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How Do You Capture A Vampire Investigation

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : M. Garnet

ISBN :978-1-4874-0290-7

Page :65

Word Count :18712

Publication Date :2015-03-26

Series : Moore, Moore & More Investigating#4

Heat Level :

Available Formats : How Do You Capture A Vampire Investigation (pdf) , How Do You Capture A Vampire Investigation (prc) , How Do You Capture A Vampire Investigation (epub) , How Do You Capture A Vampire Investigation (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-0290-7

No one ever saw an ugly vampire or an old one, so why not capture one and let him do what the local cosmetic surgeon can’t?

The three partners of the firm Moore, Moore and More Investigations usually spend their time helping solve strange problems for people—strange problems that the Chicago police will not even consider, except to take the one making the complaint to the lock-up.

Chicago was a great city to shop in if you had money. Today Sandy Moore, who was one-third of the partnership in Moore, Moore and More Investigations, had money.

Their small firm was now two years old. There had been ups and downs as they helped clients. She thought about their clients, who were the people with odd problems, some who had the ability to pay and some who did not have a cent to their names. She had helped set up the firm’s goal to take on the strange investigations that the police would not help. Well, sometimes the police were involved, but for all the wrong reasons. She thought about the pain in the ass Detective R. Smith.

The reputation of the small firm, located on the wrong side of town, was built on success and the fact that they seldom turned down a cry for help. Sandy admitted to herself that they had some unusual requests for assistance, like chasing ghosts. But between the three partners they had the ability to persist and look in areas the police refused to consider.

Sandy thought Detective Richard Smith was a pain in the ass just because he tended to hate the investigation firm and its success. He always hated it when any of the crew from Moore and Moore got involved with one of his criminal inquiries. He didn’t believe in ghosts or large moles that lived below Chicago after a hole opened up on a side street. He was suspicious of their third partner, Rain Decus, thinking he was a punk and street criminal.

Sandy thought it would be funny if the cop ever found out the truth. Rain was her lover, and the tall handsome male was one hundred percent vampire. Wouldn’t that shake up the obstinate detective?

Thinking of her lover, she looked at the shoes one more time. The salesman was good. He just put both of them on her feet, sat back, and didn’t say a word. What he did do was make a small soft whistle.

They were red suede thick-soled Michael Kors T-strap pumps with really high fuck-me heels. There was even a tiny small charm hung from the closure at the ankle where the strap connected. She had a thought of wearing these and nothing else when she waited in the top suite of the building where her lover slept, shielded from the sun.

“Okay, I’ll take them. Wrap them up.”

“Oh, no, ma’am. They are you. You have to wear them. I will write this up and put your others in the box. How will you be paying?”

Sandy smiled as she stood up, looking in all the mirrors. “Cash.”

She didn’t miss the hungry look on the salesman’s face. At the counter he made one last try for another sale, but she just took the handle of the bag with MK on it and left.

Sandy was gorgeous enough to draw the eyes of any healthy man who passed her on the sidewalks of Chicago, but add in the sexy walk from the new shoes, and cab drivers were stopping in the middle of the street. She knew the sway of her hips was matching the sway of her long, blonde hair as she decided to walk a few blocks before taking a bus to the other side of town.

It was not many blocks before she was into a section that had the knock-offs and the stores poured out onto the sidewalks. Here the salesmen and women were not as subtle as they hawked their goods. But one caught up with her and wrapped a long, red silk scarf around her neck.

“Oh, sweetheart, this is just the item you need to go with those shoes.” The tall black girl was pretty and had a brilliant smile. With a toss of a head full of long, tight curls, she used the red scarf to drag Sandy back to her stand full of accessories.

Sandy couldn’t resist the pull of the smile, so she allowed the girl to lead her back as she glanced down. Indeed, the scarf was an exact match in color to her new shoes.

“Well, you did a good job. You got a sale. How much for the scarf?” Sandy fished out her wallet from an inside pocket.

The girl’s smile got wider as she reached around and pulled Sandy’s hair from under the silk, tying the scarf to her neck. Looking around, the girl saw Sandy’s cash. “Well for cash it is twenty even.”

Sandy handed her a twenty and shifted her bag as she put away her wallet. Knowing the problems in the rough neighborhood where the investigation office was located, she didn’t carry a purse. She kept her wallet in an inside front pocket of her jacket that made it hard for even pickpockets to get at, if they were looking for a quick grab-and-run.

The girl hesitated for a moment as she was putting the money in her pocket. “Am I in trouble?”

Sandy looked at her in surprise. “What do you mean?”


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Tags: Adult, Erotic Romance, Paranormal, Humor, Vampire