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Time of the Soul

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Mark Alders

ISBN :978-1-55487-579-5

Page :208

Word Count :45872

Publication Date :2011-06-19

Series : The Pembroke Eve Chronicles#3

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Time of the Soul (pdf) , Time of the Soul (prc) , Time of the Soul (epub) , Time of the Soul (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance , LGBTQIA+ Romance , Horror , Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-579-5

Time of the Soul continues the adventure a month after the events of Light of the Body. This time the townsfolk are celebrating the Spring Dance. An event that will hopefully kick away the worries of past incidents in the town. Although, even an occasion such as the Spring Dance can't remain uneventful for long, especially because this is Pembroke Eve, after all. Unfortunately, for Jacob things are about to get really weird as a pan-dimensional being whisks him away just as Corey Harrington decides to make a scene at the dance and start throwing punches.

The being, who also happens to fall in love with Jacob, shows him a different past, a possible present and a future he must choose. But the consequences of the being's love is more than Jacob can handle or allow to happen. He will lose all of his friends and a life he thought he had if he accepts the being. Something he knows cannot possibly happen.

Jacob is alone, without Callum or Zane or Suzy this time. Even Mr. Barnaby and his strange friend can't really help in the alternate reality the being has created to woo Jacob into his web. In the end, Jacob must resort to making a deal with the devil--his arch enemy Corey Harrington--and use all of his wits to make sure his life is as it should be before the being discovers his plan and decides that Jacob no longer deserves his affection…or his life.

I don’t know whether I said yes or not, but in what seemed an instant, I was in some sort of house overlooking the ocean. I guessed we were on the golden mile in Thomas’s home. It was lavish, probably too nice. Everything looked expensive, from the pictures on the walls to the vases on display on fancy plinths. Even the furniture looked as though it belonged in a ritzy show room.

“Welcome to our home,” he said nonchalantly as he threw his jacket over the nearest chair.

Again I was confused. “I really don’t know this place. I really don’t know you, to be honest. This is all just too much for me, I’m sorry.”

“Perhaps this will help refresh some of those memory cells of yours,” he said with a voice so sultry and manly at the same time I think that alone would have got me hard had it not been for the fact he pulled down his pants right there and then, taking the initiative and getting his clothes off first.

Thomas was a fine man, skinny yes, perhaps too skinny like Zane, but I didn’t care. What was before me pleased me to no end. Then again, I liked that sort of frame on a guy, so it would have been a pleasure no matter what. He was hard, yet his foreskin, a nice pucker tip, remained over his head even in his obvious state of arousal. He had shaved his pubic hair, too. Not too much, more of a trim, a neatening up of anything out of place he might grow. I liked it.

“Geez, you’re damn fine,” I said with a gasp as I went closer to him.

Seeing him like this was different, one that had only been possible in my dreams before this day.

“And I’m all yours, my darling.” He slipped off his shirt. His nipples were hard. God he was hot. His chest was hairless, but his stomach had a delightful little snail trail of blonde hair from his naval. He was a geeky guy, lanky and somewhat awkward no question, but there was a charm about him as well. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but as I stared at him, taking in his awkward beauty, I noticed his almost white hair and eyebrows complemented his milky complexion perfectly. He even had freckles over his body to match those on his nose. Perhaps that was it, he was different and I celebrated that difference. You could even say he was an albino, although his eyes were a gorgeous deep blue and his hair did have some colour, even though only a pale blond. Yep. He was different.

“But I don’t know you. You don’t know me. How did we ever get to this? When did we ever get to this?”

“I’ll show you the how.”

He undid my belt. Seconds later, my pants were at my ankles and he fumbled in my underwear for my cock. I stirred well before he grabbed it and brought it out of my clothes for him to feast his eyes upon and enjoy.

“But…but.” My protest was a weak one. I wanted to see where this would go. My animal instincts took over my reason. My lust rose up to control me. I loved that feeling.

“I want to join with you,” he said, his voice rather hard I had to admit considering the circumstances. This was supposed to be an intimate moment.

I was somewhat disappointed by his words. “Don’t you believe in foreplay, then?”

“You don’t understand.”

“Yeah, I do. You want to fuck me and that’s the sum of it all. Right?”

“No. I said join not copulate. There is a difference.”

As I was about to ask him to clarify what he meant, he retracted my foreskin, revealing my beautiful moist red head. Pre-cum dribbled from my piss slit. I shuddered, the sensation of the cool air touching my sensitive skin was very erotic and I couldn’t wait to see what he would do to me next, if indeed the joining was something different to a fuck.

He retracted his own foreskin. I think I was beginning to understand. Geez, he wanted to cock dock. So he did believe in foreplay. I’d never been docked before and my mind turned with delightful thoughts about how this would feel.

How wrong was I?

When he touched his cock onto mine, electricity charged from him into me, transmitted easier by our pre-cum. Bright energy arcs passed from him into me. He rolled my foreskin over his head to cover it. Pins and needles consumed my body and my heart beat loud in my ears. More and more jolts of energy entered my body from his cock. I yelped. My balls ached and my stomach churned.

“What…is…this?” My lips were so numb I couldn’t form words properly. I realised I was being propped up by the wall, otherwise I think I would have slumped onto the floor. I was unable to control my muscles and could only watch as he continued to do whatever it was he was going to do to me.

He smiled and stared deep into my eyes as he rolled his foreskin over me, locking our cocks together. We had joined. When he let his hand go, because they were no longer needed to keep our cocks together, I experienced something different.

No longer did it feel as though electricity was coursing through me. Rather, it felt as though I were being siphoned, as if some sort of energy was being taken out of me. It felt as though my blood, my life force was being taken from me. Or was he draining away my sexual energy? Was he taking my cum? I didn’t feel the pangs of ecstasy, far from it. No, this was something else. But what?

Being pressed against the wall I had nowhere to go. He held my hands tight above me to stop me from manually breaking our join. I was too weak to resist him anyway. My vision blurred from the effects of what he was doing. I couldn’t handle the sensation of being siphoned any more. I had to get his foreskin off my cock, break the docking, before he drained me completely. I could feel my life ebb away.

I squirmed, pressing my arse against the wall, trying to gain some distance between us. Pain shot up from my cock. My foreskin stretched over his head. Any movement caused great discomfort.

“Don’t,” he yelled, his voice acidic and filled with disapproval. “Not yet. I haven’t completed the transfer.” He came closer to me. Our cocks stayed connected, the tightness of his foreskin over me making doubly sure the seal wasn’t easy to pull away from. He knew I wouldn’t have been able to break our connection without using my hands and I didn’t fancy a split foreskin, so I couldn’t pull away. I had no choice but to wait for him to complete whatever it was he was doing.

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