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There Be Ghosts Here Investigation

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : M. Garnet

ISBN :978-1-4874-0141-2

Page :69

Word Count :14670

Publication Date :2014-09-13

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : There Be Ghosts Here Investigation (pdf) , There Be Ghosts Here Investigation (prc) , There Be Ghosts Here Investigation (epub) , There Be Ghosts Here Investigation (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance , Paranormal Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-0141-2

An investigation firm that helps people with problems that the police ignore. It reads on their window their name Moore, Moore and More, Investigations, but under that it reads—Legal Advice, Help Solving Family Problems, Guidance in Dealing with the Occult, Satanism, Threats, Cults and Misbehaving Children. That pretty much says it all.

Sandy is one member of the three partners in the Investigations team, but for some reason, she is the one who gets into the most trouble.
A simple problem with ghosts makes problems with the partners as Tom, the lawyer, doesn’t believe in them. Rain, the vampire, has seen them in his long life and Sandy just can’t make up her mind.
Yet, she is the one who gets caught and offered up as a living sacrifice in a witch’s ritual, all because she talks her two partners into taking a case that involves ghosts.

At last she saw him. Rain entered from the darkness on the other side of the immense room. There was a stir, and it was strange. It seemed as if people wanted to approach him but didn't, couldn't or hesitated. Sandy saw that her eyes were not the only ones on him.

Rain stopped to talk to a couple of men, both of who rose and did a quick drop of their heads, like a head bow. Sandy looked at the man as low light moved over him. He had his hair loose and the thick white mane hung down behind his shoulders. He had on a simple vest of some type and tight dark pants. The outfit delineated his tall, lean muscular form.

Strange, although the people throughout the room wore all types of rings and jewelry, he wore none. Not a single piece of metal adorned his body. Sandy found herself wondering on this strange affliction as most men wore at least rings, and in this day and age at least one earring. She had assumed such a strange person would have at least one of those big rings everyone would kiss or that huge pendant on a gold chain. Not on Rain.

Still, unadorned and in plain dark clothes, he was too beautiful to be an ordinary man. There was perfection about the long nose, the broad forehead going down to a full lower lip that just drew all eyes to that face.

Sandy shook her head to wake herself and looked away from her nemesis to watch the crowd. There was not a head that was not turned toward him, including the wait staff.

Now her surprise came, as he looked across the many heads to lock onto her standing at the railing. He stopped at a table and held out a hand to assist a woman to stand. The woman was Denise, who was looking up into him with her face in profile to Sandy.

OMG, what do I do? Sandy was thinking but also reaching for her cellphone. She needed to call that detective. Unfortunately, she had just tossed his card on her kitchen cabinet without looking at it. She couldn't even remember the cop's name. But surely if she called the precinct they would put her through to him.

A strong hand encircled her wrist causing her to turn with a shock to face one of the men she had seen Rain with earlier in his entrance.

"He has a message for you." The man holding her wrist nodded behind her. She looked over her shoulder to find the second man standing way too close. He passed a note over to her.

Since the first one had finally let go, she accepted the note, tilting it to read it in the dim light. It was written in the same hand as the note in her diary.

This is a Private Club, Sprite.

"We will help you leave." The one behind her who had handed her the note, spoke in her ear. The other pulled on her wrist, and they started back to the big entrance door. Nice nightclub but she didn't get very far into it.

They pushed her through the door, closing her into the red-lit hallway. But she wasn't alone here because the big money taker was there in the end, holding the outside door open with his other hand on his hip.

She wasn't going to argue with a two hundred plus bouncer so she walked quietly down the red hallway and up the outside stairs into the dark alley.


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