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Negotiator of Worlds

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Mark Alders

ISBN :978-1-77111-250-5

Page :140

Word Count :47258

Publication Date :2012-06-17

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Negotiator of Worlds (pdf) , Negotiator of Worlds (prc) , Negotiator of Worlds (epub) , Negotiator of Worlds (mobi)

Category : Erotica

  • Product Code: 978-1-77111-250-5

Liam is a boy born with special powers. What exactly those powers are for, only though the course of his first eighteen years will he come to fully understand. He is to become a negotiator. When he comes of age, he must also become a man to fulfill his duties, be the person he was created to be. Only then can he avert an all out war between humanity and a technologically advanced alien race known as the Astashante. The only problem with Liam being able to accomplish all he can be…is Liam himself. Can he overcome his own failings? Or will he fail, as many have before him?

He got onto his knees.

With a moan of approval from Toby, Liam took his friend’s cock into his mouth, making sure he retracted his foreskin so he could get at his engorged and beautiful head to taste all of him, experience all of him. No sooner had his lips touched Toby’s sensitive skin than he found that he was also massaging his balls. Again Toby groaned. Toby’s balls were fine, all huge and ripe and not too hairy.

Liam hoped he was doing it right. He had never sucked off a guy before, and the store clerk didn’t say anything about blowjob techniques. How hard did the suction have to be? Did you have to take it all into your mouth? Did you swallow or spit afterwards? Still, Toby seemed to be enjoying it. He had even gained a rhythm, pushing his cock in and out of Liam’s mouth in time with his head movements without grabbing on and forcing Liam to work. Toby sure was a gentleman making sure he didn’t gag.

Toby also tasted bitter.

Yet, at the same time, that bitterness held a sweetness beyond the initial burst of flavour that saturated Liam’s mouth. Along with the musty smell of his pubes and all the other manly odours, Liam actually found he enjoyed giving Toby his attention. He could do it for as long as his jaw allowed. Sure, Toby wasn’t the biggest guy he had ever seen. Paul was bigger. But even the most modest dick could still make the mouth ache if given enough time.

“My turn,” Toby said, his voice a quiver, a mere whisper of its former self. It seemed to Liam he was close to climax. His stomach quivered.

Liam pulled back. Toby’s cock was slick with his saliva. The main dorsal vein which fed his cock and foreskin was bulging, accentuated by his hardness. Liam didn’t want to let it go. He wanted to lavish more and more attention on him until he blew his load and he could feel him go flaccid in his mouth.

Soon, Toby was at Liam. His boyfriend’s big, brown eyes looking up at him while he sank Liam’s cock into his mouth, deeper and deeper. Fuck it was hot, watching him take in as much as he could, so eager he grabbed Liam’s arse and pulled him closer. Liam’s stomach did somersault’s, his cock now tingling from the attention of Toby’s lips and tongue. In fact, Toby was nose deep in Liam’s pubes before he could blink. The man was amazing. Where had he learned to suck on dick so damn well?

“I’m not going to last long,” Liam said with a guttural growl.

It wasn’t a lie. Toby was brilliant, and that tongue of his needed to be declared a national treasure and insured for millions. The way he rolled it around Liam’s big, fully engorged head, concentrating on his frenulum, getting under the folds of his foreskin, all were just fucking perfect. Liam couldn’t feel anything other than tingles of pleasure all over.

Liam collapsed.

Thankfully, Toby was alert. With a loud slurp, he disengaged from Liam’s cock and jumped up to grab him. He caught Liam. Seconds later, they were rolling around on the grass, their embrace tight.

Then there was a moment of nervous laughter before Toby kissed Liam. That wonderful tongue of his, the one that had made him fall to the ground, was now dancing around in his mouth, conquering him, demanding he submit in the most delicious way possible.

Liam submitted.

Toby reached over to his jeans, pulling out a condom packet. Liam wanted to be the one to pitch, but was content for Toby to do so this time. After all, being a boyfriend was about being an equal. Again nervousness rose up inside him. He licked his lips, taking away the tang of Toby’s saliva, the bitterness of his own pre-cum that had transferred from the blow job earlier. He had never been fucked before and if it was half as good as getting a blowjob he’d be knocked into unconsciousness for a week.

“Ready?” was all Toby said once he had made sure he was fully retracted and the condom was in place and well lubricated.

Liam replied by opening his legs.

It seemed the expertise Toby had with his tongue didn’t translate so well when it came to the actual physical action of being with another man. There were many missed attempts, awkward pushes, which resulted in Liam’s gasping with pain but no actual penetration. The problem, as far as Liam could tell, was that he was trying to push his cock in straight on, not letting the arsehole relax enough so he could proceed any further. From Liam’s experience, and when he fingered himself when he got super horny, he knew he had to come at his ring from above, sliding his finger in that way. He had to let his arsehole get used to the idea of something going in that way. He was about to suggest it to Toby, when he realised his boyfriend seemed to be frustrated. He couldn’t blame him. Anal sex wasn’t about pumping away at the bottom, as deep and hard as possible. It was about the connection between two men, both working in unison. A connection that was both wonderful and personal on all levels. A connection only men could experience.

“It’s okay,” Liam whispered. “It’s my first time, too.”

Toby nodded, pulling himself away for a moment to stimulate himself, regain his hardness. Liam opened his legs wider. He ran his finger down to his asshole, making sure he started at the back of his balls so he got the right line. Toby smiled, obviously appreciating the gesture.


“I’m ready for you now.” Liam had loosened his arsehole, inserting his finger, making himself shudder with delight so Toby could see how it was done and follow his lead.

Toby caught on.

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Tags: Adult, Alien, Erotic Romance, Futuristic, Gay, GLBT, Science Fiction