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Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Mark Alders

ISBN :978-1-55487-958-8

Page :117

Word Count :24793

Publication Date :2011-08-04

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Transference (pdf) , Transference (prc) , Transference (epub) , Transference (mobi)

Category : Erotica , Mainstream Fiction , Science Fiction , LGBTQIA+

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-958-8

Rava is a transferrer. Cybernetic implants have helped him become the most desirable transferrer his Metropolis has ever seen, and that’s even before his first transfer.

Why? Because he can store the most data within his storage banks—his testicles, that’s why. A fact he comes to realize all too well when the whole of human knowledge has been downloaded into him by an Oracle who dreams of an information revolution. An Oracle who Rava has an infatuation for to complicate matters even more for him.

Unfortunately for Rava, the data he carries makes him a target for all who oppose such ideas, which is just about everyone else in the city. Can he survive long enough to preserve his precious cargo? Or will the knowledge he carries be lost forever? Humanity not able to grow, enslaved by the Oracles who want to keep controlling the information for their own benefit.


“Please prepare your jack for insertion into the port, RavaTransferUnit6700. Data transfer will occur as soon as you are ready and will only take a few moments. You may feel uncomfortable, but the process is safe and you are in no danger. Just relax and let the data work its way to your storage banks.”

“Call me Rava,” he said, nervousness making his voice come out more like a girlish giggle. Still, he unzipped his pants, ones which were designed specifically for easy access by falling away completely once the duel zipper which ran the length of the pants was undone.

Rava was semi-erect already. The thought of inserting his cock into a machine designed for him, as this was his Source Port and his alone, was somewhat erotic, he had to admit.

“Please accept visual aid stimulation, RavaTransferUnit6700.”

Rava looked straight ahead toward a green light. Images of humans copulating filled his mind, sounds of their passion enhancing the visuals. They were males, as was his preference and something which had been programmed into his Port during pre-download protocol earlier. With one hand, he retracted his foreskin—data can only be transferred down the urethra, after all—and with one fluid motion, pushed his now hard cock into the sphincter-like apparatus as far as it would go. A squelching sound resulted. The noise of his entry to the Data Point even more intense than the guttural cries of pleasure emanating from his stimulation aid which played in his mind’s eye.  

Seconds later, a sting pierced his consciousness for a brief moment, emulating from the end of his glans, followed by a nauseous wave which almost made him lose balance. He wouldn’t know the information being transferred inside him. After all, information stored in the testes wasn’t accessible by the brain. To gain data in such a way was one of the major advantages of sensitive information being placed inside a human and another reason why it was so secure. No access other than copulation could reveal the secrets he held within his flesh. In fact, transferrers could go about their whole lives like anyone else, until the information was required and a specialist receiver obtained the data from him to then pass onto an End User or Oracle via an upload point.

Warmth consumed Rava. This time the sensation originated from his balls. He imagined they’d be low and engorged, the information soaking into the fluids within, becoming his sperm. He smiled. Seemed his first data transfer was going well.

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Tags: Mainstream, Science Fiction, Erotica, LGBT