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A Deal is a Deal

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : M. Garnet

ISBN :978-1-4874-3992-7

Page :18

Word Count :5361

Publication Date :2024-07-05

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : A Deal is a Deal (epub) , A Deal is a Deal (mobi) , A Deal is a Deal (pdf) , A Deal is a Deal (prc)

Category : Mainstream Fiction , Contemporary , What's New

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-3992-7

Lisa went out for the night for something new and different, but she found a man who turned her world upside down.

The nightclub was unusual and unlike anything Lisa had ever seen when out with her friends. The dark smoky place, hidden down a deserted street behind a wooden front that looked like an old barn, seemed exciting at first.

But soon it became apparent to both Lisa and her friend that this was a hideout for people on the wrong side of the law. When sirens wailed and police neared the front of the building, Lisa grabbed onto the tall guy in leathers who seemed to know about a secret exit. But there was a price.

Lisa Giles was in the wrong place at the wrong time. She was tall and leggy and pretty. Not movie star looks, but enough to have gotten her into most clubs with merely a wave at a bouncer. Not that she spent all her nights out, as she really was at home most of the time. 

This time she had gone to a club that was different—when she was bored, she liked the idea of being different. It was her first time at this off-the-strip club, and Lisa was being careful, or she thought she was, as she didn’t do drugs and always watched how much she drank, She never took chances about who she joined in dark places without a backup friend. Tonight it was Tommy. Tommy wasn’t that strong of a friend and soon disappeared when he spotted a pretty girl who returned his smiles, but he came back and followed Lisa for her next move.

Lisa wasn’t surprised to be invited to what she thought was the VIP room, which had happened on occasion. Once down a dark, smelly hallway and up the narrow stairs, she and her friend Tommy found themselves in a large office—the kind no one ever wanted to visit. If there hadn’t been several others behind them, both she and her not-quite boyfriend would have turned around and left. After all, both Tommy and Lisa were cowards. 

The room overlooked the floor down below through tilted windows on one wall. She quickly discerned these were one-way transparent windows, and people down in the hit-or-miss spot-lit dance and bar area could not see into the office above.

Tommy ignored all the many people in the room to go watch the dancers, but Lisa looked at the room and the other people in it. That was when she knew she and Tommy were out of their league. Half of the men in this room had graduated from a gym, and not the kind that sold pretty creams and had friendly hosts. These guys sported strange tats that were either oriental numbers or saints, along with a cross or two. The only other marks were a lot of ugly scars and a couple of crooked noses. These were thugs, not the normal patrons of bars that Lisa was used to seeing. She took a deep breath and looked back at the door they had entered. These big guys would eat the punks from the street and use a finger bone for a toothpick. 

An argument was going on around a large marred desk. As Lisa’s eyes met the dark ones of a big guy dressed in biker leathers, she knew a predator when she saw one and looked for Tommy. 

There was a very young girl in a nothing dress hanging onto Tommy as he was being led to a crowded small bar in one corner. Lisa knew she had to rescue the timid guy, and both of them had to escape this den of unknown problems. They should not be here. This was the kind of place where serious fights would break out often—the marks and scars on the walls and desk testified to a violent past. This was a den where the fights could turn deadly, and she didn't want the details. This was where the pictures would be blacked out on the TV news programs about some crime fight.

There was no way to call to Tommy over the loud music, which even overpowered the shouting at the desk. Some of the ape types were moving toward the desk, so now Lisa needed to grab Tommy and get to the door. Damn. Tommy was always lusting after some young girl, but Lisa felt that he was so shy inside that he never closed the bargain.

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Tags: Mainstream, Contemporary