with a wanting growl. “I need your flesh and I need it now.”

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