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Yuletide Flux

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Gabriella Bradley

ISBN :978-1-4874-4118-0

Page :108

Word Count :29280

Publication Date :2023-12-15

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Yuletide Flux (epub) , Yuletide Flux (mobi) , Yuletide Flux (prc) , Yuletide Flux (pdf)

Category : Fantasy Romance , Romance , Science Fiction Romance , Christmas

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-4118-0

A brilliant scientist’s life takes a mind-bending turn when she receives a mysterious gift that opens gateways to other dimensions.

Dr. Nuria Dietrich, a brilliant scientist obsessed with unraveling the secrets of teleportation, is about to have her world turned upside down. After receiving a mysterious gift that opens doorways to other dimensions, she teams up with Roman Maynard, a charming interdimensional courier.

When the artifact opens up a portal drawing the pair into it, they embark on a wild ride where they’ll encounter the strangest things—and someone who is bent on stealing the device for his own evil purpose.

“All right, let’s try this again,” Nuria muttered to herself as she focused intently on the intricate array of wires and circuits before her. She held her breath as she made a minute adjustment to the teleportation device she had been working on tirelessly for months. The project consumed her every waking moment. But she knew that unlocking the secrets of teleportation would change the world, and she refused to give up until she had done so.

“Stabilize energy output at sixty-eight-point-three percent,” she instructed the artificial intelligence system that managed her lab. The room responded with a series of beeps and clicks as it carried out her command. Her fingers danced over the controls with practiced precision.

“Dr. Dietrich, you really should take a break,” chided a gentle voice from the doorway. “You’ve been at this for hours.”

Nuria glanced up to see her loyal personal assistant and best friend standing there with a concerned expression. “Crystal, we’re so close to cracking this thing.” She gestured emphatically at the device. “I can feel it.”

Crystal crossed the room and placed a steaming mug of green tea on Nuria’s workstation. “Drink this. It’ll help you focus.”

Nuria sighed and took a sip of the tea, its warmth spreading through her as she allowed herself to indulge in a brief moment of respite. “I suppose I can spare a few minutes,” she conceded, stretching her tense muscles with a groan.

“Good,” Crystal replied with a satisfied nod. “Now tell me, what’s been giving you so much trouble with this teleportation project?”

“Ah, the million-credit question,” Nuria mused, rubbing her temples. “The energy transfer is still unstable. It’s like trying to catch cosmic energy in a bottle.” She chuckled wryly at her own analogy.

“Perhaps you need a fresh perspective,” Crystal suggested. “Have you considered asking Dr. Worthington for his input?”

“Him? I don’t trust the man for a second,” Nuria scoffed, her laughter fading. “He’d just try to steal my work and take all the credit. No, this is something I’ve got to figure out on my own.”

“Don’t forget that you have friends who are here to support you,” Crystal reminded her. “And remember, girlfriend, even the most brilliant minds need a break every now and then.”

“Point taken.”

“Everyone has left for the day and I’m going home, too, Nuria. It’s late. You should think about hitting the sack, too.”

“Yes, yes. I’ll leave soon. Nighters, hon. See you in the morning.” The door clicked shut behind Crystal. “All right, back to it. This teleportation equation won’t solve itself.” She dove headfirst back into her work.

Her fingers tapped rhythmically against the surface of her workstation while staring at the screen before her. The lab, usually filled with the hum of machinery, was eerily silent. With Crystal gone home, Nuria couldn’t shake the oppressive sense of loneliness that crept through the lab like a cold draft.

“Focus,” she muttered, shaking off the feeling and returning her attention to her work.

As much as she cherished her friendship with Crystal, she knew her passion for unraveling the mysteries of the universe would always come first. And it had to if she wanted to leave a lasting impact on the world of science. But in moments like these, when isolation suddenly weighed heavily on her heart, she couldn’t help but wonder whether the sacrifices were worth it.

A sudden knock on the lab door startled her from her thoughts. She frowned. “Who could that be at this time of the night?” She opened the door and faced a delivery boy holding a nondescript package.

“Delivery for Dr. Dietrich?” the lad asked, looking down at his clipboard.

“Uh, yes, that’s me,” Nuria replied, accepting the package. “Thank you.”

With the mysterious parcel cradled in her arm, she went back to her workstation. “What on earth is it?” Her curiosity peaked as she gently placed the plainly wrapped package on the desk.

She grabbed the scissors from the drawer, snipped the strings, then tore off the brown paper wrapping, revealing a white cardboard box. She took off the lid and dug through the Styrofoam popcorn to withdraw a cool copper object. It was long, in the shape of an old-fashioned spyglass. “I’ll be damned. I think it’s a kaleidoscope, and it’s quite ancient.” She lifted it to her eye, her other hand twisting one end to send an explosion of colors and shapes whirling inside. She couldn’t help but gasp at the mesmerizing display, momentarily forgetting her work.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” she murmured, tearing herself away from the view. “But who would send me something so valuable?” She examined the wrapper again but saw no return address.

Shrugging, she carefully placed it on the shelf with the other artifacts she had collected over the years and continued her work.

It wasn’t much later when there was another knock at the lab door, which she’d forgotten to lock, and another delivery person entered with a package in hand. “Dr. Dietrich?” he called out, scanning the room until his gaze landed on her. “I’ve got a delivery for you.”

“Another one?” Nuria asked, puzzled. This time, it was a small, square box wrapped in dark blue paper adorned with shimmering silver stars.

“Thank you,” she told the delivery person, who nodded curtly and left the lab.

“Two mysterious gifts?” Nuria muttered. “I’ve got to get this equation finished. I’ll open it in the morning.”

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Tags: romance, science fiction, fantasy