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Untie The Lover's Knot

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : M. Garnet

ISBN :978-1-4874-0486-4

Page :116

Word Count :37265

Publication Date :2015-05-25

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Untie The Lover's Knot (pdf) , Untie The Lover's Knot (prc) , Untie The Lover's Knot (epub) , Untie The Lover's Knot (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance , Romantic Suspense and Mystery , Paranormal Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-0486-4

The greed of one insane man going after the wealth of a beautiful woman can’t compare to the love of four men who will do anything to protect her.

Is it magic if a man is able to teleport from one point to another? Is it a special talent if four men can talk within their brains to each other? Is it complete insanity for a greedy man to kidnap the one woman these four men love? It seems that only a person who is totally out of his mind would take that woman and hold her to force her to give him her wealth and her secrets. Be careful what you ask for, greedy man.

Carry sat for a moment in the dim light of her bedroom. The small light on her dresser allowed her to see herself in the mirror as her reflection looked back. She saw no changes in her face.

She sometimes was puzzled that she still looked like the young Carry after the life she now led. There were no telltale signs for the outside world to see of the strange and weird life that she found to be normal.

Funny, she thought as she leaned back, she once thought normal was going to work, buying movie tickets, getting lunch at Arby’s and sitting at a beauty parlor with a girlfriend. She remembered a guy she had gone out with in college. She had only attended college for a couple of years, and she had stayed with the guy for about the same length of time. Both had been unsatisfying, but they had added to her education and given her experiences to compare, when she found the real thing.

Carry laughed at herself. How could she call her life now the real thing? Most people would be shocked and would hustle her off to the nearest psychiatric hospital. If she were stupid enough to tell anyone the truth, most wouldn’t believe her, and the few that did would use her in hopes of reaching the ones she loved.

What exactly was her real life? Well, she was married to four men at the same time. Yep, there was a law against that in most states. According to the paperwork, she was married to only one, Badar Martine. The other three special men related to him, Cet, Cim, and Cad, had also gone through the ceremony. They all wore the same identical wide-band rings on their left hands that matched her wedding band. They were all aware of each other and the fact that she was tied to all four. It was of the utmost importance to all four of them.

How many women had the opportunity to live and have wild sex with four gorgeous men, and have all four approve of it? In fact she was the only woman they wanted to have sex with. But what was more interesting was they were all geniuses and they had special talents, some of which were really scary. If one of them had sex with her, they all felt it. This had been and still was an invasion of her privacy that she fought constantly.

The men were rich, since they had inventions that brought in large amounts of revenue. They owned property all around the world. Oh, and the one most important thing? All four of them could teleport. They called it moving. She called it jumping after seeing a movie.

They claimed they didn’t think they were related, but had found each other over the years as each reached their adulthood. They discovered that they had a gene that wasn’t found in the normal human gene spiral. She was aware that they bore a great deal of resemblance to each other, as if they came from the same family, although anyone could easily tell them apart.

There were also individual talents. Cet, who was the youngest, was a fighter. He was dangerous. He could take on any amount of people or weapons with his bare hands, and without hesitation and he would walk away unscathed. Cad was the oldest of the four and could speak any language as soon as someone started talking to him. The more they talked, the more he was able to communicate with them. Cim was a planner and the worrier. He saw things as a whole in his mind before anyone could get them down on paper or into a computer. Badar—they let him lead—had mind control. He didn’t know how much, because he held back on it. He had used it on her because it felt natural to him, but it really bothered her.

They owned many companies and one of the largest banks located in New York. Due to the fact that too many people wanted at least one of them for their unusual talents, they had staged their deaths and left her in charge of all of their wealth. Why would people want them? Well, the US Government had stated flat out it would be useful to have one of them jump into sealed offices of different governments to learn secrets. Of course, that could also lead to just jumping in and killing someone in their sleep. They had ways to kill people that would look completely natural. This was for peace and American Pie and you owed it to your American Life, they’d said.

It got worse from the people who also were greedy and sick and had strange beliefs. They wanted to take one of these four talented men and operate on him to see what made him special and then get the others to work for them. Offers of unbelievable wealth. Threats of unbelievable hurt to anyone they might care about. They became the most wanted commodity in black market warfare.

So for now, they were dead to the world. They had disappeared in a train crash that had atomic residue involved. As far as she knew, she was the only person who was aware that they still lived. They remained hidden away, working on some project in a cavern in Mexico. Of course, she saw them in the privacy of her bedroom. But even Lt. Timothy Ballenger, her personal protector and the Commander, head of Stillwest Security, did not know the four visited her in her room.


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