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Centaur's Awakening

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Mark Alders

ISBN :978-1-55487-716-4

Page :263

Word Count :87008

Publication Date :2010-12-30

Series : Keeper of the Land#2

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Centaur's Awakening (prc) , Centaur's Awakening (pdf) , Centaur's Awakening (mobi) , Centaur's Awakening (epub)

Category : Erotica , Fantasy , LGBTQIA+

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-716-4

Those who are for the cause of good should never give up.

WARNING: this book contains a heterosexual scene.

Logan, deeply soaked with unicorn magic, is the ultimate slave to the unicorn, his mind, body and soul completely forfeit to the unicorn's whims. Blake on the other hand has his fair share of troubles with the centaurs, a rival clan to the ones on the farm capturing him and forcing him to see his once innocent world in a different light. The unicorn's son, Keallan, is the brothers' only hope. Can he rise up and overcome his own failings to help the two men before Logan is totally lost and Blake is held forever by the centaur clan? And can all this prevent the bloodshed that will soon follow as the unicorns and the centaurs prepare for war?

Logan couldn't sleep.

He had returned to the house and lay on his own bed, leaving Blake and Keallan in the stable.

Something disturbed him, something deep within and he needed to get away from the place that bought so much anguish, so much fear into his heart. The time he had spent with Aidenock was the most frightening and most beautiful of his life. But his stain wouldn't be simple to remove. His power ran deep within him. He could feel it. Sense it. It gnawed away at him like termites on the foundations of a house.

Logan broke out into a cold sweat.

He had to rid himself of his influence and to stay in the stable only served to remind him of his weakness. How he had been used as the unicorn's puppet. He was his familiar, to do with as he pleased. That thought sickened him.

The things he had done embarrassed him. Even though Blake said he had forgiven him, he could tell otherwise. He could see it in his brother's eyes that things were not yet fully healed between them. The trust they once shared had been broken.

A unicorn melded into view in his mind. At first it galloped along the ceiling in the dark of his room. Then it turned to him and approached.

Logan sat bolt upright and gasped for breath. "Leave me alone," he screamed into the dark. "I did what you asked. Isn't that enough? Now leave me alone."

He realised he had moved his hand beyond the elastic of his track pants and touched himself. He was erect. The sight of the unicorn had aroused him, crowded his thoughts with its presence and overtaken his desires.

Again the unicorn came into view. Again it came to him. This time the image was clearer. He could see the unicorn's features. How beautiful they were. Golden eyelashes, large bulbous eyes that shone in the sunlight and a spire that was ignited upon its poll.

Logan couldn't help himself. He shuddered, feeling himself take down his track pants and begin to ease his tension. More and more the image of the unicorn crowded his mind. Teasing him, disappearing and then once more appearing.

In the moments when the unicorn was absent in his mind's eye, he felt himself, enjoyed his own flesh like he had done when Aidenock was with him.

He groaned, writhing on the bed, the gentle sound of his hand over his erection all that filled the room. He pleasured himself, touched the silkiness of his foreskin and retracting it until he could rub his own pre-ejaculate all over his engorged length. In raptures of pleasure, he climaxed.

His seed stained his stomach and glowed with Aidenock's power. The only light in the darkness was that of his own creation and he dabbed his fingers into the light so that his fingertips glowed with his magically enhanced sperm.

Logan felt his own fluid between his fingers then tasted himself, letting his salt wash over his tongue. It was then he let out a gasp of relief, for his curiosity was satiated. His lips quivered, satisfied he had purged more of the unicorn's magic from within himself, rid himself of more of his power. He tasted as he should.

Yet, even as the blood in his cock withdrew and he went flaccid, he could still feel the unicorn's presence, like it was breathing over the back of his neck, always watching him, always present. The unicorn was not in his mind so that it could become a cohesive vision, but enough so that it disturbed him, a remnant of a memory that festered within him.

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Tags: Adult, Erotica, Fantasy, Gay, GLBT